Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who helmed the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures movie Kong: Skull Island (2017), sits down once again with Toho Kingdom site director Chris Mirjahangir in this exclusive interview.

Chris Mirjahangir: For many fans, the most important interviews with those who created the films they love do not take place before the film comes out, it’s after. The promotional machine gives only so much information so as to not spoil the film but just enough to get you enticed enough to see it in theaters and it’s only after the film is out and in the minds and discussions amongst fans does the film really find its life.

This interview is very candid and extremely informative - although, at 2:30 and at 5:55 I gave somewhat abbreviated answers because the discussion could have gone on way longer than the allotted 20 minutes for the interview. Jordan has expressed interest in a deeper interview down the line which would be great because there were a lot more questions that fans had submitted that didn’t make the cut.

I’d like to thank Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Warner Bros. for this exclusive interview and for the fans who submitted the questions!

Interview conducted at Omni San Diego Hotel on July 22nd, 2017.

Interviewer/Camera/Editor: Chris Mirjahangir
Toho Kingdom Intro: Michal Shipman


Interview: Jordan Vogt-Roberts (2017)


Jordan Vogt-Roberts is an American film/television director and screenwriter, and director of the 2017 movie Kong: Skull Island. He helped co-write and direct the 2012 TV series Mash Up, and made his directoral debut with the 2013 film The Kings of Summer.

Date: 07/22/2017
Interviewer: Chris Mirjahangir


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