Dagahra ダガーラ ["Godzilla Anime"]

Dagahra ["Godzilla Anime" Series]

Height : 73 meters
Mass : 17,700 tons

Powers / Weapons

Flight; Barem


Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2017)

Series // "Godzilla Anime"


Near the end of November 2017, the United States Navy nuclear submarine Sea Wolf came into contact with a gigantic unidentified "kaiju" on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean, positioned 47 degrees 9 minutes south latitude, 126 degrees 43 minutes west longitude. After the Sea Wolf was forced to emergency rise due to its outer shell being damaged by the aggressive creature, the Pacific Fleet issued an alert, and a search began for the undersea monster named Dagahra.

Two weeks later, patrol aircraft spotted Dagahra in the East off the coast of Samoa. An attack command was issued for the USS Saratoga to engage, and the carrier deployed aircraft such as the Garuda 02 which released anti-ship missiles at the winged creature. However, the assault was prematurely called off due to the presence of Barem, an unknown type of bacteria housed within Dagahra’s body that was first discovered infecting the crew of the Sea Wolf. Three days later, the Barem that resulted from the USS Saratoga's assault hit Pago Pago Harbor in American Samoa, and one out of every three people died to the bacterial infection. While the command to cease the attack on Dagahra may have been the correct choice, there was no way of stopping the monster if it were to hit a more populated country without causing a pandemic.

Two weeks later on Christmas Day, the nightmare scenario would come to pass as Dagahra reappeared off the shores of Australia. However, it was left unchallenged for fear of dispersing more Barem in the water. The monster eventually landed in Sydney and demolished the city before moving on. Because Australian leadership had been dismantled and government functions were temporarily suspended, an attack order of unknown origin was issued amidst the confusion, and Dagahra was intercepted by the Australian army in Newcastle. Mortally wounded from the blitz, Dagahra escaped into the sky and died out at sea, where its body released huge quantities of Barem. The Australian waters were polluted in an instant, which consequently began crippling the natural environment. A large number of inhabitants on the East Coast of Australia suffered from symptoms of bacterial infection and were rushed to hospitals and other medical institutions, resulting in a pandemic on a day that would become known as the “Tragedy of Red Christmas”. In 2018 alone, victims of the pandemic and ensuing famine exceeded 3 million people.

With administrative functions eventually back in order, the Australian Provisional Government made the decision to abandon all cities on the Eastern coast of Australia. In turn, the Japanese government issued an emergency response, in which the inflow of infected people would be strictly checked at airports and harbors. It was also decided that foods imported from Australia after the appearance of Dagahra such as beef, processed foods, industrial products, and other goods were to be incinerated. While international communities attempted to reach out, their options were severely limited as the seas had become completely polluted and it was impossible to send foreign aid by boat. In the end, Australia became the second continent lost to the "kaiju" after Africa. The number of casualties resulting from Dagahra's terrestrial incursion and the Barem infection was estimated to be over 6.7 million people.

Powers / Weapons

Flight / Barem

While not demonstrated during its cameo, Dagahra is capable of flying using its two large wings. However, there are also theories that its ability to defy the laws of aerodynamics may actually be due to the manipulation of gravity.

Also housed within the monster's body is Barem, a highly-contagious bacterium that surfaces whenever Dagahra is physically injured. According to the WHO survey, the mortality rate of this bacterium is fairly high.

Background and Trivia
  • Dagahra's roar is heard across the various different languages that the movie was dubbed into, including English, Spanish, German and French. However, the roar is heavily overlapped by dialogue.
  • Its stats can be found in the Japanese newspaper Yukan Fuji Special Edition: Yukan Godzilla No. 2.
  • Though its movie appearance is merely a cameo, supplementary details were shared in the official tie-in prequel novel Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse (ISBN: 4041061814) by Renji Oki, with supervisor credit given to Gen Urobuchi, the lead writer for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2017).
  • The oddly specific coordinates where Dagahra was first spotted may be a reference to H.P. Lovecraft's short story, "The Call of Cthulhu". According to Lovecraft, the location is where the fictional lost city of R'lyeh - and prison of the cosmic entity, Cthulhu - rests.
  • The "USS Saratoga" (サラトガ - Saratoga) is a reference to the similarly-named aircraft carrier from Godzilla (2014), while the name "Garuda 02" (ガルーダ02 - Garuda02) may have been influenced by the Garuda from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993). Likewise, the virus "Barem" (ベーレム - Beremu) is a direct reference to the starfish-like kaiju created by Dagahra in Rebirth of Mothra II (1997).