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Height: 35 meters
Mass: 15,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Sharp tusks; hurricane winds from wings
First Appearance: Ultraman (1967)
Other Appearances: Unheard Swan Song (stock footage)
Series:  (Distributed)  


In an unknown area of Japan, the monsters Chandlar and Red King challenged each other with an exchange of feral roars. One contender was suffering from a major disadvantage, however, for the batlike Chandlar was already injured, his left leg covered with blood. Red King was the first to strike, charging at Chandlar with all his might, but Chandlar was able to repel the raging beast using his wings to create hurricane winds. As Red King struggled to rise to his feet, Chandlar appeared to chuckle as he advanced on his stunned foe. Before Chandlar was able to successfully strike Red King, a strong kick sent Chandlar falling backwards. Red King, finally regaining his footing, grabbed a massive boulder in his hands and launched it at his opponent, sending the colossal giant tumbling even further away. As Chandlar tossed and turned, Red King used the moment to his advantage and tackled the monster. The two towering titans struggled violently, as Chandlar desparately attempted to prevent his foe from overpowering him. The battle between the leviathans raged on until Chandlar finally made his move. His piercing tusks sank into Red King's shoulders. Blood erupted from the terrible wound, as Red King fled and shrieked as the mighty Chandlar cackled over his victory. The war was not yet over, however. Red King made his assault on the creature's right wing, and no matter how powerfully Chandlar struggled, it was no use. After a few antagonizing seconds of pain, Red King managed to rend Chandlar's right wing from his body. A screech of sheer pain emanated from the severely wounded creature, but Red King would not relent. Boulders were chucked at the handicapped behemoth as he attempted to flee, but fortunately for Chandlar, he was able to escape to the parts from whence he came...