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Fairy Mothra
Wingspan: 30 centimeters
Mass: 0
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; teleportation; can change its appearance to that of the Cosmos
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994)
Series:  Heisei  


The endless void of space was brightly illuminated as Mothra glided along, suddenly spawning an endless number of tiny Fairy Mothras. One of these little ones journeyed to Earth, to submit a grave warning to an old acquaintance...

Miki Saegusa sat in the park, ever pondering the ongoing question of whether or not to use her telepathy to help defeat Godzilla. A new plan dubbed the "T-Project" had been proposed as a method by which to control the monster, and Miki was hesitant to assist. Suddenly, a bright glow appeared amongst the still leaves in the canopy of a nearby tree. Her earrings, in the shape of the Cosmos' symbol, began to glow intensely. Fairy Mothra appeared, and it faded into a floating image of the twin fairies. The Cosmos gave a warning to Ms. Saegusa. They told her that a space monster was going to attempt to destroy Godzilla and conquer Earth. The Cosmos begged Miki to assist in the defeat of this monster. Almost as instantly as the Cosmos appeared, they vanished. Miki decided that it was now necessary to join the T-Project, in order to ultimately stop this new monster from dominating the planet.

Fairy Mothra would appear a second time while Miki was on Birth Island. The voice of the Cosmos warned her that everyone needed to join together in order to defeat SpaceGodzilla, because the world is everyone's treasure.

Finally, Fairy Mothra would return after SpaceGodzilla's defeat, and again form into the Cosmos. They thanked Miki for saving the world, and Fairy Mothra returned into outer space...