Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

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Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

Postby ScriptMaker12 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:43 pm


The Age of Monsters. The Era of Titans. The Never-ending War.* All of these titles have been applied to the years that followed when Godzilla first rose from the sea and lit Tokyo aflame. In the wake of his first attack, countless new monsters have risen up across the globe in the following years.*

Very few of these creatures are alike. You have flying ones like Rodan, insectoid creatures like Kamacuras, extraterrestrials like the Taligon, and downright mystical ones like the Torrentula. And then there are those that defy known science more then the others, like Gigan or Hedorah.

One could spend days talking about not only the beasts themselves, but the continent and world-changing events that they have had a heavy role in.

The Mechagodzilla Crisis of 1975. The day when three kaiju attacks occurred over the globes at once, a day where human civilization truly learned that it was not alone in 1977. The G War of 1987. The birth of the Biollante Forest's across the Middle East two years later. The Fall of Tokyo in 1995 that left the city a volcanic quarantine zone. The Oil Breach of 2011. That's just off the top of my head.

This collection could have easily been one huge timeline. It could have been a step by step description of every known attack.

But that has already been done. You can find timelines filled with every last sighting and full scale attack by an individual kaiju. Books have been written on the first battle of the Mechagodzilla Crisis alone.

That's why I've decided to write this after years of graphing footprint data and conducting interviews for Monarch, the North American K-Science division that has risen in prominence these last few years. To differentiate this book from other kaiju based media, I've decided to heavily line it with interviews from individual people. From military personnel to civilians, I've chosen to add a heavy human element, for lack of a better term. Brief timelines and event descriptions will be added as needed to shed light on mentioned material.

So sit back, relax, and you may just learn a thing or too about the amazing world we live in.

-S.G.R., Author and Monarch Agent

*I personally dislike the implication that human species and kaiju are locked in a eternal war. Yes, kaiju attacks can be devastating, but in time our civilizations may be able to adapt to them.

*Godzilla is not the very first kaiju in all of human history. Legends and historical evidence point to the existence of these titanic creatures long before Godzilla first attacked (Mothra, King Caesar, etc.) Nevertheless, Godzilla was the first to be seen and have his existence confirmed in the modern era, and he is also the one most races imagine when they think of kaiju.

Monarch File #1

"We were there in Tokyo on that day in 1954. We filmed away with our cameras from the top of Tokyo Tower as Gojira came out of the sea and walked through 300,000 volts of electricity. As he stomped his way through waves and waves of missile fire, we kept filming.

When Gojira unleashed his first blast of atomic fire from his maw, we kept filming.

As buildings collapsed and vehicles were flung through the air, we advised our listeners to evacuate.

We stayed.

As the city burned, we kept filming.

As Gojira walked up to the tower and stared at us with his burning eyes, we kept filming.

As he bit into the tower, close enough for us to feel his breath, we kept filming.

As the tower collapsed with us inside, we bid farewell to everyone still listening.

To this day, I don't know how we survived the fall, or why we didn't die of radiation poisoning.

What I do know is that someone has to be out there to let the world know when another monster comes ashore.

And as for Gojira himself, I can't help but pity him.

He was not evil by choice. He and the other monsters are simply too large, too heavy, and too strong. That is their tragedy."

Ishiro Honda, Director and Screenwriter in Toho Co., Ltd. Later Co-Founder of K-Watch. Excerpt from an interview in Osaka, 1963, in the aftermath of Godzilla's reappearance in and battle with the kaiju "Vishnu" in Osaka.

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Re: Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

Postby ScriptMaker12 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:44 pm

Monarch File #2

"After Gojira was thought to be dead after that day in Tokyo Bay, he returned to menace the world once again on June 26th, 1963. International panic and speculation ran through the roof. Was this another of his kind, or the original, healed from it's wounds? Most chose the first option. I do not blame them. The alternative, that the beast that set Tokyo aflame was able to regenerate his flesh from a skeleton in nine years, left terrifying implications.

If the Oxygen Destroyer couldn't kill him, what could we do?

Ultimately, DNA analysis and additional tests from the ESP Institute of Japan has proven without a doubt that the current Gojira is indeed the same individual from 1954.

This explains why he goes out of his way to attack human vehicles and buildings, why he is so aggressive to all perceived threats, why he tears through obstacles that other large animals would try to navigate around.

He remembers the sheer agony inflicted on him, and he knows that humans did this to him.

I am not just talking about the Oxygen Destroyer.

As for how he could have regenerated so quickly from his wounds, recent evidence may shed some light.

This old photo, photographer unknown, shows what may have looked at the time to be a reef floating in an ocean.

Take a close look. Does the shape of those "coral" spikes look familiar?

Another photo. It's rather blurry, but you can see more of the shape out of the surface. White material under the spikes, black strips of material on it.

Some may think it to the floating corpse of a dead whale at the time. But now? It's obvious who that is.

Gojira was mobile after getting exposed to the device, but barely. Strips of his flesh had begun to grow over his skeleton, but even so he was in no position to attack. By the look of things, Gojira was basically drifting with the current at this point, barely able to move himself.

My personal opinion? It should have taken far longer for Gojira to fully regenerate, perhaps into the early 80's at least.

But here is another significant detail: These photos were taken, judging from the location named on the back, on the Sukhoy Nos, an island on the Russian Novaya Zemyla archipelago.

The area was visited by some Monarch operatives who confirmed its similarities to the location in the photo.

The island was the same location where the Tsar Bomba was detonated by the Russian government on October 30th, 1961. It was the most powerful nuke ever detonated, with a yield of 50 Megatons.

To this day, there has been no bigger explosion in the modern era.

Gojira is a creature who feeds on radiation. You do the math.

The high amounts of energy given off the blast not only supercharged his healing, it may have been why his size increased by nearly 30 meters during his second raid.

This raises yet another question: Did Gojira just so happen to be in the area when the explosion went down, or did he know what would happen?

Some may point out the sheer unlikelihood of such a thing, but keep in mind that Gojira has shown an uncanny ability to hunt enemy kaiju across the world in the past, along with the fact that he always seems to show up where his presence would be most needed.

In fact, that shall be the next subject of this speech. We will discuss Gojira's alleged "Sixth Sense"-"

Marshall John McCain of the Kaiju Defense Force (KDF), at the UN summit in Kyoto, 2001.

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Re: Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

Postby ScriptMaker12 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:45 pm

Monarch File #3

"The Radioassic Age, of which we are just beginning to understand, is a geological era believed to have occured between the end of the Cretaceous period and the beginning of the Paleogene.

While this era, and fossils from it are still being investigated, what we do know has sent shockwaves through the world of paleontology: essentially, the dinosaurs did not go extinct after the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction and the Chicxulub impact. Yes, there was great dying off and some species never recovered. But there were those that survived and adapted to this environment.

Essentially, for a hundred thousand or maybe even a few thousands years but not reaching a million years, there was one last great reign of the dinosaurs after the KT Impact.

Species across the world adapted to the new, likely highly radioactive and volcanic environment. Among these species were large pterosaurs, incorporating magma into their scales and even their flesh. Others, like the tyrannosaurs, survived and adapted to not only become highly resistant to radiation and other forms of energy, but to feed on it in some capacity. Both of these species are believed to be the have evolved over later generations into the Rodan and Godzillasurus races. Other notable new dinosaurs include the Angilasaur, an omnivorous variant of ankylosaur, one with a high resistance to the high and low temperatures that fluctuated around the globe during this time period. Another creature is the Titanosaurus Mafune species, which incorporated traits of both sauropods and spinosaurs to live a highly aquatic lifestyle, far beneath the sea. The amphibious Godzillasaurus, future evolution of the Tyrannosaurs Rex was also known to be part of this "Return to the Sea"-


-The first decades of the era were likely something out of an old stop motion movie, with the surviving dinosaurs battling each other in a blackened wasteland filled with ashen rain and rivers of lava. But as time went on, the dinosaurs adapted more and more to their environment, and they weren't alone in these changes. Another important change was in plant life.

After years of the world looking like an inferno, the vegetation began to absorb radiation like a sponge, using it in the vein of sunlight. For the rest of the Radioassic, the world flourished once more under the radiation, a feat that will possibly take more then a few decades for us to understand.

Great jungles and forests sprung up, providing food sources for the adapted herbivores, and by proxy the old and new carnivorous species of the era. If you were to take a time machine and go the middle of this era, you would think the meteor had not impacted at all.

New species like the Shockirus louse, mistaken as a resurgent trilobite in 1954 by Kyohei Yamane, also came in to feed on the radiation resistant blood of semiaquatic creatures such as the Godzillasaurs.

Of course, the dinosaurs still disappeared with a few massive exceptions, but far later than previously expected.

So what happened?

The Graham Hypothesis states that radiation levels began to recede in the last years of the era, resulting in a large majority of megafauna heading deep beneath the earth to feed on or live in the radiation they had become dependant on near the core. Some of today's modern kaiju may indeed be remnants of this time who stayed close enough to the surface to be reawakened by the turbulence of the modern era.

Another school of thought believes that an extraterrestrial force caused the end of the Radioassic. It could have been something simple like an alien bacteria, or it could have been something far more dramatic, like a massive space faring predator or group of predators.

While the idea may sound over the top, the discovery of Taligon and the incursions of 1975 and 1987 prove that megafauna with the capacity of intergalactic travel are a very real threat.

Further adding to this alarmingly plausible theory is the recent investigation into the impact crater found in the North Pole, along with cave paintings of a prominent "Three armed Killer" from Muan and Infant Island theology-"

-Paleontologist Douglas Henshall, in the opening excerpt from the book Welcome to the New Age of Beasts, published in 2007.

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Re: Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

Postby ScriptMaker12 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:47 pm

Monarch File #4

-It's good business, I'll tell you what. Yeah, the vines here in Syria are snappy and might spew a little teeth and vomit now and then in the jungles of the Middle East. You've got those things that look like venus fly traps with a dental problem, those wriggling things made of animal bone and weed that shamble to you like the spawn of George A. Romero and bloody Poison Ivy, and then there's the big snake like ones that you need HLS's (Heavy Laser Saw's) deal with, but it's all in good fun and profit.

Hell, ever since that disaster in '89, everyone's been here to harvest the forest's. Turns out that once you give it a little DECOM treatment, this stuff is perfectly edible.

You had the Soviets being bloody paid by Saradian government to come here when the spread got really bad in exchange for being allowed to harvest the plant material, you had the Yankee's as expected, you had the Sons of Varan* and Maoist* troops from the Chinese City-states getting into firefights over this stuff, the French and my countrymen, just name it. Food, research material, containment, everyone wanted it.

Hell, plenty of people still want to harvest this stuff.

As for my regiment? Well, we get paid, and that's that.

But even if this entire monster forest disappeared, I have a feeling that me and my rifle won't be going anywhere.

There will always be people interested in the Middle East, mark my words.

-SAS Sergeant Chauncey Louis Boxer, from an interview with the KNN (Kaiju News Network) during the ongoing resurgence in growth of the Biollante Forest in Middle East. Interview conducted in Syria, 2003.

**The Sons of Varan and Maoists were among many ruling groups formed in the years of turmoil that lead to the creation of the currently six Chinese City-States formed in the aftermath of the kaiju Varan's initial attack in 1957, which claimed the life of Chairman Mao Zedong and many other leading figures in China at the time.



In the country of Saradia, in the Middle East, Scientist Genshiro Shiragami and his daughter Erika finish work on a rose spliced with G-Cells for the Saradian government on the first day of February. The goal of this experiment is to make a hyper-adaptive plant that can grow and create lush forests and jungles in a short amount of time in the dry deserts of the region. Shiragami chose a rose as a test subject due to it being the favorite plant of his deceased wife.

Rumors persist that he spliced some of her own DNA into his plant.

During an experiment with some mutated plants on Valentine's Day, the mutated rose grows out of control, rapidly growing vines with fanged mouths at their ends before increasing in size. Seeking water and protein, the organism attacks and kills multiple humans at the facility as it is evacuated. The Shiragami's escape.

The organism penetrates the outside of the facility with leaves and vines as it grows in size, but it does not leave. The Godzilla/Plant Hybrid begins drawing water from underground springs and containers to sustain itself. It then releases a massive wail, one detected by the ESP Institute of Japan psionically, with the call appearing on wavelengths identified by radio. The Institute sends a now 19 year old Instructor Miki Saegusa out as their chosen spokesperson to investigate, and perhaps attempt to communicate with the creature.

Godzilla is spotted in the Indian Ocean, heading to the Middle East. Children in the institute collectively have a nightmare of Godzilla fighting a massive crocodilian creature with plant like features in tendrils, and the institute concludes that the psionic signal sent out by the plant must be attracting him.

At the entrance of the Persian Gulf, Saegusa is deployed by KDF helicopter, in the first attempt to use psionics against Godzilla. She attempts to reach into the creatures mind and redirect his path, but she fails and nearly falls into a coma in the attempt.

As Godzilla enters the Persian Gulf, the hybrid creature, now named Biollante after a mythical Saradian Queen, burrows underneath the building and reappears in Lake Al-Rafsa'h. Multiple Nations demand the creature to be destroyed, while the Saradian government claims ownership over it, wanting to study it's properties and possibly contain it for it's plans to fertilize the desert.

Godzilla surfaces in the morning at Half Moon Bay, Saudi Arabia. Godzilla moves through the nearby city before advancing forwards to Saradia. Saudi Arabian and Saradian authorities focus on evacuating nearby villages and cities. KDF and local air forces fire on Godzilla from the skies in the hopes of luring him back to sea, but Godzilla ignores all military attacks and begins advancing to Lake Al Rafsa'h. Godzilla eventually reaches the lake at nightfall after advancing through Saradia itself. Biollante, after remaining under the lake, surfaces.

Godzilla stands on the shore, and after a wail from Biollante, he charges into the lake.

The two fight, with Biollante attacking with it's vines and tendrils. Godzilla retaliates with two blasts of atomic fire, quickly burning and severely reducing Biollantes mass.

Biollante dissolves into a lightshow of golden spores and pollen, half of which lands around the shore and surrounding area, causing spontaneous flower growth around the area.

Godzilla regards this phenomenon before turning to follow the golden spore cloud.

The next day, Godzilla crosses over into Iraq as he continues following the sporecloud, which has gone underground. Dictator Saddam Hussein decides to engage Godzilla with his military forces, despite the UN urging him to avoid doing so.

Godzilla ignores or stomps through any military forces in his way, advancing through several villages on the border in the days ahead.


Godzilla attacks a nuclear plant in Iraq before heading in a straight line through the Mediterranean Sea, and Saegusa psionically senses Biollante heading the same way.

Godzilla crosses into Syria, fortunately avoiding damage to any major population centers before he reaches the Mediterranean.

At the edge of the shore, Biollante remerges, now 120 meters in height compared to it's previous 85 meters, and with a massive crocodilian jaw in place of it's earlier rose-like head

They battle, far more even now, with Biollante displaying the ability to fire acidic flame from it's mouth and corrosive blasts of sap from it's tendrils.

After twenty of minutes of fighting, Godzilla fires his atomic breath directly into Biollantes mouth, blasting out the back of it's head before he blasts the top of it's head off with a point blank blast.

Biollante rapidly dissolves once more, sending a shower of spores over the nearby countries. Green plant life, including ferns, trees, and flowers, grow in large quantities in desert areas in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, the border of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Saradia over the night.

Godzilla watches as the glowing remains of Biollante disperse across the sky, then he walks into the nearby Mediterranean, disappearing under the waves.

KDF Europe goes into alert mode in the event of him coming ashore.

As the Shiragami's watch this event from the shore, their security detail is attacked by terrorists from Bio-Major, a Red Bamboo Subdivision, only for the would be assassin's to be killed when a vine suddenly emerges from underground, sending the machine gun equipped truck they were attacking with off a cliff.

The Shiragami's are sent into protective UN Custody for their safety.

The excessive, and at times directly aggressive plant growth that follows remains an ecological issue in the Middle East to this day.



In the Middle East, the rapidly growing "Biollante forests" begin expanding and utilizing fanged vines in self defense towards flamethrower troopers sent to combat the growth. In exchange for being allowed to analyze destroyed samples, the USSR assists ME forces in fighting the forests, with additional focus being on a way to harvest the vegetable material in an edible from.

Genshiro Shiragami begins working on project ANEB, with the objective of genetically engineering a bacteria strain that feeds on radiation, intended to clean up nuclear spills, with hopes for an oil spill eating strain in the future. The KDF and other military forces hope to use it to combat both the growing Biollante forests and the kaiju, specifically nuclear ones like Godzilla.


Work on Prototype Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria is successful in decreasing radioactivity of Biollante samples.


Explosive deployed ANEB is deployed in the Middle East with UN consent. It proves effective in combating the forest, and lowers the Biollante forests radioactivity to the point of rendering blown of fragments edible. Trade agreements over cleansed vegetable matter proves vital to repairing the damage wreaked by Godzilla's battle with Biollante and against the still growing forest.


Selling now edible radiation cleansed Biollante derived vegetables during the "Arab Spring" proves to be highly profitable to the Middle Eastern countries involved.

Multiple UN Nations sign the Kaiju-Human Gene Act of 1989, one made due to the kaiju related genetic incidents of the decade, amongst them the reveal of the Tian-Lung's origin as a genetic rogue creation of the Chinese government. This highly limits genetic research in kaiju or growth related areas, to prevent future monster outbreaks.

The Middle East is allowed to continue harvesting K-Material from the B-Forest, but they can not deliberately increase the forest's growth genetically.

Thus ends the massive "Genetic Renaissance" of the 1980's.

-From the Official Timeline of the Age of Monsters, published by the KDF in 2004 and updated yearly since then.

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Re: Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

Postby ScriptMaker12 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:49 pm

Monarch Letter #5: (Monster Islands Part 1)

1966: Discovery of the island chain that would later serve as the Monster Island archipelago. Notable native species include a race of heavily armored dwarf Carnotaurs, Rhinoceros Snapping Turtles (With one particularly hardy specimen being called Kamoebas.), and quad-tusked Styracoboars.

1975: Shortly after the massive Battle of Accra, the infamous year ends with the biggest expedition on the Monster Islands yet, with the Prototype Mecha Red Ronin as a bodyguard and escort. More megafauna, like the slitjawed Boar Mole and the Scorpion Snakefish are discovered. Ruins resembling those in Mu are discovered, hinting at past human colonization on the islands. The Monster Islands Research and Containment Facility is established on these islands.

1976: Reports of Tyrannosaurs with amphibious features and prominent dorsal spines are reported on the Marshall Islands, with fishing boats being attacked and a cattle farm being raided.

A G-Force investigation reveals the presence of two five meter (male) adolescents and one fifteen meter (female) adult dinosaur, identified by Kyohei Yamane as members of the Godzillasaurus species. It is believed that Godzilla was once a member of this species before he was mutated and enlarged by nuclear testing in the 1950's.

The adolescents are successfully tricked into eating a shipment of tranquilizer laced whale meat. The larger female is battled by Red Ronin, and despite the size disparity between her and the 30 meter Mecha, she manages to pierce it's chest armor before being pacified by a rocket punch to the head.

The three Godzillasaurs are taken to the Monster Islands Containment Facilities as the islands first successful lesser kaiju captures.

They are placed on separate islands to prevent the female from attacking and killing what she would view as young rivals to her territory.

The male adolescents are given the names Cope and Marsh, while the female is named Tohru in reference to the green coloration of her scales resembling that of an ancient dragon of legend.

Excess Cattle, Goat, and Emu Herds are shipped from the USA and Australia to keep the creatures fed.

It goes without saying that all three specimens are to be kept away from all sources of nuclear power.


Note: Much of this information was classified at the time. Information unclassified around 2007 shall be stated in italics.

Monster Island has had no barriers for years, with the best hope being that the kaiju on the island would simply be uninterested in leaving. To better work on the islands defenses, the KDF secretly hires magicians and other magical specialists elite builders to assist in building better defenses. A blockade of Maser ships is placed around the island. A network of electric gates around the area is also worked on and completed by 1992. Said Gate involves the use of teleportation runes forcefield tech from Mu to draw lightning from the sky, creating what is essentially a wireless electric fence. The media is told that said fence is based on "experimental forcefield tech" to preserve the secret of magic until the official implantation of Scenario: Broken Masquerade years later. Meanwhile, a gas developed from venom glands found in the severed heads of Ouroboros are also used to develop a gas spraying security system around the shore, one meant to act as the first line of defense before the forcefield. Initial tests manage to ward off Saltora and Baragon.

-From the Official Timeline of the Age of Monsters, (2005 Edition)

Current Headcount as of 1995-2004:

Monster Island Head Count:

Three Megafauna




Eight Kaiju:








-Prospector Pete




Headcount as of 2013-Now

Two Megafuna:



Seven Kaiju:











-From the 2015 Official Guide to Monster Island.

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Re: Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

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Monarch File #6

Date: 10/22/2012

With his mustache, steely gaze, and stout, muscly form, Commander Douglas Gordon* of the KDF is very recognizable when I find him in the gym of KDF-NA headquarters in Orlando, Florida. I then proceeded to attempt to conduct a Monarch-approved interview with him.

When I asked him for his thoughts on Godzilla, this was his one and only response.

"The lizard pulls new powers out of his ass all the time. That doesn't mean we can't make him bleed."

Following this statement, he went back to lifting weights and ignored all further questions.

*Promoted to the role of Captain of the Gotengo following the death of his predecessor, Commander Hachiro Jinguji** in 1987, Gordon served with distinction and was later promoted to the position of Commander in the KDF for his service in OPERATION: TBTS (Take Back The Sea) following the Panthalassa Sea Outbreak of 1988. He has been demoted and promoted since then for actions both on and off the battlefield.

**Killed In Action.


1972: OPERATION FROSTBITE: Attempt by Kaiju Defense Force to neutralize Godzilla by luring him to the North Pole, where a massive missile launch is planned to cause an avalanche on top of him to force him into a state of dormancy.

Gotengo played a major role in the operation with it's drill.

Mission Failed

First recording of Godzilla's nuclear pulse. Despite the damage incurred in battle, the heat generated by the Gotengo's weaponry saved the lives of personnel in the water. (Either pilots whose ships crashed, or crew whose battleships were destroyed in the battle.)



A plan to lure Godzilla into the chosen Volcano of Mt. Mihara to kill(Unlikely due to Yiemniak incident, but it should be noted he was not completely submerged in magma at that point) or contain him inside the mountain.

Outline: Godzilla will lured into the volcano by audio of the vocals of another of his species, created from spliced audio of his own roars and Tohru's. Godzilla will be lured to the top, where explosives will be detonated around the mouth of the volcano, dropping him inside of it.

Godzilla is spotted approaching Tokai, lure used. Godzilla leaves the area and is lured to the top of Mihara. Explosives detonated.

Mission Failed: Godzilla escaped within half an hour with atomic breath.

First demonstration of Godzilla's ability to absorb thermal energy.

Isu Oshima evacuated.

Gotengo dispatched.

Godzilla used stored thermal energy from the magma to nullify the effects of the Ice Cannon, as well as beat it in a "beam clash".

Luckily, the fight with the Gotengo seemed to "sate" Godzilla, who returned to the bottom of the sea as usual. Red Ronin dispatched to bring the damaged Gotengo back to G-Base.


"Plenty of people want to destroy the kaiju. Others want to study these creatures. Everyday, more and more innovation goes into weapons and devices that can be used against the giants.

But where everyone obsessives over the future of a world with monsters, I try to look to the past to understand them. Their lives before first contact with humanity, what kind of ancient ecosystems they once fit into. In the case of mutants, I want to understand just how and why they became the giants they are today.

One monster certainly comes to mind: Godzilla.

For those knew to the subject of Megazoology, Godzilla is known to be a mutated Godzillasaurus. Three of these ancient creatures are currently kept on Monster Island, and questions about how they survived from the end of the Radioassic Period to the Modern Age can be applied to Godzilla as well.

One would logically assume that Godzilla was "Born" in the modern era in some deep trench, before the nuclear tests* believed to have created him occurred and transformed him from a Sea Reptile to a towering Titan. Observations of the Monster Island Godzillasaurs and fossil indicates that the creatures had a high resistance to radiation naturally, but presumably not to the extent of something on the level of a Nuclear Bomb. Yet, Godzilla's cells must have reacted with the bomb at just the right distance, for lack of a better term. To give an extended explanation of the hypothetical physics involved-


However, the hypothesis of Godzilla being born decades before the nuclear era has been met with heavy evidence to the contrary. Dating back to centuries are paintings from Odo Island and surrounding islands depicting an adult Godzillasaurus swimming around and sometimes coming onto land. Accounts exist of it attacking whales, schools of fish, and in one notable instance, a Mongol Raiding party can be found in myths and legends amongst native populations. Other accounts of it stretch to the Marshall Islands. The remains of a an old wooden ship of ancient Mongolian Build were recently found as a matter of fact near the waters of Odo Island. The Godzillasaurus in these legends is depicted as being dark in color, and having three prominent scars. One on the chest, one on the side, and one above it's left eye.

The ESP's research projects that involved attempts to communicate with kaiju, like Rodan and Godzilla went as well as you'd expect, but they did result in the Psychic agents involved getting brief flashes of memories to the Radioassic Period, of which the famed Miki Saegusa claimed to have witnessed a first person battle between Godzilla and another large predator from his point of view for less then a minute. While that story is another can of worms, it confirms that the individual animal who would become Godzilla was alive for not just hundreds, but possibly millions of years.

If this is true, the Godzilla himself barely aged since the time between the end of the Radioassic and his first encounters with humanity. One could justify this with excessively long hibernation times, but even so, such a creature would have died of energy loss if it hibernated so long. This trait has been mainly found in Kaiju and in more supernatural organisms.

Yet Godzilla had such longevity based traits long before Castle Bravo, if we take this into account.

The population on Monster Island does clearly age by contrast. Marsh and Cope went from Juveniles to full grown adults with a decade. Tohru has begun to show signs of old age typical amongst other large predators. Yet Godzilla was still in his prime for eons.

Then there is the most infamous account of the Godzillasaurus, the Shindo and Spielberg reports. I shall activate the recording on the screen behind me. Please be silent for the duration.

During a battle between American and Japanese forces in World War II on Lagos Island-


-seeing the soldiers as intruders to it's territory, the "Dinosaur" attacked. The old scars on it's body, in descriptions given by Yasuaki Shindo, Arnold Spielberg, and other enlisted troopers, along with it's estimated height match known lore surrounding Gojira on Odo Island-


"Shindo described it being unbothered by gunfire as it jumped across the mud to get at the soldiers-

-"Our grenades just made it angrier-"

"Knocked over our tank, seemed to realize that we were a threat very quickly, tore off the treads after knocking us over-

-"Major Spielberg and his CO immediately started yelling for everyone to fire when it came out of the jungle-"

-"After it got hit by those battleship shells, it fell. We thought it was dead. Suddenly it leapt up and seized Ramirez and Blasko in it's jaws. Sonofabitch was pretending to be dead"-

"It actually knocked one of our rockets back with it's tail before escaping into the jungle-"

-"Major Shindo and the rest of us found it resting in some grass, blood still on it. Shindo walked up to it and-"

"As I finished saluting him, the look in the dinosaur's eyes was not that of some beast, but of an intelligent being just like me and my men. To this day, I regret leaving it-"


Here is my conclusion, after years of speculation and research.

The original Godzillasaurus, before it's mutation, was long-lived far beyond any other known indiviudals of it's species. It was capable of feats of strength and durability exceeding other animals of that size.

Simply put, Godzilla was an abnormal specimen long before the nuclear tests that mutated him in 1954.

-Professor Kenji Ando at G-Fest XX on June 19, 2013. Copies of the lecture exist online in multiple streaming and educational sites. Redundant parts have been redacted for brevity.

*Specifically Castle Bravo.

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Re: Godzilla: The Monarch Files [Multi-Cross]

Postby ScriptMaker12 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:54 pm

Interlude: The First Wave

1954: Godzilla. Tokyo, Japan. First and only deployment of the Oxygen Destroyer.

1956: Meganulon. Rio, Brazil.

1956: Rodan. Albay, Philippines.

1957: Varan. Beijing, China.

First Kaiju attack to result in the death of a world leader, with Chairman Mao Zedong eaten by the creature during a last stand.

1959: Sasori the Giant Scorpion and Pancho Villa, the giant Gila Monster. Texas, USA.

First instance of a kaiju attack on North American soil, and first instance of a medium scale kaiju being brought down on foot.*

*It should be noted that Villa was already injured by the slightly larger Sasori beforehand, with it's open wounds being key to it's eventual defeat by high explosives. Sasori itself later escaped underground and remained at large until the 1980's.
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