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Height: 45 meters
Mass: 30,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Nasal horn that can shoot lightning; able to surge electricity through its body from the horn, causing it to shock anything Goliath touches; extraordinary jumper
Weakness: Extremely sensitive to damage done to nasal horn
First Appearance: Daigoro vs. Goliath (1972)
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Entombed in an icy meteorite, the creature known as Goliath slept for eons of time. Hidden away, its malice and hatred from the innocent swelled until, finally, his shelled prison was pulled to Earth. The planet's field called to the enraged demon, and Goliath was more than happy to answer it. Fleeing eyes, as well as the monster Daigoro, watched the glacier like rock crash into the sea, thereby melting the cell and releasing Goliath. The huge monster immediately set out and challenged the infant Daigoro. Goliath sent clubbing fists of meat and bone into the child, belting Daigoro as an ax-man would assault a tree. Yet the mutant hippo monster stood his ground. It wasn't until he witnessed a full blast of Goliath's electrical power horn, did he finally fall. Needless to say, the biped crocodile fiend did not stay around, and immediately sent out to flex its power on Earth, leaving the child to die alone.

Days passed, while the world faced the tyrant's powers. Lands were leveled, sea's boiled, and every manmade structure was obliterated in seconds. The beast so enjoyed his vindictive horror, that he often slept between mass kills. It was during one of these "naps," did the humans decide to help Daigoro. The two beasts were ready to collide once more, and humanity knew that the only way for Daigoro to stand a chance was if Goliath's horn was put out of use. So three men took out a raft, and placed a parachute over the bony appendage, which Daigoro soon attacked. The little monster sent waves of punches in frenzy flurry at the killer. Managing, on several occasions, to topple the monolith creature. Though these would be short, as the orcish tower rose back up each time, filled with even more hatred than before. It seemed that their war would rage indefinitely, until Diagoro finally released his birthright. A sheet of flame was sent slamming into Goliath's nasal horn, stunning the monster into submission. The humans, who had cheered from the sidelines, took full advantage of the still reptile, and strapped it to a rocket. Humanity then bid farewell as Goliath was launched into space, ending its reign of terror.