Horror Movie Listing
Below is a list of all the Toho horror films. The genre is loosely defined by playing on fears and featuring sequences intended to startle or scare the viewer through gore or suspense with an often supernatural theme. This list is live action only, animated films are not included.

By default, the list is in chronological order for their Japanese release with Toho produced movies first. The international titles are listed when available.

Date      Title Type
1958 H-Man Produced
1963 Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People) Produced
1970 Terror in the Streets Produced
1970 Vampire Doll Produced
1971 Lake of Dracula Produced
1973 Horror of the Wolf Produced
1974 Evil of Dracula Produced
1977 House Produced
1991 My Soul Is Slashed (From Dracula with Love) Produced
1995 Haunted School Produced
1996 Haunted School 2 Produced
1997 Haunted School 3 Produced
1999 Hypnosis (The Hypnotist) Produced
1999 Haunted School 4 Produced
2000 Pyrokinesis (Cross Fire) Produced
2000 Ring 0 (Ringu 0) Produced
2000 Isola Produced
2000 Tales of the Unusual Produced
2004 Premonition Produced
2004 Infection Produced
2005 One Missed Call 2 Produced
2006 Rinne Produced
2006 Forbidden Siren Produced
2006 One Missed Call: Final Produced
2016 I Am a Hero Produced
1965 Kwaidan Distributed
1968 Kuroneko (The Black Cat) Distributed
1989 Kiss to Moonlight Distributed
1989 Sweet Home Distributed
1997 Parasite Eve Distributed
1998 Ring (Ringu) Distributed
1998 The Spiral (Rasen) Distributed
1999 Ring 2 (Ringu 2) Distributed
1999 Shikoku Distributed
2001 Pulse (Kairo) Distributed
2002 Dark Water Distributed
2004 One Missed Call Distributed

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