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Height: 58 meters
Mass: 23,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Able to surge electricity through its body from the horn, causing it to shock anything Gabara touches
First Appearance: All Monsters Attack (1969)
Series:  Showa  


Either created in a boy's dream, or an actual demon on Monster Island, Gabara is the embodiment of wickedness. Striding the island, the monster spends its days picking on Minilla whenever Godzilla's son is unfortunate enough to cross paths with the ogre-like monster. By battling and hurting the small young monster, the creature finds its amusement. Its echoing static like roar lifting into the sky each time it strikes down the son of Godzilla. Punching, kicking, and electrocution all were at the monster's fingertips to torment Minilla. Only through the courage of a young boy, did the small baby monster muster enough to face Gabara and actually defeat the monster. Godzilla, who had watched from a distance was proud of his son and went to congratulate the kaiju on a battle well fought. However, Gabara could not let the scorn taste of defeat lie dormant in his soul, and rose to battle Godzilla. The two behemoths battled back and forth, the green cat like ogre's electrical grasp doing little to harm Godzilla. Eventually, the titan was able to flip Gabara, and sent the monster into full retreat. To this day, the biped fanged feline monster has yet to touch Minilla ever again.