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For the discussion of non-Toho monster media, tokusatsu franchises, and also for mixed discussion of Toho and non-Toho kaiju media.
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Re: General Gamera Thread

Postby LSD Jellyfish » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:44 pm

Im weighing watching Gamera Gaurdian of the Universe, or vampire doll after getting lunch today. I’d always prefer to watch something new, but I’m considering saving some horror films for October.
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Re: General Gamera Thread

Postby Vakanai » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:23 pm

Terasawa wrote:If the big films flop though what incentive does a studio have to license another property at all? Rampage, The Meg, and even Power Rangers at least were made and released before KOTM disappointed.

The only way I think we'll see an American Gamera is if GvK is a big success. And even if it underperforms I think we could see one if the property was licensed before that event, but I think the other studios are waiting out what happens with that film before looking to other potential monster films.

1. Sure they were made before KOTM, but they were also made after Godzilla, Kong, and PacRim 1 were successful. And now Rampage and The Meg are successes. There is some wiggle room here to argue for moderate budgeted films even if KOTM flopped.
2. Why on earth should we assume GvK is going to flop? The circumstances are very different.
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