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  Powers/Weapons: Can manifest in the form of young girls
First Appearance: Dororo (2007)
Series:  (Distributed)  


At a quick glance, these demons appear to be simply gigantic caterpillars. However, upon closer inspection their human-like faces, laced with inhuman mouths, become apparent along with the rows of eyes that adorn their backs. The creatures were the offspring of a demon, Maimai'Onba, and a human mating. That union resulted in creatures that were able to take on the shape of normal young girls, yet their true visage was more insect-like in nature. Despite their human origin, the Hanyo still hungered for flesh from other people. To appease the infant monsters, their parents watched over a temple which to the public was an orphanage for abandoned children. In reality, the place was a feeding ground for the demons who consumed the human children brought there. Thankfully, the temple was struck by lighting that caused it to burn to the ground. With their feeding ground gone, the demons had to resort to preying on stray visitors to the area, two of which happened to be Dororo and Hyakkimaru. After learning of the feats of Hyakkimaru, the creatures quickly attempted to flee once confronting him but were slashed down. The remaining Hanyo, some of which were still dormant in their eggs, were killed by the local townspeople after Dororo revealed the creature's plot.