Meta Groudon メタ・グラードン

Meta Groudon
Meta Groudon

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Powers / Weapons

Absorbing tendrils; essence drain


Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker (2003)

Series // Pokémon (Anime Distributed)


A fossil of the creature Groudon is recovered. Eager to resurrect the beast, Team Magma approaches their scientist Butler with the assignment. To achieve this, he develops a machine that in theory will bring the creature back to life. However, the machine fails, with Butler claiming it lacked sufficient power. Furious with this failure, Team Magma fires the scientist.

Butler, however, becomes obsessed from the incident. Harboring resentment toward his former employer, he continues his research. He comes to believe that the power from the Millennium Comet will be sufficient to resurrect Groudon. With the help from his girlfriend, Diane, they secure a cocoon of the Pokémon Jirachi in Forina. The psychic and steel pocket monster is needed to channel energy from the comet to the machine.

After awakening from its thousand year slumber, Butler uses Jirachi against its will to power the device. This fires a powerful beam into the ground, using the fossilized fragment. The beam lights up a design that matches the markings on Groudon. Initially, the machine appears to be successful as the ground morphs. However, the resulting creation only mimics the legendary Pokémon's appearance...

Meta GroudonFilled with malice, the abomination grows to gigantic proportions. As it moves, the very Earth below it dies, plants withering in its massive presence. Despite the size of the monster, the Pokémon Absol doesn't hesitate to attack. Using its crescent shaped horn, Absol fires an energy blast at the fake Groudon. The attack does little to deter the giant monster, although attracts its attention. In response, its huge claws morph into tendrils, which launch forth. Consuming Absol, the tendrils draw the Pokémon into Meta Groudon's body.

Soon after, the abomination's body begins to mutate. Huge spikes rupture from its sides, growing into the night's sky. Eventually, the spikes change, turning from bone-like to gelatinous tendrils. These shoot out, searching the nearby area for humans and Pokémon. As the tendrils come across their prey, they consume them, absorbing them into the body of the giant monster. Among the fallen is Butler's girlfriend, Diane.

Realizing the danger and mistake that he has made, Butler enlists the help of Satoshi, Masato and Jirachi. Reluctant, due to Butler's previous schemes, the trio eventually agrees. The plan is to use Jirachi to reverse the device's polarity, estimated to end the Meta Groudon threat. However, the giant monster is actively stalking Jirachi, hungry for his energy. As a result, Satoshi on Flygon and Butler on the dragon Salamence work to distract the creature. Eventually, Butler manages the machine, with the others assisting. Flygon and Salamence continue to attack Meta Groudon, although it shrugs off their fire based weapons. Eventually, the tendrils ensnare and consume both the dragon Pokémon.

As the twisted creature advances, Butler sacrifices himself to protect Jirachi. Shortly afterwards, the abomination leans onto the machine, preparing to crush it under its mass and absorb Jirachi. Instead, though, the psychic and steel Pokémon unleashes an incredible blast of energy. The attack fires into Meta Groudon, sending the creature flying backwards into the sky. The force of the attack eventually kills and disintegrates the creature.

With the evil being abolished, those it had consumed were freed.

Powers / Weapons
Absorbing Tendrils

Absorbing Tendrils

The mammoth creature could unleash tendrils from all over its body. Initially released from its claws, these tendrils could grab prey and funnel them into the fake Groudon's body. Once there, the dark beast would slowly drain their energy.

Meta Groudon could fire tendrils from 22 spots on its body. This included 7 tendrils on each side of its body and 4 from each of its hands. However, the creature usually relied on the tendrils from the sides of its body over its hand tentacles.

Essence Drain

Essence Drain

Simply being in proximity to Meta Groudon will have a negative effect. This is most pronounced on plant life, which withered and died as the giant creature walked nearby, having its energy sucked from the ground.

What if any effect this has on animals is unknown. Humans and Pokémon that got close, such as Flygon, never demonstrated pain from this encounter. It's possible the ill effects were reserved for vegetation or beings that were rooted in the ground.

Background and Trivia
  • Meta Groudon is never named during the course of the film, just noted that it's not a real Groudon after being created.