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Inu Oni
  Powers/Weapons: Can communicate telepathically; split into two
First Appearance: Dororo (2007)
Series:  (Distributed)  


A pair of demons that are part of the 48 who ravished the body of Hyakkimaru, the Inu Oni appear as dog-like creatures. There are two in total, one blue and one red. The creatures act in unison and can communicate telepathically with themselves and others. The demon hounds, like the others in the 48, viciously attacked Hyakkimaru once they were in the same vicinity together. The dogs attacked his new arm, before attempting to psychologically weaken the young man by preying on the recent revelation that the violent warlord Daigo Kagemitsu is his father. After trying to push him toward suicide, the demons become impatient and lunge to attack, causing Hyakkimaru to defend himself and kill both Inu Oni.