K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

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K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by KaijuX »



Author: Venom 2009
Word Count: 2,610 words
Posted: October 19th, 2019


Night fell, with the shining moon high over Raccoon City as it was plunged into chaos. The Umbrella Corporation had created a virus that had infected the city. It was known as the T-virus, and it turned people into the living dead. When it started, the zombies were attacking and eating people, the living had tried to fight the walking corpses but were outmatched and outnumbered. The zombies weren’t the only ones terrorizing the city; the Umbrella Corporation had also created other monsters that were running loose. Some of the citizens were able to escape the city, but others weren’t so lucky. People had locked themselves in their homes to stay safe.

Throughout the city, zombies were walking on the streets, looking for anything to eat. But then the zombies stopped moving when the ground began shaking. A row of buildings came crumbling down, killing the living and the dead within them, along with the rubble crushing the walking corpses that were around the structures.

Anguirus came out of the ground and let out a loud roar that echoed throughout the cityscape. Looking around the city, he saw how decayed it had become. When the zombies spotted Anguirus, they saw the ankylosaur as one big meal, and began shuffling towards him.

Anguirus looked around to see he was surrounded by humans as they were moving towards him. Normally the small humans would never approach him, and his sense could tell him that something was gravely wrong with these humans. They didn’t pose much of a threat, but the kaiju stood ready, staring down at them. Waiting.

But the ground began shaking again. The zombies stopped moving, and they along with Anguirus looked around to see what was happening. Far away from Anguirus, another creature came out of the ground. The Monster from the Deep crawled out of the hole he made and let out a roar for all of Raccoon City to hear. Yongary had risen.

Yongary spotted Anguirus, he already didn’t like the dinosaur, letting out an angry roar at the hard-shelled reptile. Not only did Yongary’s roar make Anguirus angry, the horned monster looked like a poor imitation of his friend, Godzilla. Anguirus was furious, he roared back at Yongary, and his anger made him forget about the zombies.

The zombies themselves began moving again. Half of the horde was moving towards Yongary, while the other half continued to move towards Anguirus. The Monster from the Deep noticed the zombies, but was more focused on the spiked monster. Without warning, both Yongary and Anguirus charged at one another.

While the two monsters were running towards each other, they crushed swathes of zombies under their gait. When they got close to one another, Anguirus rammed his head against Yongary’s stomach, flooring the creature. Anguirus got onto Yongary's body and bit into the kaiju’s neck. Yongary screeched and tried to pry the ankylosaur’s jaws off him.

As the monsters were wrestling on the ground, the zombies were climbing onto their bodies. The zombies were clawing and biting the monsters’ flesh. But the reptiles’ bodies were too thick for the zombies to do anything towards them. Yongary put his feet under Anguirus’ body and kicked the four-legged monster off his body. Anguirus howled as he fell on his back, his shell crushing another horde of zombies.

Yongary got up, using his hands and tail to knock all the zombies off his body. Yongary raised his foot up and stomped down on Anguirus’ stomach. Anguirus moaned in pain, unaware of the zombies being squashed underneath on his soft underside.

Yongary stopped stomping on Anguirus as he felt something on his left leg. The red-eye monster looked at his left leg and was shocked to see ten giant spiders were crawling on his body! The arachnids began biting into Yongary, causing him pain! Yongary quickly scooped his right hand down and grabbed a spider off his body, crushing it with his hand. The brown monster swiped his other hand, batting another spider towards a building.

Shocked at the sudden appearance of the spiders, Anguirus nonetheless took this opportunity to be free. Using his hands to grab Yongary's right leg, he began to turn his body to his left side. Yongary lost his balance and fell, crushing a building. Anguirus got back up on all fours, he heard something on his back. Anguirus was surprised to see on his carapace, there were humans that were still alive with his spikes stabbed through their bodies, still desperately trying to consume his flesh.

Three of the giant spiders were killed by Yongary's fall, but the remaining arachnids left the fallen beast as they made their way towards Anguirus. The dino easily crushed one of the spiders, but the rest of them jumped onto his body, and began biting him. The spiders weren’t the only ones attacking as more zombies climbed onto Anguirus, trying their best to rip his thick skin. Anguirus roared angrily, thrashing violently to throw the horde off him.

Yongary got up and watched Anguirus fighting off the zombies and spiders on his body. The brown kaiju opened his mouth and sent out a wave of fire at Anguirus. The spiked monster shrieked in agony as the fire washed over his body, the flames burning away the zombies and spiders.

Desperate to stop the flames, he curled himself into a ball, and rolled towards Yongary. Anguirus slammed Yongary to the ground, mowing his spikes into Yongary’s body. Clambering back to his feet, Yongary spotted Anguirus wheeling around to ram him again. Before Anguirus could reach him, Yongary smashed his tail against the rolling kaiju. Anguirus crashed down on a building, uncurling as he was buried in rubble.

Yongary roared as he marched towards the fallen Anguirus. On the street, a huge swarm of zombies were in front of Yongary, eager to consume flesh, only for the horde to be crushed underneath the kaiju’s foot. Anguirus stood up on all fours and turned his head to see Yongary was moving towards him. Just as Yongary was about to reach Anguirus, the dinosaur jumped backwards with his carapace slamming, stabbing the two-legged kaiju. Yongary roared in pain and was knocked down onto his back. Anguirus turned around to face Yongary and use his mouth to bite into Yongary’s leg. Yongary shrieked, raising his other foot to beat away at Anguirus’ head, trying to get his leg free, but Anguirus refused to let go of him. So Yongary did the next best thing, his horn glowing and firing a laser. Anguirus let go of Yongary's leg and roared in pain, stumbling back as the laser cut deeply into his forehead.

Anguirus was going to attack Yongary again until he heard hissing sound to his right. The ancient dinosaur looked to see what it was, only to have a giant snake wrap itself around his neck. Anguirus grabbed the snake with hands and tried to get his neck free from the serpent. Yongary got up from the ground and saw Anguirus busy fighting the snake, raising his foot and slamming it into the other kaiju’s head, flipping him on his back.

Yongary was about to attack Anguirus again when a missile exploded against his back. The red-eyed beast turned around to see what had attacked him. On top of a building stood one of Umbrella’s ultimate weapons: Nemesis. Nemesis fired its machine gun at Yongary, but the only thing it succeeded in doing was annoying the Creature from the Deep. Yongary looked back at Anguirus and saw the ankylosaur was still fighting to get his neck free from the snake with strangled, gasping cries. Yongary grabbed Anguirus by his tail and swung the dinosaur up through the air, Anguirus slamming down onto the building, killing Nemesis along with destroying the structure in its entirety.

The snake unwrapped itself from Anguirus’ neck and launched itself at Yongary. Yongary was able to grab the snake with his hands in midair, and while the snake tried to get free, Yongary held the serpent close to his horn. The snake hissed angrily as Yongary’s horn laser sliced through its head, killing it instantly. Yongary threw the dead snake away, and he was about to turn towards his fallen opponent when he heard a noise. Yongary turned around to see a swarm of zombies were making their way towards him. Yongary snarled in irritation at the stubborn humans.

When the zombies got closer, a wave of fire tore from his mouth onto the walking dead. The flames’ heat melted or incinerated the horde instantly. The zombies kept on trying to get to Yongary, but only to burn as their bodies were sacrificed up to the flames, Yongary only stopping when the entire horde was nothing but ash. Unknown to Yongary, Anguirus was already back up. Anguirus rammed his head against Yongary’s back, causing Yongary to collapse down on the still burning corpses. Yongary snarled angrily, pushing himself up and wiping the disgusting mess from his body.

Anguirus reared back to attack again, only to have Yongary's spiked tail hit him across his head, blood splattering from freshly formed cuts on his head. Yongary was going to use his tail to hit Anguirus again, but Anguirus clamped his jaws around the tail. Anguirus yanked viciously at Yongary’s tail, trying tp rip it off. Yongary spun around with his tail and launched Anguirus through the air, sending the kaiju tumbling down the streets.

After Anguirus stopped, Yongary charged towards him. Anguirus got back up and jumped towards the incoming Yongary. The four-legged sailed past Yongary shell first, carving gashes into the creature’s arms. Anguirus landed on the street and wheeled around to face Yongary. The Monster from the Deep whipped around and fired his horn laser, cutting another deep gash into Anguirus’s arm.

The spiked kaiju used his claws to tear apart the street and within seconds, Anguirus had disappeared into the earth. Yongary was shocked to see another kaiju that could burrow, and the red-eyed kaiju walked towards the hole and bent down to look inside of it. Yongary saw no signs of Anguirus as the hole was too deep. But one thing Yongary did notice was water was going down into the hole as Anguirus had dug through the sewers. Before Yongary knew it, a giant alligator burst out of the sewer water, and used its jaws to bite his bottom lip. Yongary recoiled in shock and clamped his hands down on the gator, trying to pry his mouth free.

Bursting up from the left, Yongary felt more pain to his body as Anguirus bit his left leg, but it was brief as a group of disgusting, muscle-like creatures with brains and giant tongues latched onto Anguirus. The Lickers used their jaws and claws to maul Anguirus’s face and while Anguirus still had his hold on Yongary, he closed his eyes to keep them safe from the Lickers and used his forelimbs to bat the creatures away. No matter how hard Anguirus tried, the Lickers would just jump back onto his face and continue their merciless assault.

Yongary pried his mouth free from the alligator, and the brown monster used the alligator as a weapon to beat away at Anguirus' face, crushing most of the Lickers underneath the make-shift weapon. The surviving Lickers jumped away from Anguirus' face as the creature finally let go of Yongary’s leg, burrowing back into the earth. Unwilling to let his opponent escape again, Yongary heaved another gout of flames down at the hole. Anguirus bellowed in agony as the flames washed over his body. Even the remaining Lickers that were near the hole were flash-fried by the heat. Yongary finally stopped his assault, peering down at the burned hole and seeing no sign of his opponent. Unsure whether his opponent had fled or was in a safe place, before he could pursue a loud demonic caw filled his ears.

Yongary looked and saw up in the sky there was a large flock of crows, ones that had been tainted by the city. To them, Yongary was the meal of a lifetime. Yongary forgot all about Anguirus and fired shots of his laser horn at the oncoming flock. The beams were cutting and vaporizing the zombie crows, but no matter how many of the birds were getting killed, the flock kept on coming. Soon the crows reached Yongary and swarmed the Creature from the Deep. Yongary tried to use his hands to swipe the birds away, only to have more of them attacking him.

The giant monster opened his mouth to send a stream of fire at the crows. Some of the birds were either burned away to ash or falling onto the street as unmoving burning corpses. There were crows that were caught on fire, flying around in the sky, until they slammed against buildings, or crashed to the ground. The remaining crows tried to find ways to get Yongary, only to get blocked or burned by the fire.

Far away from behind Yongary, Anguirus had burst out of the ground. Noticing his opponent’s plight, he saw a perfect opportunity to attack. He charged forward, curling up into a ball again and using the extended distance to gain momentum.

After minutes of exhausting his flame breath, all the crows were finally dead. The horned monster’s victory against the vertebrate zombies was cut short as he heard rumbling behind him. Yongary turned around in time to see the rolling Anguirus jumping into the air. Before Yongary knew it, Anguirus uncurled in midair and slammed viciously down on Yongary. With a sickening crack, his jaw, horn, and neck were broken in one vicious attack.

Anguirus turned around and saw Yongary was miraculously still alive, but unable to move. Blood poured out of the broken mouth of the creature, and Yongary struggled to stand, pain seizing through his body as he realized he was paralyzed. Anguirus thought about finishing Yongary off, until he saw a swarm of zombies were making their way towards the fallen monster. Within seconds the zombies gorging themselves on the fallen kaiju.

Anguirus stared at the sight in silence before the sound of rabid barking caught his attention. A pack of zombie dogs were running Anguirus and he spun around and used his tail to knock the pack up into the air, the dogs splattering harshly against the road. Anguirus had enough of this. He was getting tired of everything in this city attacking him. Anguirus decided to leave Yongary's fate to these sick humans. The ankylosaur dug his hands into the ground, and within seconds disappeared into the earth.

There was nothing Yongary could do as he watched the zombies tear away at his body. The only thing Yongary could do was close his eyes and wait for death to take him away from this pain.
Hours later, the sun was shining down on Raccoon City when Yongary finally opened his eyes. A cold and dark stare, the look of the dead. Zombie Yongary rose slowly, looking around the ruined city for a meal that could sate his new hunger. But the only thing he saw were zombies and other infected creatures roaming the city.

The zombie monster’s hunger was growing and knowing that nothing in this city could provide nourishment, he tunneled through the earth. The zombie kaiju was going to search for another city, and hopefully within it, find fresh meat for him to eat. His reanimation had not stripped him away of his memories, and one day he would hope to find the creature that had killed him.

And consume him whole.
Anguirus (Showa)
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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by Gigantis »

Well i accidentally ended up skipping to the end :lol:
Seeing a monster become a zombie is kinda cool,i guess. I don't know i'm just mostly sick of zombies at this point.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by GmkGoji »

Cool fight, also zombies are always cool.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by soulgodzilla »

This is an alright match so far, its short and all. Kinda wished that theres a human story where Jill and Carlos are trying to get away from the Kaiju fight, all while the zombies and Nemesis are after them.

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tyrantgoji wrote:Well i accidentally ended up skipping to the end :lol:
Seeing a monster become a zombie is kinda cool,i guess. I don't know i'm just mostly sick of zombies at this point.
And after witnessing Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, I can understand why. :lol:
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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by SoggyNoodles2016 »

Eh. It's alright.
TBH, besides the zombie kaiju tease, this really didn't feel like it needed to be in Raccoon City.

Though I will admit, the idea of two kaiju battling and having to basically shove off other monsters attacking them is comedic genius.

They could talk to each other?

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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by UltimateDitto »

It was good, a nice short match, really liked how the zombies and other creatures played into the fight as hazards. I do agree that a story with the humans would have been nice, but I can understand why that wasn't done.

A nice 3/5! :D
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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by FatBaconUnicorn »

This was an intresting entry. Glad to see these two and the idea of a zombie Kaiju was really cool. Really glad to have read this.

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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by shippersdreamer »

I remember this being longer when editing this, but I still stand that it was a fun story! Raccoon City's normal inhabitants making a nuisance of themselves was really fun.
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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by TitanoGoji16 »

Fun fight, Venom! I liked how the various zombies and Umbrella creatures kept annoying the two kaiju as they tried to have a nice fight without interruption.
Nemesis' brief appearance got a good laugh out of me. "IT WAS HIM. NEMESIS. UMBRELLA'S ULTIMATE WEAPON." *crush*
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Re: K.W.C.E. #49 - Anguirus vs. Yongary (1967)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Hell yeah! This was a very fun return to the KWCE! It was a very long wait, but worth it!

And Anguirus proves himself to be a badass once more. If only the main characters of Resident Evil could’ve witnessed the fight. :mrgreen:
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