Gore Magala ゴア・マガラ

Gore Magala
Gore Magala

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Powers / Weapons

Flight; Frenzy Virus; infectious breath; Frenzy State


Monster Hunter (2021)

Series // Reiwa


With the fall of the greater Rathalos that once acted as the vanguard to the Sky Tower, another wyvern took its place. Robed with pitch-black regal wings, the juvenile Gore Magala outspread its wingspan as the Sky Tower was conquered by the will of a mysterious enforcer. As another unstable pathway between Earth and the New World became accessible, Gore Magala flew through the wormhole, scattering its scales in its wake.

Charging into battle, the heroes of two worlds clashed with the black eclipse wyvern. Taking their fight back to the Sky Tower, a robed individual watched from above with sinister intent, awaiting to enact their greater plan...

Powers / Weapons


Armed with a pair of clawed wings, Gore Magala can take flight and soar the skies. Its flight speed remains undocumented.

Frenzy Virus

Frenzy Virus

Taking the form of a black pollen-like hair, the Frenzy Virus can serve multiple means to Gore Magala. Thinned and dispersed across the battlefield, specialized sensory organs enable Magala to track and locate targets by their heat signatures, making up for its poor eyesight.

The virus is also capable of infecting other lifeforms; while not lethal to humans necessarily, monsters inflicted by the Frenzy Virus are driven on an empowered rampage until they spontaneously die. However, monsters able to overcome the Frenzy Virus can enter the Apex State and become significantly more deadly, though this is an uncommon feat.

Though the greater adverse effects of the Frenzy Virus are not on display, it is seen in the wake of Gore Magala’s flight path.


Infectious breath / Frenzy State

Concentrated purple blasts from the mouth form its infectious breath, which Gore Magala uses it as an offensive means of spreading the Frenzy Virus.

Its Frenzy state is an empowered form, where Gore Magala unleashes tremendous amounts of the Frenzy Virus pathogen into the air, darkening the environment around it. Its body is illuminated by purple accents, becoming more adept with tracking down predators and prey. This ability, as well as the infectious breath, go unseen in the film.

Background and Trivia
  • In a September 2016 sizzle reel released online by VFX studio Mr.X Inc, Gore Magala can be seen with glowing purple highlights on its wings, horns, and eyes, vaguely reminiscent to its Frenzy State.