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Godzilla Anime

      Monster Year Introduced
Kamacuras 2017
Dogora 2017


      Monster Year Introduced
Mew 1999
Mewtwo 1999
Meta Groudon 2003


      Monster Year Introduced
Giant Scorpion 2001


      Monster Year Introduced
Sonny-Steffan Nottsuo 1989
Baoh (Host Form) 1989
Baoh 1999
Toto 2002
Blob Men 2004
Calcifer 2004
Bird Howl 2004
Monster Birds 2004
Tadpole Monsters 2004
Star Children 2004
Mobile Fortress 2004

The year introduced refers to the first Toho related movie that featured the character. In the case of franchises like Pokémon, this can be after an episode had already debuted that featured the creature.