Barem ベーレム


Length : 40-50 centimeters
Mass : 2-4 kilograms

Powers / Weapons

Acidic venom


Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)

Series // Heisei (Rebirth of Mothra)

Sound Effect


During the civilization of the Nilai Kanai, the race created the beast called Dagarah. The creature was looked upon as a solution to manage pollution in the oceans, devouring and disposing of any unsightly debris. However, the biochemical reactions of the creature swiftly changed its original purpose. As it fed, Dagarah created a by-product. Spawning from its internal organs, thousands of grotesque blood-hued starfish, dubbed the Barem, were given birth.

The Barem corrupted and infused Dagarah with greater power. They aided in the beast's weaponry, bolstering the strength of its attacks. This included the monster's Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave and Thundering Toxic Crimson Vortex, which were both infused with Barem. Dagarah could also launch the toxic starfish-like creatures directly, firing them from its shoulders.

BaremDagarah and legions of Barem ultimately destroyed the ancient civilization, turning the once blue waters to crimson pools of twisting flesh. With their demise, Dagarah fell into a slumber below the waves as the Barem eventually went dormant. However, in modern times, the creature became awoke. Seeking pollution, the monster stirred while its toxic by-products, the Barem, went on a new reign of terror.

The toxic starfish spread across the waters of Japan, latching onto boats unfortunate enough to come in contact with them. One such boat, containing fishermen, marked the first victim. When prodded by one of the men, the Barem wasted little time in splashing acidic venom on his face. Critically injuring the man, the creatures continued to stalk the ocean while Dagarah did the same. The danger presented by the monsters did not go unnoticed though. Mothra Leo arrived on the scene to defend humanity, blowing away Barem as it flew above the water to engage Dagahra. The two kaiju waged their war across the sky and the sea. Eventually, though, Dagarah caught the giant moth in its Thundering Toxic Crimson Vortex. The attack covered Mothra in tons of Barem, sapping away at the deity. Weakened, Mothra Leo collapsed on top of a recently unearthed Nilai Kanai temple.

Dagarah continued its assault, but was not able to fully beat Mothra before a small creature called Ghogo sacrificed itself to power the winged deity. Rebirthed, the giant moth transformed into Rainbow Mothra, its body purified from all the Barem in the process. Stronger than before, Mothra easily overpowered Dagarah, sending the creature to the waters below. Looking to end the fight, the giant moth transformed into its Aqua Mothra form to continue the battle underwater. Seeking to beat Dagahra from the inside, the creature split into many smaller Aqua Mothras that entered through Dagahra's mouth. Inside the beast, the Mothras met opposition from Barem still living and being created inside. The toxic starfish, though, were no match for the blasts that the tiny Aqua Mothras could release. Ravaging the monster's body from the inside, organs, including ones necessary for Barem production, were destroyed. The damage was critical, enough to end Dagahra and spare humanity from a terrible fate had the Barem been allowed to spawn unchecked.

Powers / Weapons
Flight at Mach 10

Acidic Venom

The starfish-like creature could shoot an acidic venom spray at its prey. This was done through opening the center of its body and launching the liquid at its target.

The attack could be released very quickly against unsuspecting prey. Once the liquid connects, there is a slight delay before it begins to eat away at the victim.

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