Hedorah ヘドラ [Millennium]

Hedorah [Millennium Series]

Height : 120 meters
Mass : 70,000 tons

Powers / Weapons

Sulfuric acid mist


Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

Series // Millennium

Sound Effect


Hedorah was one of the many kaiju controlled by the Xilien. As its alien masters made a bid for conquest, the smog monster was held back. The sentient sludge was not deployed during the other kaijus' worldwide assault, nor did he join the Xilien ships in their combined attack on Earth.

The creature was dispatched, however, when Godzilla was finally reawakened. After losing many of their other monsters, the Xilien teamed up Hedorah and Ebirah. In an attempt to finally defeat the nuclear leviathan, the two titans engaged Godzilla in Tokyo bay. As the monsters raged an underwater war, the Xilien's effort was ultimately for naught. Godzilla quickly tossed the smog monster out of the water, sending him smashing into a nearby building. Shortly after, Godzilla flung Ebirah out of the water as well. The sea monster was sent crashing into the pollution spawned demon. During the collision, Ebirah's giant claws pierced right through Hedorah's eye. The smog monster cried out while Godzilla lifted himself above the waves in the distance. The King of the Monsters wasted no time, though, and quickly fired his atomic ray at the two downed combatants. The beam slammed into them, as the force pushed them and the building backwards. Eventually the tangled mess of kaiju and skyscraper slammed into other structures, erupting in an explosion. The Xilien watched on in frustration, as the cries of both Hedorah and Ebirah were heard as Godzilla killed them both.

Powers / Weapons
Sulfuric Acid Mist

Sulfuric Acid Mist

Hedorah could expel sulfuric acid mist from the elongated tube on its body. This tube appears next to the monster's left arm.

The creature was never seen using the attack during its conflict with Godzilla while under the Xilien's control.

Background and Trivia
  • The smog monster was portrayed by suit actor Kazuhiro Yoshida.
  • The Millennium version of Hedorah was designed by Nobuji Nishikawa.
  • During the end credits for the 2004 film, Hedorah is shown a couple times in unused sequences. One of these displays Hedorah using his sulfuric acid mist spray. Furthermore, many production stills exist showing Hedorah using this attack either by himself or while engaged with Godzilla.
  • Hedorah [Millennium Series]When asked about the use of the character in the 2004 film, Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) director Yoshimitsu Banno expressed dissatisfaction. In particular at the very brief appearance of Hedorah, citing that he was not sure why Varan (believed a slip up and that he had intended to say Anguirus) had so much more screen time in contrast. This was mentioned at G-Fest XII in 2005.
  • Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) director Ryuhei Kitamura mentioned that he originally planned for Hedorah to attack Odaiba, Japan earlier in the film. The sequence was actually envisioned by the director to be a parody of the Bayside Shakedown franchise, as Odaiba is the location of the series and where the box office smash Bayside Shakedown 2 (2003) took place the year before. However, producer Shogo Tomiyama rejected the idea, at least according to the audio commentary on the DVD release of Godzilla: Final Wars in Japan.
  • The final, Japanese artwork poster for Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) actually depicts the Showa version of Hedorah rather than the Millennium one. This is noteworthy as all of the other monsters shown line up with their Millennium versions, although Godzilla has an artistic take. The exact form of Hedorah shown is his land incarnation.