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Giant Bats
  Powers/Weapons: Flight
First Appearance: Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974)
Series:  Showa  


A United Nations investigation team, dispatched to the island of New Guinea, goes missing following a series of freak climate changes occurring through out the world. It is discovered that the island in the South Pacific is currently suffering due to atomic dust clouds, which have mysteriously gathered over the land mass. The UN decides to dispatch another research team to the area to gather data on the phenomenon and to, hopefully, rescue the first party.

The second team, after landing on the island, makes their way deep into the interior of New Guinea, past the lush jungle and into the heavily radioactive part of the Pacific island. To venture further, the members are forced to don radiation suits to protect them. However, abominations lay all around them, as the new harsh conditions of the terrain coupled with the effects of radioactivity has caused the local wildlife to evolve in frightening ways. One such abomination was the island's Giant Bats, which, beyond their increased size, had also developed a new found ferociousness, as a large flock quickly swarmed the research party. Attacking the team relentless, the members of the party were forced to take cover, ducking into a local marsh, as the bats continued their assault. Eventually, the team withdrew their pistols and begin to fire on the flying mammals, killing a number of them while the others fled the scene. However, the party was still in grave danger, as the UN members did not foresee the lethal creatures that lurked in the waters they had just entered...