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Godzilla (2nd Generation)

Height: 55 meters
Mass: 25,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Atomic ray; razor sharp spines; super regenerative power; able to burrow; spines unleash a tremendous amount of heat while atomic ray is being charged; extraordinary jumper; prehensile tail

First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)
Other Appearances: Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage)

Series:  Millennium  


A creature born of the past, birthed in the future, Godzilla is the living symbol of the horror that can be created from mankind's hands and minds. Emerging from the peaceful waters of Tokyo bay, the creature turned the city into a fiery holocaust. The only prayers in his name, were those for his death. Thousands of years of smoldering death graced the land in but a single night. Nothing could be done to stem the wrath of the demon. The last glance that befell humanities eyes, were those of a crocodilian tail, dipping into the waves. The animal would be back to claim what it saw fit, though, but years past before the vow was returned.

In 1966, Godzilla rose from the waters again, and attacked Japan's first nuclear power planet. Tokaimura was in ruins before the behemoth left. More time passed, before the leviathan showed itself to the world. Heading into the heart of Osaka, in 1996, Godzilla tore to pieces an experimental new plasma plant. A regiment of bazooka armed troops were sent in to thwart the destruction, but their firepower was not enough. The most courageous men and women to ever walk Japan perished that day, under the conquering feet of Godzilla.

The defeat laid in the sorrowed mouths of the nation, the public cried out for a way to end the terror. The military answered that call, building a weapon that contained the power of a black hole. Erecting the Dimension Tide in space, on a private satellite, a new plan to lure the monster to a remote island was put into action. Leading the fanged saurian with their new Griffon ship, the trap was nearly set, if not for the interference of the Meganula swarm. The insects descended on the nuclear titan, stealing his energy with quick jabs from their spiked tails. A momentary battle issued with Godzilla proving the victor in the end. The scientist wasted no time in seeing the winner, and fired their weapon. The air split, and clouds gave away as a strike from heaven crashed into the monster. However, the effects were not as hoped. Godzilla had dodged most of the blast, and was now unearthing himself from the crumbled mountains. Vice scoured his blood, and Godzilla dove back into the sea, trailing the fleeing swarm of Meganula.

It was not long before he reached the mainland, and stepped into a war with the queen of the Meganula: Megaguirus. The gigantic insect toyed with the biped creature, using its unbelievable speed and quick strikes for amusement. Throwing Godzilla about like a rag doll, and stealing his energy to form a plasma ball that toppled the giant. However, Megaguirus made one mistake, and ventured too close. Snapping about the dagger tail of the mutant dragonfly, Megaguirus was maimed and it was not long before the behemoth incinerated the bug. With victory his, Godzilla proceeded to destroy the hidden plasma power plant in the city. However, before he could finish off his target, the Dimension Tide was fired once more. The city quaked as the blast rocked the city. The land was torn and shredded, while the buildings were reduced to worthless ruble.

Yet the sacrifice was in vein. The Dimension Tide did nothing more than bury the foe. In a few weeks, the world saw the reawakening of the giant. It were as if he never left.