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Godzilla (3rd Generation)
Height: 60 meters
Mass: 30,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Atomic Ray; near impenetrable hide; able to absorb certain types of energy and release them from his mouth
First Appearance: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)
Series:  Millennium  


With the disappearance of a US nuclear sub off the coast of Guam and the leveling of a village on the Bonin Islands, the Japanese government started to become very tense. Could it be that the reprehensible apparition from 50 years earlier had resurfaced? Unfortunately, at Yaizu Harbor in Shizuoka, that question was soon answered. A monster suddenly surfaced from the sea; its opaque silhouette burning a contrast to the grim, overcast sky. Its eyes were as blank and lifeless as stone, and its dark mahogany muscles bulged impressively from the endless mountain of its massive physique. The forgotten spirits of the Pacific War had possessed this mutated dinosaur, creating an invulnerable juggernaut of raw strength. The creature was an apparition from so many years ago; that cursed name that rang from the tongues of those unfortunate enough to witness its destruction. It was Godzilla! The intensity of the malignant spirit exploded a path through the coastal city, leveling and leaving to ruin every triumph of human genius that lay helplessly along its predetermined path to Tokyo.

The creature's first stop erupted in a landslide of a nearby mountain, as Godzilla had breached the natural wall of the Owaku Valley in Hakone. What should have been a mere valley, a simple section of scenery that was to be a passing glimpse for the determined demon, became a battlefield. The blood red Guardian Monster, Baragon, was the first being who could muster a worthy offensive for the merciless mutant. Baragon's claws crushed the soil below it, tossing dust and stone into the air, as it sank into the subterranean realm beneath the Owaku Valley, destabilizing the surface and throwing Godzilla off balance. The burgundy monster emerged and swiftly swooped through the wind to sink its jaw into the arm of the reprehensible reptile. The jagged teeth gripping the gargantuan arm with an incomprehensible force, were suddenly rendered ineffective as Baragon suddenly found itself airborne, as Godzilla cast the creature aside. Godzilla continued his relentless attack against the creature, slamming his gigantic foot onto his grounded opponent. Baragon finally broke free, though, and prepared a encore of his previous offensive. The maroon monster tried to leap at Godzilla once more, but he collided with the titan's tail instead. Baragon attempted to escape the wrath of this unrelenting beast, but the creature was destroyed by the destructive force of Godzilla's hellish beam instead. Like thunder tearing through the still air, Godzilla's chilling cry rang throughout the countryside.

The sun set and the inky darkness of night befell the nation. General Katsumasa Mikumo led an aerial counteroffensive against Godzilla, but the monster's atomic ray converted each military craft into a raging fireball. Godzilla journeyed into Yokohama, where it witnessed a living tapestry of colors atop the Yokohama Landmark Tower. Mothra was its name, and it was the second Guardian Monster. The exotic arthropod fell into the breeze and initiated her assault on the King of the Monsters. The blades of her stingers detonated on contact, and Godzilla squirmed in pain. Its heart filled with malice and a thirst for vengeance, Godzilla retaliated with his atomic ray. The light of the blazing beam continued to scorch the air as Mothra barely dodged its destructive force. The Landmark Tower wasn't so lucky, and the pinnacle of the once proud peak of concrete and metal erupted in fire and smoke. The giant insect continued its assault, as Mothra seized Godzilla's skull in her grasp and hung on for dear life, as the third Guardian Monster, Ghidorah, finally approached. Mothra withdrew as Ghidorah's gargoyle-like heads tore through Godzilla's body with a fierce array of electrical shocks. Ultimately, Ghidorah was incapacitated by the pure power of Godzilla's thermonuclear discharge, though, and the disgusting horror prepared to finish off Ghidorah. Sacrificing her own safety to rescue the guardian with the greatest hope of vanquishing their foe, Mothra intercepted the onslaught. The marvelous moth was thrust from view and left immobile amongst the rubble of the once remarkable city.

From land and sea, the self-defense force assaulted the loathsome leviathan in yet another futile effort to eradicate the invulnerable beast. Within mere seconds, the counteroffensive was completely consumed in flames. Burning brightly, Mothra ascended into the night; though the flames were devouring the scales of her brilliant wings, her resolve was unbending. She crept quietly behind the sickening creature, when Godzilla suddenly spun to meet the interfering insect. With a morbid joy coursing through his twisted soul, the revolting reptile obliterated the once majestic moth. The brilliant saffron glow of Mothra's life energy possessed Ghidorah, and the glimmering dragon awoke in a blaze of raw power. Encased in a sphere of pure energy, King Ghidorah shone with a brightness that rivaled the sun. It's blazing shield absorbed, amplified, and returned the once insurmountable energy of Godzilla's nuclear beam to its source. Faced with an amplified spheroid of plasma, Godzilla's flesh was finally opened as the beast plummeted into the bay. Its strength still coursing unabated, Godzilla emerged virtually unfazed. King Ghidorah's determination persevered, and the golden dragon collided with his foe. Under the filter of the aquatic domain, piercing teeth and gashing claws ripped and tore aimlessly through the shadowy abyss. The cerulean firestorm was yet again unleashed, and the breath collapsed the nearby Yokohama Bay Bridge. The self-defense force, plagued by the concern that the guardian could fail in his attempt to extinguish the saurian fiend, released two submarines into the fray. The D-03, a flaming spear to dispense with the nuclear menace, was fired. Alas, Godzilla evaded the incoming weapon, thrusting his King Ghidorah in the way, as the missile pierced the golden's dragon's neck. In the confusion, the wretched leviathan took the opportunity to fire on the wounded creature. King Ghidorah lay helpless on the ocean floor, with the hopes of Japan fading deep into the dark, swirling tempest of Godzilla's embittered heart.

Meanwhile, Yuri Tachibana and Teruaki Takeda, who had procured an amulet key to unlocking King Ghidorah's potential, were coincidentally dangling from the collapsing Yokohama Bay Bridge. Their amulet cut through the air into the lapping waves below. Slowly, the last hope for the nation approached the sleeping dragon, preparing to awaken the heroic hydra. Deeper and deeper it sank until the stone amalgamated with King Ghidorah. The rejuvenated dragon rescued Yuri Tachibana and Teruaki Takeda, and as they swam to safety, King Ghidorah entered the sky. He unleashed his gravity beams, those amber streaks of lightning that singed and seared all that they touched. While the attack was astonishingly powerful, the buzzing, crackling golden beams infused Godzilla with a spectacular power of his own. The energy culminated into the maw of the terrible tyrant. The charged beam was unleashed. King Ghidorah erupted into a ball of fire, the flaming bits of flesh shooting into the bay and the hope of the nation vanishing into the pit of disaster.

The war was not yet over, for the guardian's energy took the form of Baragon, Mothra, and King Ghidorah before it diffused into Godzilla. The abominable beast sank, desperately trying to regain the buoyancy it lost from this final assault. The Satsuma, one of the submarines that had earlier grappled with the monstrosity, entered into Godzilla's mouth and sank into the belly of the horrendous beast.

The dim glow of morning gently caressed the bay, as Godzilla emerged unopposed. Surveying the damage he had so eagerly wrought on civilization, the flesh of its shoulder suddenly splattered forth as the D-03 became visible through the wound that King Ghidorah had torn earlier. Godzilla writhed for a moment as the missile exploded, but pain was merely a mild distraction for the demon. When the dreadful creature regained its balance, he prepared to fire his nuclear ray at Yuri and Teruaki, bent on his continued thirst for the annihilation of the human race. However, the sphere of radiant blue energy that accumulated between his jaws suddenly disappeared, and the searing plasma burst through his freshly opened wound. Confused, he attempted to fire his atomic ray again, but to no avail. The concentrated surge of energy erupted from Godzilla's shoulder, and the beast roared in fear for the very first time. His crimes were being avenged, his punishment decided by the human locked tightly in the bowels of the beast. The doomed creature collapsed into the bay, sinking further and further into the depths. The Satsuma escaped from the insides of the despised creature, as the submarine's pilot Taizo Tachibana struggled with all the strength he could muster to survive. At least the hateful horror could exact revenge on the man responsible for his imminent demise, but this too was a dream that faded into obscurity. Godzilla's thermonuclear ray, that monstrous weapon through which he had annihilated so much, became his own downfall. The malice of the monstrous beast faded as the mountainous mass of flesh erupted into an explosion. Godzilla, once the king of the monsters, had disappeared completely from radar. He was finally put to rest.

However, all was not as it seemed, for the truth of the battle's outcome was enshrouded by fathoms of water. Amongst the wreckage of the battle, enshrouded by the murky water of the bay, Godzilla's disembodied heart continued to beat. The terror lived on...