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Height: 30 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Burrowing ability; extraordinary jumper
First Appearance: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)
Series:  Millennium  


The restless, forgotten spirits of the Japanese, the Americans, and the Asians who died in World War II had accumulated into a dinosaur that had been mutated by nuclear testing. This creature, named Godzilla, attacked Japan in 1954 but was subdued by a now unknown chemical compound. Almost fifty years later, rumors were emerging that the monster was returning, and something had to be done in order to prevent another catastrophe. The spirit of Hiyotoshi Isayama began to release the Guardian Monsters of Japan's ancient past in order to defend the nation from the approaching darkness.

Baragon was the first monster released. The prodigious, burrowing creature first appeared near Mt. Myoko. Its dagger-like teeth shone brightly through the dust of a collapsing tunnel as the creature plowed through the Earth, producing quakes and tremors in its wake. Eventually, it emerged in Motosu and began to trample everything in its path. Accidentally mistaken for Godzilla, the garnet-hued gargoyle continued its advance through Gotenba near Mt. Fuji. Its shrill shriek distorted the air as it forged ahead to rendezvous with a yet unseen entity.

Meanwhile in Shizuoka, a titanic colossus broke the surf. Godzilla lumbered through the urban sprawl, laying waste to everything it touched. It was determined that an all-out assault on Godzilla was Baragon's ultimate objective, and the two monstrous beasts soon faced one another. Roars were exchanged, and Baragon suddenly disappeared underground! The burrowing behemoth scraped and clawed its way through the soil. The loosened ground failed to sustain Godzilla's weight, and it was sent smashing into the ground below. Baragon then reappeared and lunged at Godzilla. It sank its teeth into the towering reptile's forearm, but Godzilla managed to send Baragon soaring. Intense physical blows followed as Baragon attempted for dear life to climb away from the savage monster. It gained high enough ground, and lunged once more. Godzilla, however, was prepared this time. A swing of its tail sent the crimson creature crashing into a helicopter and plummeting to the Earth. Baragon rose once more and began to again climb to higher grounds. However, the spectral blue blaze of Godzilla's nuclear ray collapsed the base of the hill that Baragon was attempting to climb. Bewildered, the maroon monster's eyes widened as its fate became so undoubtedly clear. Godzilla released yet another ghastly beam, and Baragon was annihilated in a blazing conflagration.

The once proud Guardian Monster was no more, and another would have to be awoken in its place...