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Height: 40 meters
Mass: 20,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Whip-like tail; burrowing ability; when severed, his tail can remain sentient and continue to move
First Appearance: Ultraman (1967)
Series:  (Distributed)  


Gomola, the last member of a prehistoric species of dinosaur, was discovered several miles from Osaka. The Science Patrol was called in to detain the creature for for further study, and several specially-designed gas bombs were produced, which effectively managed to knock Gomola out. He was transported via a large net, suspended by three Science Patrol jets. However, the gas was wearing off much faster than anyone predicted, and Gomola started to become violent. He was dropped from 2000 feet, and after experiencing shell shock and heavy military resistance, Gomola burrowed away from the scene and appeared again near the outskirts of Osaka at a small construction site. Fortunately, Ultraman made his way to the scene in order to do battle with Gomola. The titans clashed, but Gomola gained the upper hand, as his strength exceeded that which Ultraman could bear. The ancient creature used his tail like a club and managed to beat Ultraman down so badly that his color timer was blinking dangerously fast. Unfortunately, Gomola departed before Ultraman could use his specium beam.

On the chance that Gomola should return, the Science Patrol created a tracking device to make sure they were always aware of their foe's location. Gomola ascended in the middle of Osaka, trashing the place in a wanton fashion. The SDF managed to sever Gomola's tail, prompting him to retreat underground. As the tail gradually became lifeless, the tracking device was launched at the last minute. Contact was a success, Gomola was tagged! The horrible creature approached Osaka Castle, and the SDF, hoping to avoid decimating ancient architecture, unleashed a platoon of tanks and small missile launchers. When Gomola surfaced, the entire platoon launched what was to be the biggest assault on a monster of its time. Most of the artillery rounds simply bounced off Gomola's highly-resistant skin, while those shots that did make contact barely managed to sting the beast. Using his colossal paws, the monstrous reptile turned two tanks upside down, and the entire platoon was soon engulfed in a a conflagration. Without remorse, Gomola demolished the Osaka Castle. When all appeared hopeless, Ultraman finally returned. The two enemies fought once more; however, without Gomola's tail, he was at a major disadvantage. Ultraman pounded Gomola's face into the ground, breaking his right horn. Shortly thereafter, he managed to rip Gomola's left horn. Howling in pain, the doomed dinosaur attempted to retreat underground, but Ultraman grabbed what was left of his tail, tossed him, and aimed his specium beam at Gomola's wound. Gomola's reign of terror was at an end, but certainly not forgotten. Ultraman had prevailed...