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Armored Titan
Armored Titan

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Attack on Titan: Part 2 (2015)

Series // Millennium

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As a child, Shikishima Jaeger, along with his younger brother, were experimented on. The result bore a "Jaeger" Titan, a human that could shift between human and Titan form when under conditions of extreme duress. Once exposed to these life threatening or extremely stressful situations, the Titan would first grow out of the human before enveloping them, with the original human body located in the back of the neck. This allowed the being to retain their human intelligence, but with the powers of the Titans, including their amazing regenerative abilities. In the case of Shikishima, his Titan form had developed patches of hardened skin, forming an armor-like appearance.

The experimentation was conducted by Grisha, Shikishima's father, and assisted by Souda. The tests, though, caught the attention of the Military Police. Souda escaped with Shikishima's brother, but Grisha and Carla, Shikishima's mother, were captured.

Armored TitanYears later, the outer wall in the Monzen District was damaged by a Colossus Titan. The incident creates a hole, allowing Titans to swarm into the populated area. This results in the devastation of the outer wall domain, forcing survivors into the inner most walled area.

Over the next two years, plans go in motion to destroy the upper wall in the Monzen District. This would cause it to collapse, filling in the hole so Titans couldn't come through. As a result of this, a highly skilled Scout Regiment is formed. Leading the group is Shikishima, who has become a trained warrior. Using his resources, the man discovers that Titans are a human construct and created from regular people. Originally used in instances of war, they eventually spread via a virus to create a post apocalyptic world with Titans. Shikishima also begins to realize that humanity's dire conditions have been encouraged by the ruling class in the inner walled area.

As he leads his Scout Regiment to block the hole, the man becomes disillusioned. Instead, he turns his group into a covert resistance squad. His goal is to eventually destroy the inner wall, releasing the titans and ending the ruling class, regardless of the cost of human life. While formulating a means to do this, Shikishima, his lover, Mikasa Ackerman, and the regiment go around collecting weapons and killing titans in the outer walled area. At some point, in secret, Shikishima discovers his ability to become the Armored Titan.

During their travels, Shikishima and Mikasa come across a group of soldiers, under the command of director Kubal. The group plans to fill the hole with explosives that were kept in secret in Omote City. Among the group is Eren, a past relation of Mikasa and, unknown to Eren, the younger brother of Shikishima. After being eaten by a Titan, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan and destroys a hoard of the ghoulish creatures.

Changing back into a human, Eren is publicly questioned by Kubal. Not trusting Eren, the director orders his execution. However, before he can be killed, the Armored Titan bursts through the roof and lands below. Debris from the roof erupts around the humans, falling on the director and seemingly killing him. With Kubal gone, Hans declares command and orders the troops to stand down. They ignore the order, though, and open fire on the Armored Titan. Shielded by its thick skin, the giant retaliates, swatting the Military Police with his arm and killing them. Back to its original target, the Armored Titan grabs Eren. Hans then orders the survivors to rescue Eren. Using the omni-directional mobility (ODM) gear, they attempt to strike at the Armored Titan's weak point: the back of its neck. However, the white Titan covers it, protecting itself and killing those who attacked him. Mikasa stands forth, staring down the Armored Titan. The giant ignores her, and instead climbs out of the building with Eren in its grasp.

Turning back into a human, Shikishima takes the unconscious Eren to a remote, white room. There he not only tells him the truth of the Titans and the ruling class, but also that they are brothers. He then proposes an alliance with him. Unaware that Shikishima is the Armored Titan, Eren agrees. Together with the Scout Regiment they approach the last of the troops under Hans, who had secured another explosive device in Monzo near the wall breach. However, Shikishima informs them that it won't be used to seal the outer wall, but instead break the inner wall. Eren denounces their alliance, not realizing his intent, and the two fight. The troops manage to rescue Eren and break up the fight by threatening to blow up the bomb. When Shikishima tries to call their bluff, one soldier instead causes the top of a building to collapse. This lands on a tank that triggers an explosion, wiping out Shikishima's secret guard.

Scoffing at the set back, Shikishima announces that he will have to kill them as he stabs himself with his sword. The duress forces himself to transform, as giant bone erupts from his back. This quickly consumes him, taking the shape of the Armored Titan before everyone. While Eren declares he will fight him as the Attack Titan, he is stopped by the survivors. Together, they agree to destroy the Armored Titan's nape instead.

Armored TitanThe appearance of the Armored Titan, though, attracts other Titans, who begin to come through the hole in the wall. The beasts engage with the white Titan, who kills them. In the meantime, the survivors formulate a plan to attack the armored giant. This includes firing an explosive arrow into his left eye, which detonates blowing up the socket. Together, the group slashes his tendons as well, messing with his ability to walk. With the giant Titan injured, a soldier prepares to slash the back of the white Titan's neck. The beast attempts to counter by swatting at the soldier, only for Eren to jump in the way. As a result, the white Titan sends his brother flying into a building. With the plan failed, the Armored Titan attempts to secure the bomb. However, the attack triggered Eren to transform into his Titan form.

Facing each other for the first time, the two giant beings fight in combat. The Armored Titan eventually proves to be stronger, and gains the upperhand, locking the Attack Titan's foot in place. The battle turns out to be far from won, though, as the smaller Titan leaps and kicks the white Titan in the face. After grabbing a large pole, the rogue Titan skewers and defeats his older brother.

Eren, in his Titan form, then attempts to place the bomb in the wall to fill the hole. The act, however, draws the attention of Kubal, the director. Still alive, the man confronts them and changes into his Titan form, the Colossal Titan who caused all of this in the first place. As Eren, in his human form, and the survivors engage him, Shikishima reappears in his human form as well. He confronts Mikasa, who tells him of the walls he has built inside himself. Having a change of heart, the man transforms into his Armored Titan form and grabs the bomb. Leaping at the huge Titan, the white Titan throws the bomb at him, with the blast consuming both of them.

Powers / Weapons
Super Regenerative Power

Super Regenerative Power

Like other Titans, Shikishima as the white Titan could sustain heavy damage and regenerate from it. In doing so, his body would begin to generate heat as the wounds repaired themselves. While other Titans would glow red or orange, the Armored Titan glowed with a more purple tone.

The Armored Titan could regenerate from severe damage as well, including the loss of his face and having a large object rammed through his body by the Attack Titan. In addition, these regenerative powers are passed down to the human form, but only as part of the transformation process.



Shikishima's human body was located in the white Titan's nape, the back of his neck. Similar to other Titans, this presented a weak spot. If this area was damaged or destroyed, it would end the Armored Titan.

Unlike the less intelligent Titans, though, Shikishima was aware of this weakness and as the Armored Titan actively protected it.

Background and Trivia
  • Although unknown how large the movie version is, the manga version of the Armored Titan is 15 meters in height according to the Attack on Titan Character Directory (ISBN: 4065102162).
  • In both the manga and anime versions of Attack on Titan, the Armored Titan is Reiner Braun instead of Shikishima.
  • In the Attack on Titan: End of the World (ISBN: 1945054085), a novelization of the two movies, the Armored Titan is called the White Titan (白い巨人 - Shiroi Kyojin).