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Godzilla (4th Generation)
Height: 55 meters
Mass: 25,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Atomic Ray; super regenerative power
First Appearance: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002)
Other Appearances: Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.; Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage)
Series:  Millennium  


The ocean was overflowing on that fearful night in 1999. As a typhoon ravaged the Bosko Peninsula, a dark shadow rose above the coast of Tateyama. It was a monster, a species of dinosaur that had gone unseen in almost 45 years. Godzilla had arrived, and the menacing monstrosity laid Tateyama to waste. The Anti-Mega Losses Force was dispatched to deal with the lumbering leviathan, but alas, their maser cannons were ultimately of little use. Following his rampage, Godzilla stealthily returned to the depths of sea, where he would go unseen for almost four years.

On one fateful day in 2003, that hateful horror surfaced once more. As it marched into Tokyo, it was met with a truly peculiar sight. Godzilla's spitting image was cast in metal and wire; the "Mechagodzilla" named Kiryu had been released by the Japanese government to battle with the nation's greatest threat. Missiles were launched at the behemoth, to no avail. The robot's maser cannons fired, but Godzilla merely stirred in response to the strike. The barbaric beast reared and roared into the sky, and something odd occurred in Kiryu's body. The soul of the 1954 Godzilla was disturbed, for Kiryu was cast from his bones. The modern, mechanized wonder went berserk, as Godzilla returned to the sea. Kiryu soon exhausted its power supply, and it was heavily debated whether or not the potentially dangerous machine should be redeployed.

Within days, Godzilla struck yet again. It decimated the military forces that stood in its path, and, despite the dangers, the Prime Minister had no choice but to unleash Kiryu on the diabolical demon yet again. As Godzilla continued to burn in his fiery rage, Kiryu appeared on the scene and knocked its enemy off his feet. The metal monster began to release its arsenal on Godzilla, like before, as the King of the Monsters stood strong against his opponent. The ogreish animal pounded Kiryu with physical blows and managed to release his thermonuclear ray several times. Despite it all, Kiryu finally gained the upper hand when he sent his feral foe into a centrifugal throw! As Kiryu prepared to fire its absolute zero cannon, an ultimate weapon that could demolecularize any target, Godzilla launched another atomic ray at his robotic rival, causing Kiryu to miss his target. The arctic ray completely annihilated three buildings, as Kiryu, once the ultimate paradigm of human ingenuity, was sent crashing powerless into the ground. Godzilla turned his attention away from his defeated foe, as he returned to his citywide rampage.

As Godzilla crawled through the once bustling metropolis, something strange occurred. The electricity was cut from the Kanto region, and Tokyo was left in complete darkness. The energy was being redirected to Kiryu, for the mechanized dragon was being re-energized! Kiryu rose from the streets and launched itself at its gargantuan adversary. It forced Godzilla's mouth shut with its hand, and it readied its absolute zero cannon. The ultimate weapon fired as the monsters flew into the bay, and an enormous column of ice rose hundreds of meters into the air. Though the chilling attack was brutal, Godzilla escaped the terrible onslaught. Kiryu, with no power reserves remaining, could only stand motionless as Godzilla once again escaped into the abyss of the cold, cerulean sea.

As Kiryu's repairs continued for the better part of a year, Godzilla swam undetected in the ocean depths, until one day when it came across a giant sea turtle named Kamoebas. The shelled wonder didn't stand a chance against the heartless horror. After Godzilla inflicted three massive lacerations to its neck, Kamoebas barely dragged itself ashore. The death of Kamoebas was the first major sign of Godzilla's imminent return, and the explosion of a nuclear sub off the coast of Guam was the second. Within days, Godzilla surfaced and began to approach Tokyo. As it came ashore, it was met with minor resistance in the form of maser cannons. Godzilla set the advanced weaponry aflame, and it began its march of destruction through the city. The nuclear menace was attracted to the bones that were built inside Kiryu; for it was a tragic irony that the weapon Japan created to destroy Godzilla was in fact luring the terrible titan straight into the nation's capital!

Before Kiryu could be released to repel the baneful beast, the setting sun dimmed for a moment. A marvelous moth was majestically flying aloft, for it was the guardian Mothra, who had been summoned to defeat Godzilla. As Mothra began to thrash the titanic tyrant, the Prime Minister ordered Kiryu to remain on standby. Evening turned to night, as Mothra clawed away at her enemy's skull. Mothra lost one of her legs in the struggle, and she began to release the scales from her wings. Sadly, Mothra would not be able to stay airborne very long after she lost her scales; she knew she was going to die. As Mothra's state continued to deteriorate, the Prime Minister decided that the guardian monster needed assistance. He ordered Kiryu's release, despite the fact that the machine was still untested and lacked the absolute zero cannon.

Godzilla continued to struggle against Mothra, and in the process, his swirling tunnel of searing heat toppled Tokyo Tower. Shortly after this disastrous event, the merciless beast proceeded to shoot Mothra out of the sky with his wrathful ray. Before Godzilla could inflict further injury, ammunition began to strike the saurian savage. Kiryu had arrived once more to do battle with its old foe. The "Mechagodzilla" staged a full out offensive against its enemy monster, and though Godzilla was temporarily brought to the ground, the beastly behemoth managed to disable Kiryu with his breath. As he prepared to finish his cybernetic clone, Mothra took the force of Godzilla's heat ray. Kiryu rose to its feet once more, and it continued the onslaught with a wide assortment of weapons. It soon lost the upper hand, however, when Godzilla immobilized the mechanized monster by tripping and blasting Kiryu with his thermonuclear ray.

As Godzilla again prepared to annihilate the crippled cyborg, silk began to fall from the sky. Mothra's two larval offspring had arrived to assist their ailing mother, but they were soon sent into a fierce rage when Godzilla destroyed their mother in a blazing inferno. The cyan eyes of the angered arthropods began to glow a deep magenta, swirling with a desire for vengeance. These two new monsters attempted to fight Godzilla, but their small size and limited weaponry placed them at a grave disadvantage.

Luckily, Kiryu was finally repaired. It became locked in battle with Godzilla once more, and both monsters toppled into the Diet Building. The mechanical wonder and its organic sibling rose from the ruins, and Kiryu drilled his hand into a severe wound on Godzilla's chest, a wound that had been torn one year earlier with the Zero Canon. Godzilla roared in pain! It stood like a tree, gently swaying as it endured an intense agony from the previous attack. The Mothra larvae began to wrap Godzilla in a chrysalis of silk, and the once unbeatable monster fell to the ground in defeat. Godzilla's roars, however, disturbed Kiryu, and it went berserk much as it did almost one year ago. It restrained Godzilla and lifted its subdued enemy into the sky. They soared over the lapping waves and plummeted into the depths of the Japan Trench. Kiryu was searching for rest, and now the souls of the dead could finally rest in peace. As the Mothra larvae returned to their island, the world breathed a sigh of relief. Godzilla was finally defeated...

All was not as it should be, however. Godzilla's DNA, procured in November of 1999, was still in the hands of the reckless scientists that created Kiryu. The threat remained!