Gorosaurus ゴロザウルス


Height : 20 meters
Length : 35 meters
Mass : 8,000 tons

Powers / Weapons

Kangaroo kick; burrowing ability


King Kong Escapes (1967); Destroy All Monsters; All Monsters Attack (stock footage); Godzilla vs. Gigan (stock footage)

Series // Showa

Sound Effect


In the 1960's, a descendant of the dinosaur Allosaurus, that lived in the late Jurassic about 150 million years ago, was discovered on Mondo Island by a United Nations exploration unit. Called Gorosaurus, the beast was first encountered by Susan Watson, a UN member, was also attacked by the dinosaur. Luckily, her screams awoke a nearby King Kong, who arrived to defend the woman.

Roaring at one another, the giant ape engaged the ferocious reptile. It looked as though Gorosaurus was going to win, as he was able to knock King Kong over several times with his kangaroo kick, a devastating attack where the athletic animal would lean back on his tail and kick at his foe. Gorosaurus' luck would soon fail, however, when King Kong managed to gain the upper hand and mercilessly pummeled the giant dinosaur with his fists. Seemingly knocking the reptile out, Kong focused on Susan. This proved to be a mistake as Gorosaurus' defeat was a ruse, and the creature made a surprise attack against an unsuspecting Kong. With its powerful jaws, the creature latched onto the great ape's leg. Unfortunately for the dinosaur, the attack sent Kong into a frenzy, as he watched Susan get away. In retaliation, the furry beast used its strong arms to not only wrench himself free but to snap Gorosaurus' jaw. Foaming at the mouth, the injured dinosaur lay motionless on the ground, seemingly dead.

GorosaurusYears later, a member of the species was found living peacefully on Monster Island. There, the dinosaur created a home amongst a host of other creatures, including Kamacuras, Kumonga, Manda and more. In 1973, though, nuclear tests devastated the island, leaving it in an almost uninhabited state as most of the monsters left.

The isle was a precursor, though, to a man made solution to the kaiju problem: Monster Land. Constructed on Ogasawara Island, the place became home to many monsters and acted as a giant zoological preserve. There, scientists could study and observe the beasts. In addition, the island was setup to prevent the creatures from escaping, halting untold destruction they would unleash on humanity otherwise. Many monsters, from Rodan to Varan, were contained on the island, including Gorosaurus.

In 1999, though, the sinister alien race known as the Kilaakian invaded Monster Land. This assault included taking control of all the monsters, who were sent to attack the Earth's major cities. Gorosaurus was ordered to ruthlessly attack and destroy Paris.

Later, when the Kilaaks lost control of the monsters, they sent King Ghidorah to defeat them. Gorosaurus bravely charged King Ghidorah, but the space demon's gravity beams repelled him. As Anguirus and Godzilla assaulted King Ghidorah from the front, Gorosaurus was able to prepare an attack from behind. The determined dinosaur lashed out with his kangaroo kick. The powerful technique knocked the hateful hydra straight off his feet. Gorosaurus continued the onslaught by sinking his teeth into King Ghidorah's tail, while Godzilla, Anguirus, and Minilla finished off the terrible tyrant. The awful space monster, which had destroyed so many lives, had himself finally met his demise. King Ghidorah's reign of terror was finally over.

Following the defeat of the Kilaaks, Gorosaurus was returned to Monster Land, where he continued to peacefully live out the rest of his life with his fellow monsters.

Powers / Weapons
Kangroo Kick

Kangaroo Kick

Using its powerful legs, the giant dinosaur could leap 30 meters, roughly 150% times its own height. While airborne, the beast could then lash out with its legs to attack. In addition, Gorosaurus was also able to rest on its 15 meter long tail, prolonging how long the creature could assault enemies with its legs.

This attack was used several times against King Kong. It was also used as a surprise attack against King Ghidorah, ultimately knocking down the three-headed creature so the other monsters could defeat it.

Burrowing Ability

Burrowing Ability

Despite appearances, Gorosaurus was able to burrow underground.

It utilized this ability to travel to Paris, where it emerged near the Arc de Triomphe. Rising from below the ground, the beast decimated the landmark in the process.

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