Battra バトラ

Battra Larva - Battra
Battra Larva
Battra Larva

Length : 90 meters
Mass : 20,000 tons

Powers / Weapons

Prism Beams; energy conduction; Horn Prism Beam; burrowing; adept swimmer; can transform into its imago form


Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)

Series // Heisei

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Over 12,000 years ago, an era of peace was known on Earth. At this time, an advanced civilization called the Cosmos was the dominant power on the planet, sharing the globe with a deity known as Mothra. A race of highly intelligent beings, scientists from this species began to experiment, stumbling upon a way to control Earth's climate. However, from the race's arrogance, the Earth bore a warrior in response: a creature mimicking the deity Mothra, but with a twisted design. Battra was born.

This new creature attacked relentlessly, directing its rage toward those who had bent the world's climate to their will. Mothra, though, sought to defend civilization, sparking a fierce battle between the two monsters. Eventually Mothra won the conflict, sealing Battra in the North Sea. However, Battra was still successful in destroying the machinery that had been created to control the climate.

With this technology now gone, the climate temporarily went out of control. This caused massive floods, placing most of the land underwater. During this global disaster, almost all of the advanced civilization was wiped out. Only a few Cosmos survived, seeking shelter on a mountain with Mothra. Seeing the error of their ways, the remaining Cosmos sought to maintain balance on the planet, as the next generation of Mothra lay dormant inside an egg deep within Infant Island.

Battra LarvaAlthough the reign of the Cosmos had come to an end, life went on. Many centuries went by as a new civilization globalized Earth: humanity. However, this race also endangered the planet, polluting the world at an astronomical rate. In the 1990's, Earth's dark defender would rise again to protect it through violent means, although the beast's freedom would come through an extraterrestrial source. A gigantic, 93 meters in diameter meteor slammed into the planet, striking near the Ogasawara Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. The incident set off a chain of events: Godzilla awoke while a giant typhoon was created near Indonesia, kicking up massive waves that unearthed Mothra's egg on Infant Island. The effects were widespread, though, causing glacier landslides in the Arctic Ocean. This allowed the Black Mothra to break free from its icy prison, now ready to wage war with humanity.

Battra wasted no time in striking back on the Earth's behalf, making its way to the Sea of Japan. Detected by the Japanese military, the Sixth Wing scrambled from the Komachi Base to intercept it. While approaching the Noto Peninsula, F15-J Jets engaged the beast, striking it with missile after missile. The attack was ineffective, though, as the missiles were unable to penetrate the monster's thick exoskeleton. Making landfall on the coast of Noto, Battra rapidly tunneled into the Earth, traveling underground toward the Chubu Region.

As the ancient beast arrived in Nagoya, it emerged before a shocked populace. Its first attack saw it destroy Nagoya Castle before Battra made its way downtown. However, the self-defense force was waiting for it, with Type 74 Tanks and MBT-92 masers at the ready. However, both the tanks and masers stood no chance against the ancient beast and, within minutes, large portions of the city were reduced to rubble.

Battra then left the area by burrowing underground, heading back out to sea. As the beast traveled, he would soon find a battling Godzilla and Mothra offshore of the Philippines. The timeless protector threw itself into the fray, and attacked the newborn Mothra head on. However, a blast of Battra's energy speared its way into Godzilla, thereby turning the focus of the nuclear leviathan upon Battra. The two masses collided, and dragged their conflict beneath the waves while Mothra escaped. It is there they fought, until an undersea volcano, located at the border of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Plate, consumed them both.

However, neither died amongst the molten lava, although it put an end to their fight. Godzilla ventured deeper into the magma, heading toward the Japan mainland through burning lava. Battra, meanwhile, broke free to emerge in the waters near the Philippines again. This time, though, the creature sparked with energy, ready to transform...

Powers / Weapons
Prism Beams

Prism Beams

Battra could unleash two Prism Beams from its eyes. These purple beams would snake up and down as they shot out toward their target.

Although a slightly different Prism Beam could also be fired from the horn, the ancient beast didn't reveal if it could fire all three beams at the same time.

Energy Conduction

Energy Conduction

The Black Mothra could conduct energy through its body, releasing it against objects through touch.

It utilized this ability while taking down the 180 meter tall Nagoya TV Tower.

Energy Conduction

Horn Prism Beam

The dark guardian of Earth could unleash a large, orange beam from its horn.

This weapon was used both against Godzilla and the military. While being utilized against a squad of Type 74 Tanks, the beam was briefly showcased to be able to split in two: striking two different points at the same time.



Battra in its larval form was proficient at burrowing.

While not out at sea, burrowing was the primary mode of transportation for the monster. When traveling in this manner, Battra would send a tremendous amount of dirt into the sky when it was getting closer to the surface.

Adept Swimmer

Adept Swimmer

Although it could normally travel in the water at around 56 knots, the fierce beast was able to move at incredible speeds while submerged.

It showcased this feat the first time it encountered Godzilla. After destroying the barge that had previously been carrying Mothra's egg, Battra plunged itself into the water. A glowing light was then seen as the beast quickly closed the gap between itself and Godzilla, getting into melee range with the King of the Monsters.

Can Transform Into Its Imago Form

Can Transform Into Its Imago Form

Unlike Mothra, Battra was able to rapidly evolve into its Imago form. This process involved the larval stage quickly bathing itself in its own energy, prompting it to transform into its flying form.

The creature used this ability while offshore of the Philippines, transforming in a matter of seconds.

Background and Trivia
  • The ancient monster was portrayed by suit actor Hurricane Ryu.
  • The Battra larva costume became very heavy when waterlogged, but managed to remain buoyant enough to not sink. In order to achieve enough momentum for the scene where Battra tackles Godzilla and both appear to submerge, suit actors Kenpachiro Satsuma (playing Godzilla) and Hurricane Ryu (playing Battra) had to leap several times from a raised platform. Noted in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Godzilla (self-published).
  • Noted with an alternate name of the "Black Mothra" once in the film and in the Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia (ISBN: 9784096820902).
  • In the 2000 publication Large Picture Book of Godzilla: Toho Special Effects Movie World (ISBN: 4873765587), Battra's powers in its larval form are listed as "Eye Prism Beams" (眼からのプリズム光線 - Me Kara no Purizumu Kosen), "Horn Prism Beam" (角からのプリズム光線 - Kado Kara no Purizumu Kosen) and "Traveling Underground Incognito Ability" (地底潜行能力 - Chitei Senko Noryoku).
  • Considering the events of the film, it's unclear if the Battra who attacked 12,000 years ago is the same one that appears in the 1990's. If it is the same, this would seem to indicate that Battra might have changed back from its Imago form to its larval form, given the cave paintings depict the creature flying.
  • The Large Picture Book of Godzilla: Toho Special Effects Movie World (ISBN: 4873765587) cites the origin point of Battra as the Arctic Ocean (北極海 - Hokkyoku Kai). While it's possible the creature was born here too, it's more likely noting that the beast first emerged from here in modern times after the meteor struck Earth.

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Length: 73 meters
Wingspan: 180 meters
Mass: 30,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 3; can travel through space; hurricane winds from wings; able to shoot Prism beams from eyes; can conduct energy through its touch
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)
Other Appearances: Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (stock footage)
Series:  Heisei  


Seething rage frothed from the newly released Battra, as energy sizzled about his form until, in a flash of light, the hideous insect transformed into its Imago form. Resembling some sort of twisted bat like moth, the warrior of Earth flew to battle Mothra. The two winged foes meet in the city of Yokohama, where they dog fought in the skies. Through their continuing war, Battra was able to knock Mothra from the twinkling stars, but before he could finish the job, Godzilla appeared.

Both fanged monsters were enraged at the mere sight of each other, and quickly reengaged their conflict. Earth's defender assaulted the demon lizard with everything it had, yet it was still not enough. Godzilla tossed the flailing creature aside as if it was a mere toy. Still Godzilla's nuisances persisted. Rising from the rubble, Mothra hurled her sonic beams at the stunned saurian. Some of which, struck a tower behind Godzilla, causing the building to fall. Buying some valuable time for Mothra. She used the few precious seconds to talk and plead with the fallen Battra, begging for him to help her stop Godzilla. However her words did not get far, and Godzilla rose to fight again. Mothra soared to the answer the call, but within moments was knocked down beneath a falling ferris wheel. Yet Battra saved her; the black moth caught the huge metal wheel, and slammed it into Godzilla. It was then, that the ancient enemy insects joined forces. Uniting their power, they were able to topple the King of the Monsters, and drag it to sea. However, Godzilla, in one final act, tore a huge gash in Battra's neck with his massive jaws. The mystical creature could feel its mortality fading, so it asked Mothra to complete its work. In the year 1999, a giant meteor was to strike Earth, killing everything in a instant. It was Battra's duty to intercept the huge rock, to divert its course. Mothra agreed to accept the responsibility, as Battra perished in mid flight and fell to the sea below with Godzilla. Earth's defender had died, but Mothra, the new savior of Earth, lived on.