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Chris Mirjahangir: We are talking with IDW Publishing to discuss their new series on the King of the Monsters, Godzilla Legends. Starting off, will Godzilla begin acting like a "good guy" like in the Showa series and team up with some monsters, or will he continue to be solo and destructive?

IDW Publishing: You will see an unusual Godzilla team-up in Legends #4, but you'll also see normal solo-destructive Godzilla in Legends #1 and #5!

Mirjahangir: Legendary pictures is making a new Godzilla movie that scheduled to come out in 2012. Have you consulted with the production team at all, and are you planning to have your Godzilla Legends series tie into the new movie in some way?

IDW: There has been no contact with the movie production, and there will be no tie in to the 2012 film, at not least in 'IDW continuity'. We may or may not do the adaptation, we'll have to see when we get closer to the time. But back to Legends, there will be no tie in to any Godzilla continuity... these stories are intended to be 'lost tales' that may or may not have ever happened in any continuity.

Mirjahangir: The films have established several different continuities within the Godzilla universe. Does this series follow a particular one or does it follow its own?

IDW: See above.

Mirjahangir: What can you tell us about how the story or stories will play out? Will there be multiple stories, independent of each other, or one big story with a traditional beginning and end over the course of the entire comic?

IDW: Each story will tell it's own complete 'done-in-one' tale, independent of each other.

Mirjahangir: I would really like to know what inspired IDW to reawaken Godzilla after 7 years of rest. Also, does IDW believe in keeping with Godzilla's traditional character and style or do they think it's time to bring the Big G up to modern standards?

IDW: We've got some huge Godzilla fans in the office (Chris Mowry being the most notable example) and there was definitely Kaiju sized-void that needed to be filled in the comics world. Godzilla has always been changing with the times, be it in behavior or the Godzilla suit itself. Godzilla will evolve in our comics as well, but the concept of a giant, unstoppable monster is pretty timeless and doesn't need too much modernization.

Mirjahangir: What monsters will be part of it and would you like some suggestions from the fans?

IDW: You will see Anguirus, Destoroyah, Rodan, Titanosaurus, Hedorah, Mechagodzilla, and Kumonga in Legends!

Mirjahangir: Will the Gotengo make an appearance?

IDW: Nope! Great design though, it would be nice to find a spot for it...

Mirjahangir: What future story line plans do you have for Godzilla and the other kaiju and do you plan to have some of them having links with the movie series?

IDW: Our Godzilla comics will, by and large, be their own entity, separate from the films. That being said, you will continue to see some characters and references to classic Godzilla lore. 2012 will be a huge year for Godzilla comics, in every way building and improving on 2011. Legends in many ways will be our transition series between the two years. By the time Legends #5 hits the stands you should have an excellent idea of how different 2012 will be. Expect some big, substantial, exciting changes.

Mirjahangir: In addition to the monsters, do you have access to working with the human characters and organizations that appeared in the main series?

IDW: The main comic series, Kingdom of Monsters? But of course! But as stated, we'll be staying away from KOM continuity for Legends.

Mirjahangir: Do you sometimes well take into consideration the opinions of the fans to use as a basis to form up new story ideas?

IDW: We don't use specific story ideas, we've got our writers for that! But I (Bobby Curnow), do pay attention to the fan forums to get the general vibe of how things are or are not working.

Mirjahangir: If Godzilla Legends proves successful enough, will you consider on doing a "Godzilla Legends vol.2"? Also, how do guys feel after more than 8 months with Godzilla? Do you consider his return to comics a success?

IDW: I'd love to do more Legends, so if you do enjoy the series... get the word out! The more sales, the better the chance we'll do a volume 2! There's no doubt that Godzilla has been a gigantic success for IDW. We had an incredible launch, and sales remain strong. That being said, I do see areas that we could improve. I think the mysterious plans I referenced earlier for 2012 will address a lot of those things!


IDW Publishing

Founded in 1999, IDW Publishing is one of the major comic distributors in the United States and handles a variety of major licenses in the market including Transformers, Ghostbusters, True Blood and Star Trek. In 2010 the company licensed and begin releasing comics based on the Godzilla franchise. Their comics for the character including the ongoing Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters and the two mini-series runs for Godzilla Gangsters & Goliaths and Godzilla Legends.

Date: 11/16/2011
Interviewer: Chris Mirjahangir


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