Black Diablos ディアブロス亜種

Black Diablos
Black Diablos

Height : 7.6 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Sand burrowing


Monster Hunter (2021)

Series // Reiwa


Capable and vicious hunters, the Diablos were a species of flying wyverns that specialized in subterranean locomotion, notably taking refuge in vast deserts. Among them, a distinguished variation known as Black Diablos were simply when a female was in heat, their blackened shells indicating extreme aggression and hostility.

When a passing Dragonship made its way towards the ancient Sky Tower, the noise churned in the sands awakened a pair of Black Diablos. Pushing in for the attack, they pursued the galleon and prepared to ambush it. In a coordinated effort, the pair pressed against both sides and forced it against the jagged rock formation, sustaining damage to the hull. One of them rammed beneath and upturned the vessel vertically, with the falling crew thrown overboard or skewered onto its mighty horns. Then diving back into the sands, the Black Diablos’ continued to chase the Dragonship into the distance, leaving the dead and missing behind...

In the intermediate time after the attack on the Dragonship, a recon group led by Natalie Artemis found themselves warped into the New World, where a Black Diablos was attracted by the sounds of gunfire. Revving their engines, they were tailed by the horned wyvern as it was pelted by countless rounds of machine gun bullets. Yet this did little to deter the monstrous behemoth, whose thick skin simply resisted the firepower thrown at it. Flicking its horns and slamming its clubbed tail, Diablos continued the hunt.

Black DiablosAfter flipping the humvee over, it skewered one of the soldiers with its horn, aiming to take out the rest. However, using the grenades he had in hand, the explosive force disoriented the Black Diablos, blowing off one of its horns in the process. With distant help from the Hunter and his explosive arrows, Artemis and her men had ample time to retreat into rocky stalagmites, hiding in a tight cavernous space. The Black Diablos, unable to reach them and down a horn, turned back and dove into the sands, leaving them at the mercy of the relentless Nerscylla.

Over the course of days, Artemis and the soon-to-be acquainted Hunter learned of the Diablos’ means of locating from under the sand and a plan to defeat it. Salvaging the venomous stinger from an ambushed Nerscylla, the pair exploited the Diablos’ vibration detection in order to retrieve the weapons aboard the ATV. However, in order to give Artemis a chance, the Hunter used himself as bait to lure the Black Diablos towards him. Firing the poisoned arrow into the eye, it rendered the gargantuan brute drowsy and disoriented. However, it proved capable enough to still push the offensive, only stopped by the presence of machine gun ammunition.

The massive beast closed the gap and was blasted in the face by an RPG, only to ram into the downed ATV and prepare to finish the job. That was, until the Hunter plunged his mighty blade in between the horns of the giant, trying to drive it into the brain. With a flick, the Hunter was sent flying, forcing Artemis to take the reins. Using her grappling hook, she leapt atop the horned wyvern’s cranium and ultimately finished it, driving the sword deep into the creature’s brain.

Unable to function, the Black Diablos lost all sense of control and was at last slain. Able to move forward, the assault left the Hunter in a near-death state of unconsciousness. In order to carry him, Artemis splintered a piece of its ebony shell and dragged him across the sandy desert, continuing their destination to the Sky Tower.

Powers / Weapons
Sand burrowing

Sand burrowing

Able to gracefully navigate through loose sand, the Black Diablos is able to burrow and move at an incredible rate. The Diablos is able to hone in on sounds and vibrations when submerged, using it as a guide to track its targets.

Background and Trivia
  • According to the movie's Japanese brochure, the Diablos that antagonizes Artemis and the Hunter is pregnant and carrying eggs, causing it to become more cautious and temperamental than normal. Its attack power is comparable to that of an armored fighting vehicle.
  • Its height can be found on online promotional material released for the movie.