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Height: 55 meters
Length: 122.5 meters
Mass: 25,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Atomic ray; super regenerative power; spines unleash a tremendous amount of heat while atomic ray is being prepared; can unleash a blast of Inner-Radiation from his body
First Appearance: Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)
Other Appearances: Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage)
Series:  Millennium  


Born from the baptizing flames of man's ignorance, a creature was turned into a god. A living juggernaut that possessed both unfathomable power and killing prowess. The beast, whose name would be cursed on the tongues of every Japanese man, woman, and child, trampled through the lands of the rising sun. Few innocents escaped Godzilla's wrath. The ones who did live to see the end, watched as the leviathan dipped into the waves, for what was hoped to be a final time. All was for naught, however, as the creature made yearly attacks on Japan from then on. On once such occasion, in 2000, lifting from the waves, the monster made way to an electric power plant. A human product of mankind's intelligence, the plant was the burden of the creature's fury. Tearing the skeletal steel structure asunder, Godzilla next dove beneath the waves with the plant leveled.

Days crept by before the disaster prevention organization CCI (Crisis Control Institute) could perceive the saurian's next target. With bold pride coursing through the soldier's veins, the military staged a sizable assault against the creature. The men tried to divert the again revealed monster from the nuclear plant; throwing everything they had at it. Mines, jets, tanks, and even their new systems, the Full Metal Missiles, crashed in endless waves. They had succeeded in actually halting the reptile's advance, but before anything further could be conceived, a UFO entered the fray. Aroused from its slumber at that bottom of the black ocean, the alien craft saw in Godzilla the cells of a new body. A form that the beings could use to conquer this world. Immediately the silvery mass blasted the titan with a cosmic emerald ray. Never before had the king been the first to fall in a battle. Standing from the rubble of iron and concrete, Godzilla fired back with his ray, but as he did so the alien craft shot again. The exchange of attacks left both combatants to nurse their wounds.

Night fell, but this would not be an ordinary day. Wading from the bay of Tokyo, Godzilla cut through the city to face the UFO again. The two wared, but the alien technology was too much, and in the end, Godzilla was buried beneath the weight of a collapsed building. Taking advantage, the craft pulls from the animal the valuable Organizer-G1. A strain of healing DNA that makes the reptile an unstoppable force. Regenerating its wounds to full health in a matter of seconds. Extracting the material, the Millennian combined it to their own form. The Millennian exited the safety of its ship, but was soon met with trouble. The stolen power it besieged from Godzilla changes the Millennian into a huge lumbering giant, dubbed Orga. Godzilla soon pulls free from his prison, and battles the new Orga. His clawing teeth, sweeping tail, and ember beam, doing nothing to the instantly healing monster. The creature Orga even goes as far as to try and consume Godzilla to feed, but the nuclear god would not go. Charging his body, like a blossoming flower, Godzilla let loose an explosion of hate. Cascading waves of scarlet fires erupted from his body, and beheaded the stunned alien. The winner gloated at this win, but soon made his way to the rest of the untouched city. Spinning an entire arc of swirling blaze, Godzilla proved once again that he is a force of nature never to be underestimated.