Yuji Kaida

Chris Mirjahangir: I'm talking today with renowned artist Yuji Kaida. Mr. Kaida recently created the cover for the book New Godzilla Walker; however, he is also on everyone's mind for his work on the Japanese poster for the upcoming movie Kong: Skull Island, which is part of the "Godzilla cinematic universe" that started with Godzilla (2014). On that note, happy to interview Mr. Kaida specifically on his work for this poster.

So with that said, like to ask my first question which is how did this project to create the poster come about?

[note: Mr. Kaida gave us his answers in English and Japanese]

Yuji Kaida: Production of the poster was received from Warner Japan 's publicity department. (ポスターの制作はワーナージャパンの宣伝部から依頼を受けました)

Mirjahangir: What was your inspiration, or inspirations, for the poster?

Kaida: Angry Kong and fierce monsters among helpless human beings. I tried to revive the exciting monster movie posters that I saw when I was a child.  (怒れるコングと凶暴な怪獣達と非力な人間です。私が子どもの頃に見たワクワクする怪獣映画のポスターを蘇らせようと思いました)

Mirjahangir: What materials were you given for creating the poster (concept art, set photos)?

Kaida: The trailer, which is open to the public, was the main material.  (ネットでも公開されている予告編が主な資料でした。)

Mirjahangir: Were you given full creative control for the poster?

Kaida: The rough placement of Kong and monsters was the idea of Warner Japan 's publicity department. I added Kong's destroying the UH - 1 helicopter, the burning skull, poses and some of the layout of monsters. (コングと怪獣達の大まかな配置はワーナージャパン宣伝部のアイデアです。私はコングがUH-1を破壊するアクション、燃える髑髏、怪獣達のポーズとレイアウトを加えました。 )

Mirjahangir: You recently met the film's director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. What was his initial reaction the poster and what was the meeting like?

Kaida: Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts liked my poster very much. He said that he wanted to display this poster for his daily life at his house. (ジョーダン・ボート=ロバーツ監督は私のポスターを大変気に入って下さいました。このポスターを生涯彼の自宅に飾りたいとおっしゃいました。 )

 Yuji Kaida Kong Skull Island Poster

Very special thanks to our friends at Gormaru Island for finding the very large size version of the poster to accompany this interview! Click the above image to see the full size version.


Interview: Yuji Kaida (2017)


Yuji Kaida has been an extremely active artist. His paintings, which cover everything from Godzilla to Gundam. His art has been used on a variety of merchandise for these properties, such as models and publications. In fact, entire books have been published around his work.

Date: 2/10/2017
Interviewer: Chris Mirjahangir


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