Greenman グリーンマン [Millennium]

Greenman [Millennium]

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Go! Godman (2008)

Series // Millennium

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Summoned by the signal of the Green Call and the heart of Mika Ayase, Greenman teleported into battle to aid Godman in his fight against Shilarji and Gaira. Confronting the brown-haired Shilarji, Greenman kicked the beastial ape before proceeding to toss it against Gaira, knocking them both over. This gave Godman the chance to exterminate them in one blow, using his supersonic waves to finish the job.

Though Godman was credited for saving the day, Greenman was acknowledged for helping.

Powers / Weapons


Greenman doesn’t display any noteworthy feats, relegating most of his combat time with fists and kicks. While that is not to say he is devoid of his original powers, they are never utilized in combat.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed by actor Koichi Kamino.