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Godzilla (6th Generation)
  Powers/Weapons: Atomic Ray
First Appearance: Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 (2007)
Series:  Millennium  


In the late 1950's a terror struck Japan. Emerging from Tokyo Bay, Godzilla rampaged across a nation that still reared from the atomic blast it had suffered from a little over a decade ago. The King of the Monsters showed no mercy in its actions, quickly destroying its surroundings as it walked further inland, leaving a devastated country in its wake. Tokyo Tower was one of the many structures to fall to the great beast, having been blasted in two with an atomic ray. Another one of those buildings destroyed was the Suzuki Auto Shop, home to Norifumi Suzuki and his family. Upon arriving at the scene of his decimated household, Norifumi Suzuki's hair stood on end as he bellowed a challenge toward the rampaging beast, who turned and roared its defiance in return.

Or so is how fledgling writer Ryunosuke Chagawa, who lives across from the Suzuki Auto Shop, has written it. Junnosuke, a small boy living with the writer, watches over his shoulder before criticizing him for ripping off Godzilla; consequently, after being accused, Chagawa proceeds to crumble up the story and start anew.