Cephalos ガレオス


Height : 1.8 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Sand burrowing; sand spit


Monster Hunter (2021)

Series // Reiwa


Having taken down the ruthless Black Diablos and trekked the endless desert, Artemis and the Hunter stumbled upon a lush ecosystem on their journey to the Sky Tower. Arriving by the riverside, the Hunter used Artemis to lure out the waiting Cephalos, which took the bait. With a precise slash, the Hunter decapitated the piscine wyvern, cooking its meat for much needed sustenance.

Powers / Weapons
Sand burrowing

Sand burrowing

Using its fin-like sails, a Cephalos is able to swim freely beneath sand in order to set an ambush, relying on sound/vibrations to detect its prey.


Sand spit

Storing accumulated sand in a gland in their body, Cephalos are able to mix the residual sand with mucus and spit it as a projectile. This ability goes unseen in the film.

Background and Trivia
  • In the special features clip For the Players: From Game to Screen on the Blu-ray release of Monster Hunter (2021), director Paul W.S. Anderson misidentifies Cephalos as Remobra, snake-like wyverns that appear in the game series. The header image originates from this same clip.
  • Its height can be found on a "monster size chart" featured in the movie's Japanese brochure.