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Black Moth
Length: 4-30 meters
Wingspan: 7-50 meters
Mass: 300 kilograms-2,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 2
First Appearance: Latitude Zero (1969)
Series:  Showa  


Another of Malik's evil creations, the Black Moth is the result of surgically implanting a human brain, removed from the Black Shark's captain Kroiga, into a lion's body and grafting a condor's wings to the body. To further aid his new killing machine, Malik also gave the beast some of his growth serum, greatly increasing the size of the monster. After the serum's effect has fully taken place, Malik gives his new creation its first order: to intercept the crew of the Alpha; however, the Black Moth refuses its orders, instead staying perched on the mountainous cliffs to survey its surroundings.

Later, while Malik is in the Black Shark and caught in a magnetic field, the Black Moth swoops down to assault the Black Shark, seeking revenge on its creator. During her attack, the griffin knocks away the Black Shark's laser turret. The turret then discharges at the mountainside, causing an avalanche that buries both the Black Shark and the Black Moth.