Colossal Titan 超大型巨人

Colossal Titan
Colossal Titan

Height : 120 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Super regenerative power




Attack on Titan (2015); Attack on Titan: Part 2

Series // Millennium

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Over a hundred years ago, Titans were created. Immense, human-like creatures with a taste for people, the beasts ushered the world into a post apocalyptic state. Most of the human race was wiped out, devoured by the creatures. In Japan, survivors banded together to construct a series of giant walls. Building layers, the walls protected those inside, with the inner walls as safe guards if an outer wall were to be breached.

This allowed a ruling class to form, located in the inner most walls. Not only were they more protected, but enjoyed luxuries not available to those in the outer layers. Among this ruling class was Kubal, director of the Military Police.

At some point, Kubal became aware of the experiments of Grisha, who was testing creating modified Titans from his sons. The military director intervened, taking away Grisha and his wife, killing them. Either after the incident, or from an event before, Kubal was able to take advantage of Grisha's work by becoming a Jaeger Titan. These Titans were different then others, as they were humans that could shift between a normal and Titan form. Furthermore, their Titan retained their human intelligence, creating a powerful creature with regenerative abilities. Kubal became not just any Titan, though, but the Colossal Titan. This 120 meter beast was over 1,600% larger than a normal Titan. To trigger the change, Kubal had to enter a situation of extreme duress, such as being placed in mortal danger.

Colossal TitanKubal kept his ability to transform a secret, acting outwardly as just the military director. However, members of the ruling class became anxious. They feared that the populace in the outer walls were getting too comfortable. A situation that the more paranoid believed could threaten their position of power if left unchecked.

Eventually, Kubal took it upon himself to address the situation. Traveling covertly to the Monzen District, Kubal ventured beyond the outer walls. Once out of sight, the director changed. Transforming into the Colossal Titan, the garrison in charge of protecting the wall could hear the inhuman cries of the giant. Towering over the wall, the huge monster glared at the humans below. The beast, emitting a huge cloak of steam from its body, proceeded to attack the wall by kicking it. Eventually the assault caused enough force to punch a massive hole in the outer wall. With its job done, the Colossal Titan vanished in the steam, changing back to Kubal.

The hole created by Kubal, though, attracted nearby Titans. As the less intelligent brutes streamed inward, they attacked and devoured the garrison in charge of protecting the wall. Inside, the Titans went on a rampage, resulting in the death of countless people.

Two years later, the outer wall area had been abandoned. The ruling class was in a comfortable position of power, while periodic excursions were sent to block the hole. Under the guidance of Kubal, these groups were not successful and intended to keep up the guise that the ruling class was still trying to help. Eventually, the director decided to accompany one of the excursions himself. On this mission, one of his recruits, Eren, transformed into a Jaeger Titan.

After turning back into a human, the recruit was publicly questioned by the director. Unsatisfied with his answers, Kubal ordered his men to execute Eren. The boy was saved, though, by the appearance of another Jaeger Titan: the Armored Titan. Causing the roof to collapse, the director was buried under the rubble while Eren was saved.

Kubal was far from dead, though. He emerged from the debris and much later confronted his former troops, of which a small band of survivors had made it to the damaged wall. He offered them a place among the elite in the inner wall in exchange for turning over Eren to him. The group refused, prompting Kubal to shoot one of them in the leg. He then related his desire to keep humanity behind the wall, only to be shot down by a bow and arrow. However, the attack caused the director to change, transforming into the Colossal Titan.

The group of survivors then proceeded to attack the mammoth creature, trying to hit his weak point: the nape. Located in the Titan's back neck was the director's human form, meaning its destruction would stop the Titan's reign. Although they halted the beast from stealing their bomb, which would be used to send rubble to block the hole, their efforts were meant with casualties. Eventually the director focused his efforts on Eren, causing one of the survivors to fire an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) at the Titan's face. The blast destroyed the Titan's left side, although the damage instantly started to heal.

In pain, Kubal refocused on the bomb again, and managed to damage it. However, Kubal's captain appeared, transforming himself into the Armored Titan. While Eren gets close to killing the Colossal Titan, almost stabbing the nape, he is thwarted but saved again by the appearance of the Armored Titan. Holding the explosive, the thick plated beast jumped at Kubal. The Colossal Titan roared as the Armored Titan threw the bomb, causing an explosion that consumed them both.

Powers / Weapons
Super Regenerative Power

Super Regenerative Power

Although most Titans would release steam as their body healed, the Colossal Titan was constantly releasing vast amounts of steam. While his exposed tissue and steam might hint at a different level of resilience, the beast was able to recover from severe damage thanks to its incredible regenerative powers. When active, the beast's body would burn an even brighter orange.

The monster used this power to recover from the loss of its left side of its face, which took rocket fire and was destroyed. In addition, these regenerative powers are passed down to Kubal's human form, but only as part of the transformation process. It did enable him to receive mortal damage as a human, though, and recover from it.



Despite being much more massive than other Titans, the creature still maintained the same weak point: the back of his neck. In the nape, Kubal's human body would rest. Damaging or destroying this area would result in the death of the Colossal Titan.

Although he did not defend it the same way the Armored Titan defended his nape, the immense amount of steam generated by the creature did aid in making this harder to find.

Background and Trivia
  • On the official English website for the movies, the Colossal Titan is stated to be 394 feet tall. This is roughly 120 meters in height. Furthermore, the site notes the beast's name as Colossal Titan in English.
  • In the anime, the Colossal Titan is stated as being 60 meters tall in the first episode. This is about half the height of the movie version.
  • In the Attack on Titan: End of the World (ISBN: 1945054085), a novelization of the two movies, the Colossal Titan is noted as being 60 yards tall, roughly 55 meters. This is closer to his height in the anime than the live action version.
  • In both the manga and anime versions of Attack on Titan, the Colossal Titan is Bertholdt Hoover instead of Kubal.