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Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Series // MonsterVerse


In the center of the earth, a large ecosystem existed. Complete with its own gravity, vegetation and life forms, this phenomenon was known as the Hollow Earth. Monarch had been aware of the Hollow Earth's existence since 1973. They discovered it during an expedition to Skull Island.

Since that original discovery various attempts were made to visit the location. One such attempt was with Monarch researcher David Lind, who perished as a result of the strong gravity force found during the journey there. Distraught, his brother, Nathan Lind, left Monarch and published a book on the Hollow Earth. While having the potential to reveal one of Monarch's secrets to the general populace, the book largely went unsold and ignored.

HellhawkLater, the company Apex Cybernetics was searching for new energy sources. They discovered one while doing a deep scan of the planet's core. Learning of Nathan Lind's book, founder Walter Simmons and Ren Serizawa approached the author about the Hollow Earth. The goal was to do a new expedition to the earth's center. Knowing of Nathan's brother and his fate, they reassured this trip would be different. The company had created a vehicle known as HEAV (Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle), which was built to withstand this strong gravity force. Convinced, they then formulated a plan that involved using Kong as a method to lead them to the Hollow Earth.

Monarch and Apex Cybernetics joined forces for the expedition. They were successful in convincing Monarch to relocate Kong, whose living situation was become problematic on Skull Island. The isle had been ravaged by the weather system that for decades had simply surrounded the island. However, moving inland, Monarch had been forced to build a containment area. This protected a part of the island, although Kong was aware of his fake surroundings and had begun attacks on the complex.

During relocation, Godzilla became aware of Kong's presence. The two attacked one another, although Godzilla left a defeated Kong after nearby engines were shut off, convincing the King of the Monsters that the threat had neutralized. The group, by air, then transported Kong to Antarctica. In the frozen terrain was an entry point to the Hollow Earth, one that had been unsuccessfully used in the past by humanity. Once there, Kong eventually ventured in, with the HEAVs in pursuit.

Together, they were successful in traveling to the Hollow Earth. Here, the group found Warbats and other monsters. After some time, Kong did indeed lead them to the energy source Apex had detected. This was located in a massive, titan-sized chamber with doors. On the floor was the previously undiscovered energy source. On the ceiling were winged monsters that were resting there. Known as Hellhawks, these creatures had beaks, talons and wings that gave them a bird-like appearance. However, their leathery skin and mild hair also lent them a bat-like visage.

The creatures were relatively calm while Kong and the HEAVs surveyed the area. However, once the energy source on the floor began to glow the creatures swung into action. They quickly swarmed Kong, distracting although not attacking the Titan. They then focused their efforts on the humans from the HEAVs, who had disembarked the vehicles. The monsters slashed their prey with their beaks and talons, before carrying them off. As one approached Nathan Lind, ready to kill him, the winged monster was sent flying backwards as an atomic ray slammed into the chamber. Godzilla, way above the Earth's surface in Hong Kong, had sensed the energy source and had fired his ray in response. With a hole now leading from the chamber to Hong Kong, King Kong and the surviving HEAV left to confront the King of the Monsters. They left behind the Hellhawks, who remained in the chamber.

Powers / Weapons


The Hellhawk species was capable of flight, using its large wings to fly through the air.

The creatures were strong enough to maintain flight while carrying off prey. In fact, this was a common tactic during their confrontation with Monarch and Apex forces in the Hollow Earth.

Background and Trivia
  • The Hellhawk name can be seen on releases from Playmates Toys, with the name being one word.
  • During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), director Adam Wingard mentioned the production name for the creature as "Yoshuma".
  • Also during the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), director Adam Wingard mentioned that earlier drafts had the Hellhawk as giant monsters. The director notes: "Originally they were nearly as big as KONG and I believe he fought some in an early draft of the script. Eventually we shrunk down and repurposed the design for the version in the film. This isn't a very interesting story but to be honest I just wanted a reptilian owl creature in Hollow Earth."