Respect Zilla (RoE)

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Respect Zilla (RoE)

Post by Kiryu2012 »

My most wanted fight ever is Discord vs Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.
Godzilla has a regen like Wolverine, a skin like Luke Cage, a hero aura like Captain America, a strength like Hulk, an unstoppability like Juggernaut, an immortality like Deadpool.

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gigan72 wrote:
Kiryu2012 wrote:Stopped someone from committing suicide
Holy poop man.

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Re: Respect Zilla (RoE)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

This guy was a legit badass. I cheered for him when he reappeared in the final volume to skreeonk some fools up.
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Re: Respect Zilla (RoE)

Post by Voyager »

Kiryu2012 wrote: Sun Mar 14, 2021 4:31 pm -Shrugged off missiles that visibly hurt Godzilla

As for him “shrugging off” those missiles, you can see that he was visibly in pain when it hit his neck, and the rest didn’t even hit him.
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Re: Respect Zilla (RoE)

Post by Breakdown »

I'm genuinely curious as to whether or not Zilla from ROE could take on GTS Godzilla. GTS Godzilla might have an advantage with his ray, but we see here that Zilla seems hyper-aware of his enemie's movements even when distracted, so it's not unfeasible that he can just evade them.
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Re: Respect Zilla (RoE)

Post by JAGzilla »

'Completely unharmed' by anti-kaiju gunfire is a stretch. He clearly didn't like it, and Woods said it was pushing him back. I guess it didn't do any real damage, though.
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