Behemoth ベヒモス [MonsterVerse]

Behemoth [MonsterVerse]

Height : 107 meters
Mass :

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Series // MonsterVerse


With the war between Godzilla and King Ghidorah coming to an unexpected end thanks to the United States military's Oxygen Destroyer, the three-headed monster used the opportunity to seize the throne and claim the position of Alpha among all the Titans of Earth. Letting out an unearthly cry that was heard across the globe, King Ghidorah summoned the massive beasts from their slumber.

One of these was Titanus Behemoth, who broke free from MONARCH Outpost 58 in Rio de Janeiro. Under the false king's orders, the mammoth-like creature attacked the Brazilian city, using its large tusks to plow through buildings. After the Titan's rampage went on for several hours, the ORCA - a device capable of simulating the audio signature of an Alpha Titan - was used to bring the global assault to a sudden end. Sensing that the current Alpha was in need of assistance, Behemoth began to make its way towards Boston as King Ghidorah once again engaged Godzilla in battle. By the time Behemoth arrived, however, Godzilla had already emerged the victor, slaying the three headed monster and assuming his rightful place as the new Alpha. Behemoth acknowledged Godzilla's new position and bowed to the King of the Monsters. Shortly after these events, Behemoth returned to South America, the radiation emitted from its body helping to restore flora and fauna in deforested areas of the Amazon Rainforest.

Powers / Weapons


Titanus Behemoth is armed with two enormous, asymmetrical tusks jutting from its mouth. Sharp, curved, and incredibly sturdy, these bony protrusions act as the Titan's main weapons, which it used to demolish buildings during its assault on Rio de Janeiro.

Background and Trivia
  • During an interview, Director Michael Dougherty has said that Behemoth is his personal favorite of the new Titans created for the film.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization includes a scene of Behemoth responding to King Ghidorah's Alpha call. MONARCH attempts to terminate the Titan before it can escape, but an organization member who sympathizes with Emma Russell's plan to release the creatures sabotages their efforts, allowing Behemoth to break free.
  • Legendary Tweeted a bio of Behemoth during the MonsterVerse WatchAlong event. This displayed the height of the monster at 354 feet (107 meters).