Gaira ガイラ [Millennium]

Gaira [Millennium]

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Powers / Weapons

Size alteration


Go! Godman (2008)

Series // Millennium

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The second spawn of Tsunojiras, Gaira proclaimed its presence to the fleeing humans. Koichi Matsushita, a traffic guard overseeing the demolition process of the abandoned town, tried to fight against the savage with his baton to little effect. With only a fragmentary display of its strength, Gaira pushed the guard back and was ready to finish them off. However, the intervention of Godman prevented that from happening, and Gaira found itself overcome by Godman’s might.

But when Shilarji entered the fight, Gaira and his ally were able to take the upper hand. Knocking the bracelet off and weakening Godman, the two proceeded to dominate in their fight, with Shilarji strangling Godman to death. But when Godman retrieved the bracelet, he was temporarily able to push back against the two. With the sudden help of Greenman, Shilarji was knocked into Gaira and the two struggled to get back to their feet. Finishing the fight, Godman used his supersonic waves and blasted the two into pieces, with no hint of any monsters spawned from their pieces.

Powers / Weapons
Size alteration

Size alteration

Gaira is seemingly able to alter its own size, growing from human-sized to giant-sized and vice-versa. However, this ability goes unused during the events of the special, relegating its appearance in the end-credits montage.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed by Kenji Oka.