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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by Dawsbfiremind »

SenseiTeriyakiV wrote:... Am I vision?

Let's see...yep.
Here's the list:
Teriyaki- Vision
goji89 (with scumbag hat)- Rocket
Godzilla165- Thor
SpceG- Captain America
Arbok- Iron Man
Me- Dr. Strange
Mechagoji- Wong
Gfan1954- Falcon
Vatarian- Scarlet Witch
NSZ- Black Widow
GvJ- Black Panther
GodEmperorGabara- Bucky
LC- Star Lord (the chick in his sig is Gamora)
Kanuck- Nebula (I ran out of female members allright?)
Gfan1990s- Hulk
Zarm- Groot
KaijuX- Drax
Giratina- Mantis
Ditto- Spiderman
Tomzilla- War Machine
JAGzilla and TheSecondComing- Two people at the bottom left whose names escape me
TLK- floating in midair. I guess he's Hawkeye or Ant-Man or something
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goji89 wrote:
Dawsbfiremind wrote:People have asked me how I can want to be a writer
With skills like this......I wonder too.
MechaGoji Bro7503 wrote:Holy mother of Bagan we actually are stuck in limbo.
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Age of Monsters - A Hypothetical Television Series

Post by anzilla »

Hello all! I've been thinking about sharing this idea for awhile, I've even posted on here before to gauge the interest in it. Well, I've decided to indeed share it with you all here on the forum!

I used to have this mental activity, a way of exercising my creative impulses when I didn't have the time, resources, or opportunity to make my own, original art. This activity was structuring out and writing television series bibles. Series regulars and recurring characters, glossaries, and episode guides, I'd write them all in a generalized form. I did ones for a new Star Trek series, several Star Wars series, live-action Gundam and Transformers series, I made a lot in my high school years. (It also helped me cope with the stress of being a bullied dork.) My Godzilla series, called Age of Monsters, benefited from my coming back to it briefly in 2014 after the Legendary reboot hit theaters, so its episode list, while not complete, actually reflects better ideas, in my opinion.

The idea of this show is that it takes from all corners of the franchise history, with characters from the Dark Horse comics, combined with story ideas from films, novels, comics, animation, everywhere. Remember; I'm not seeking to create an original piece of fan fiction--this is more me stretching my creative muscles by imagining new spins on existing concepts and tales. Best to imagine this series as coming from an alternate universe where the producers were able to secure the rights to remake all of these ideas, or perhaps a universe where they didn't originally exist until now.

I'll start soon with the series intro and characters, along with just a bit of the backstory, just enough to orient the viewer (reader?) before I begin dropping detailed episode summaries, once every week-to-2-weeks.

I hope everyone enjoys it!
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Future/Current Story Discussion

Post by Gojira21 »

Hello all! Its been a long time hasn't it? I feel almost like a ghost to this forums these days lol HOWEVER, I won't say I'm back because who knows how long it last but Im here for the time being 8-)

Now, I know I have a lot stories that I have started on here and some of them have created some strong support on here. So this post is focused to briefly discuss what stories I will be continuing, will not be continuing, etc. Also, this can be used to give me feedback. What stories do you readers want to see me continue? And/or what do you think I need to improve on?

With that being said, the list below will be listing of all my stories on here and the ones that will be bolded will be the ones that I know for a fact I will continue! Sooo please discuss and review and debate or whatever it is you all do these days :lol: 8-)

Current/Past Stories

Exitium series (incomplete)
Exitium redo/remake
Aliens: Origins
Godzilla vs Diablolus trilogy (The original Series/Incomplete)
Rise of the King (Godzilla Story)
This Old Town of Halloween
Godzilla 2 (2014 sequel)
Batman Series: Fear is only the Begining
Godzilla: The Second Coming

P.S along with the ones I have highlighted, I actually a brand spanking new Godzilla story that I have started and have made some significant progress on. It sort combines elements/ideas etc from all of my other Godzilla Stories into one, and will post it sometime in the near future. Anyways...thats all for now folks! :lol:
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Re: Future/Current Story Discussion

Post by GodzillaFreak99 »

Nice to see you back bro.
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Re: Future/Current Story Discussion

Post by Gojira21 »

GodzillaFreak99 wrote:Nice to see you back bro.
Thank you! It’s good to be back!
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

-Ishiro Honda

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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions

Post by godzillafan1954 »

I'm scratching these off my bucket list. PM me for the details. I don't feel like posting them here.
Kong: Skull Island
Godzilla vs. Kong
King Ceaser
Mothra: Goddess of Peace
War of the Gargantuas
King Ceaser: Legend of Okinawa
Ghidorah: King of Terror
Destroy All Monsters
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions

Post by GojiDude »

Well i have an idea of my own that takes place in the KiM POSSIBLE universe that is sequel to both the KiM POSSIBLE series and the sequel to the ORIGINAL Godzilla film in 1954. with something i have developed.

Godzilla (KiM POSSIBLE) Timeline

105 Million Years ago

* Ikusagami and Orochi are created as separate spirits: one light and one dark.

* Orochi Suggests to Ikusagami that the world should be filled with envy, lust and of course, sensual pleasure. Ikusagami however, is not happy with his idea, rejects it seriously, instead presents his idea that the world should be filled with peace, prosperity, and of course, life.

* Enraged, Orochi throws himself to Ikusagami on a barren planet that would be later called, Earth, But Ikusagami however gains the upper hand manages to defeat him. Orochi is now banished into a black empty universe called “the Void” and manages to seal it shut.

* Ikusagami not only heals the planet, but creates it by giving life to the planet. Then creates the dinosaurs and rests for a long time after naming his wholesome creation: Pangeanda.

100,000,000 B.C.

* Upset after being banished into “the Void”, Orochi begins making its first creation: Ghidorah, but only two are made to have Orochi exact his revenge on Ikusagami.

95,000,000 B.C.

* Ikusagami takes a stroll to see his wonderful creations, until two Ghidorahs invade Earth, forcing Ikusagami to take on the first Ghidorah, then the second. Surprisingly, the second Ghidorah switches sides and viciously attacks the first Ghidorah, making him the first kaiju to rebel Orochi’s orders.

* The first Ghidorah is banished into “the Void”, leaving the second Ghidorah alone with Ikusagami.

* Hugely shocked and amazed by the second Ghidorah’s act, Ikusagami remakes him into Yamatora Ghidorah, the first guardian kaiju to walk among the earth.

* Orochi is angered once more, but this time creates the most mystic and powerful yet devastating weapons of all time: Mystical Monkey Artifacts, Monkey Mystic Weapon and the Mystic Monkey God.

65,000,000 B.C.

* Ikusagami is worried that Orochi may be sending more of his evil creations to Earth. But accidentally inspired by Orochi’s creation of the Ghidorahs, Ikusagami does the same, but in a proper way. Finding a small rock to fill in guardian spirits and then sends it down to Earth.

* The K-T Event occurs and wipes out all of the dinosaurs. Except for a few that are altered. Creating new guardians: Anguirons and Rodanians (Later called “The Roost”).

* The Gigamoth is created from Ikusagami and establishes herself as the Earth's defender.

100,000 B.C.

* Ikusagami sends Yamatora Ghidorah and Manda to teach them how to farm and gather food, and teaching them to fight while stuck in human form.

* Anguira and Roda, the first kaiju leaders learn the trick of shape-shifting that brings them back to their true forms. Both colonies are established.

* Megalon is created by Ikusagami and the civilization of Seatopia is established.

* Ikusagami creates his island and places some of the creatures here, calling it Ikusa Island, meaning “the island of Ikusagami”.

* The Elias are created and Infant Island is created.

* Gigamoth gives birth to its young children: Mosura and Batora (Before being renamed Battra)

*The First Age Of Kaiju begins.

10,000 B.C.

* Humans appear and establish a camp.

* Ikusagami creates the people in his own image and live peacefully on his new island.

* The third and final creation is revealed to be the Gojirasaurus and Goji, the first ruler establishes Gojiranda while his brother Gojo establishes Monstreheim. Both kingdoms are made: Gojiran Dynasty Empire and the Gojiran Empire. The Anguiron Clan is established, so is the Radon Guild.

* Orochi visits the Simeon Empire in the form of Tsukuyomi Orochi to bargain a deal with Yonora and Monkero Fistuso, then goes to the Xillian Empire, and the Nebulan Empire in mystic form.

2933 B.C.

* The Ikusa are under attack by the Skull Crawlers and are almost wiped out. The Kongs appear to rid the Skull Crawlers and are cheered by the Kongs’ bravery. The Ikusa praise their creator for sending aid to the people. A huge wall is established to keep the Skull Crawlers out.

1956 B.C.

* Ronos tries his best to impress Kimona, but she is not easily impressed. Later that night, The Simeon officials (disguised as monkey warriors) present Ronos with the Mystic Monkey weapons and artifacts and give him full power and immorality over his future wife, and becoming a disciple of Orochi.

1954 B.C.

* Gojira the first rules Pangeanda wise-fully and peacefully along with his father Goje and his mother Goju.

* Gojira I goes out to get a drink at the lake, only to discover that there are lovely maidens bathing nakedly in the lake. Gojira I first falls in love with Kimona and shows her his kingdom. Hugely awed by his palace and the kingdom, Kimona had found true love with Gojira I and decides to marry him.

* Kimona’s secret love is discovered by Ronos’ male servants and is dragged by Ronos to be viciously beaten, punished, and humiliated.

* The first Sex Games are established, until Gojira I finds out about their sinful plot, Rushes down and reveals his true form, thus thwarting the players with his atomic flame and rescuing other girls, including Kimona to escape.

* Gojira I takes Kimona to safety, causing Ronos and his immoral men to go after them, but are stopped by the Gojiran Dynasty Empire, the Gojiran Empire, the Anguiron Clan, and the Radon Guild.

* Gojira I begins to suspect that Ronos did this to her, yet banishing him from Pangeanda forever, warning him that if he ever returns to the island with malice and revenge: He will die.

* Ronos and his male servants, including the Monkey Warriors, and Monkero Fistuso and Yonora are banished from Pangeanda forever.

* Gojira I marries Kimona the proper way and soon gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

* Gojena is considered the first Gojiran Dynasty Empire princess and the true ancestor of Kim Possible to jumpstart the lineage of the Gojiran Dynasty Empire.

* Sex games are banned and outlawed in all of Pangeanda and Zoophilia is also banned.

1933 B.C.

* Gojena Marries Gojavi and gives birth to Gojura, Gojaki, and Nelan.

* Gojamson is considered a mighty hunter before Ikusagami, and establishes himself as ruler of Monstreheim.

* Ronos plots revenge against both empires with the help from the Xilliens, the Nebulans, and Monkero Fistuso. they first travel to Asia to kidnap a bunch of girls.

* Gojamson hears that Ronos has secretly returned, but plans to have a little fun with him by rescuing captive girls quietly and killing their rapists quietly and their animals quietly. Having caused Ronos to wake up and find out that he’s been tricked.

* Gojamson does it again to Ronos many times until he’s had enough of Gojamson’s games.

*Gojamson plots to humiliate Ronos once more, by being chained to convince Ronos that his servants are betraying him, but then breaks free from the chains and begins killing all of Ronos’ students with the jawbone of a donkey, thus leaving Ronos humiliated once more after being forced to leave by Gojamson.

* The Gojiran Dynasty Empire takes notice of Ronos return, but finds out that Gojamson handled it very easy.

*Ronos soon gains immortality and is viciously unstoppable. Gigan arrives, along with the Xilliens and the Nebulans.

1897 B.C.

* The coming of the First Kaiju War is prophesied by Manda.

* Ronos soon declares war on Pangeanda.

* The Gojiran Dynasty Empire, the Anguiron Clan, the Radon Guild and the Gojiran Empire go to war against Ronos and his allies.

* First Kaiju War begins.

1871 B.C.

* Bagan appears before the Gojiran Dynasty Empire and the Gojiran Empire and begins to join the fight against Ronos’ armies and allies.

* Seatopia becomes highly involved and join the Gojiran Dynasty Empire’s side to ward off Ronos’ armies and allies, the Kongs and Infant Islanders get involved too.

*The Kings Of War are first formed by Bagan, Kongurra, Daghara, Jyrayammu, Seesa, Batora II, Gojera and Godzillo.

994 B.C.

* Gojuna is born and is raised, making her Ikusagami’s favorite, including everyone.

* Gojuna receives a gift from Ikusagami which is actually in the mining area. Gojuna finds the gift successfully, realizing it’s a gem that shines powerful ray of blue light. Her father takes it away for a while from her, but then gives it back to her after realizing that the gift came from Ikusagami, soon names the jewel after her.

* More Gojuna gems are found in the mother-load after all the gold is brought out.

* Gojuna’s father decides that the gems be made into weapons rather than become jewelry accessories.

* The Atomus Raynos blade is built, causing massive damage. The tides of war are changed after having the weapon introduced.

974 B.C.

* Gojuna gives birth to a baby boy and names him Gojira II after her ancestor, Gojira I.

969 B.C.

* Gojira II is considered the true ancestor of Kim Possible and begins training under the teachings of Yamato Takeru/Ikusagami, Kongerra, Dojira, Daghara, and the Elias after discovering that the Atomus Raynos blade is calling him.

964 B.C.

* Gojira II is established king of Pangeanda, begins rescuing slave girls from Ronos.

* The Simeon Empire joins in the fray against Gojira II, but is defeated for awhile.

956 B.C.

* Gojira II and his allies stop a sex trafficking and destroys the last of of Ronos’ sex smuggling rings.

954 B.C.

* Gojira II leads a massive army of both the Gojira, the Seatopians, the Ikusa, the Anguirons, the Radons, Daghara, Bagan and the Elias leading an all-out massive charge against Ronos’ armies. Gojira II Fights against Ronos in a deadly fight, but manages to gain the upper hand by rendering him from limb to limb and then viciously beheading him. And the First Kaiju War ends, leaving all of Ronos’ armies broken and destroyed forever. The Simeons retreat later on becoming isolationists and the Xilliens and the Nebulans are brought to extinction forever.

* Gojira II is worried that someone may take the Lotus Stone and the Mystic Monkey Idols and become more powerful than it was before, orders Bagan, Anguirasu II and the Gojiran general to have all the artifacts be separated and locked away so one one will ever find it ever again until 338 A.D.

* Gojira II comes home victorious, only to learn that his wife Kimana had given birth to Gojoni II and proclaims her birth to everyone.

* Age of Peace begins.

865 B.C.

* Trade begins in Pangeanda. All of the people come to visit the place.

852 B.C.

* The Orochi Cult plans to free Orochi by placing seven daughters, but are stopped by the Gojiran Dynasty Empire and killed, all except the seven daughters. a new Gojiran king adopts the seven daughters that are to be reincarnated.

3 B.C.

* Gojana is born to Kimenas and Gojira III

1 A.D.

* Ronus comes back with revenge and help from Orochi, destroying all the forces.

* Citizens of Pangeanda evacuate and immigrate to other places.

* Pangeanda falls and is lost forever.

* Gojana is sent away in a basket to preserve the future of the Gojiran Dynasty Empire.

* First Age of Kaiju comes to an end.

* Gojana is raised by a Roman fisherman and his wife.

* Kongs begin to sense that Pangeanda has fallen. To protect their home, Ikusagami creates a shield to make a thick fog and thus disguising it as "Skull Island".

3 A.D.

* Dojiro swears revenge against Ronos’ descendants and gathers a massive army to wipe them all out and plans to retake Pangeanda by force.

* 15 year Massacre begins, led by Dojiro.

17 A.D.

* Gojana has a brief alliance with Ronicus, the Jewish gladiator whilst thwarting the plot by Drakkus Maximus to take over Rome.

* Their celebration is cut off short by the Hun invasion.

* Dojiro has the first fight with Gojana, but is shocked to see that Gojana is alive. Shocked and horrified by his own actions, he begs Gojana for mercy and forgiveness and she forgives him. Until Ronicus kills Dojiro right in front of Gojana with an arrow. saddened and angered, she kills Ronicus quickly with the Atomus Raynos blade and Ronicus is left for dead.

* Dojiro tells Gojana to be buried in Rome. Gojana does so and meets up with his armies before parting ways to keep their identities safe.

* Gojira III gives hope to Kimenas that Gojana will return to restore the peace in the near future.

* Civil War happens in Skull Island between those who want to sacrifice young girls to the Kongs and the Ikusa who refuse their horrendous ideas. As a result, Ikusagami cuts the island in half, leaving the southern side to sink slowly for years and for the northern side to NOT sink.

338 A.D.

* Toshimiru uses the Lotus stone to form the Lotus Blade and carves a monastery from rock of mountain peak in one day, then establishes ninja training school, until Ikusagami visits him in the form of Yamato Takeru and fights Toshimiru but then gains the upper hand but does not kill him and reveals himself to Toshimiru as Ikusagami and explains to him that he had made a very grave mistake and Toshimiru sees the future and is shocked to see a Mystic Monkey God ruling the Earth with sinful intentions. Shocked, he is ashamed of forming it into the Lotus Blade, but Ikusagami gives hope that an Anti-Monkey Master will slay the Mystic Monkey God, to ensure that he does not rise again and Toshimiru keeps it as a secret, not telling his fellow students about the whole truth until the 21st century.

1897 A.D.

* Monolith Archaeology Institute is founded

1905 A.D.

* George Messeller uncovers the artifacts from the Gojiran Empire and the Gojiran Dynasty Empire.

1925 A.D.

* Global Justice Agents begin destroying the artifacts, but some are smuggled into USA. George sends his nephew to live with father in China.

* David Messeller comes into first contact with a kaiju being known as Kong in Skull Island.

* David is brought up by the powerful and invincible, but kind and caring rulers who adopt him and is renamed to Malataaku, meaning “The first to receive wisdom and knowledge”.

1933 A.D.

* Carl Denham and crew head to Skull Island to film a movie, but are chased away by natives.

* Ann Darrow is captured by the natives and is carried away by King Kong.

* Kong reveals to Ann that he is not a bloodthirsty killer, he is a kind figure with a gentle soul. and Ann falls in love with him.

* Kong is brought to New York City as an attraction, but breaks free after witnessing Ann getting her face smacked by Jack Driscoll.

* Kong prepares his last stand on the Empire State Building and falls to death, only saving Ann. Then tells her that she is pregnant and tells her to go the north side of Skull Island. Jack Driscoll faces charges for assault and Carl Denham is charged for animal cruelty.

* Ann leaves for the real Skull Island and is cared by the Ikusa. Ann gives birth to a baby boy.

1945 A.D.

* The atomic bombs Little Boy and Fat Man are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending World War II.

* The legends of Gojira begin in Odo Island.

1954 A.D.

* The H-Bomb is tested, mutating the Godzillasaurus into the first Godzilla.

* Godzilla appears on Odo Island.

* Godzilla attacks Tokyo Bay. Civilian casualties range in the fifties.

* Godzilla attacks Tokyo in land and kills thousands of people and wounding millions, this also includes the death of Ron Stoppable’s great grandfather and the mad scientist. This attack is referred to as “Tokyo Fire Incident” as a cover-up to be exposed later in the future.

* Godzilla is killed by a weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer created by Daisuke Serizawa, but he dies along with Godzilla, ensuring that the weapon cannot be made again. Dr. Yamane predicts that “A new Godzilla will rise in another part of the world, seeking vengeance against man once more.” That prediction comes true later on in November 3rd, 2004. Godzilla’s son is the last one surviving.

* Steve Martin quits United International News and is made CEO and Founder of MONARCH after renaming it from Monolith Archaeology Institute.

* Dr. Yamane is recruited after learning that Godzilla is actually from the Gojiran Empire.

2002 A.D.

* Kim Possible begins saving the world as a teenage spy heroine, thus inspiring and influencing teens and young girls all over the world to follow her path and her own role model.

2003 A.D.

* Ron Stoppable is transferred to Yamanouchi Ninja School and learns he has mystic monkey abilities connected by destiny to the Lotus Blade, a magical shape-shifting sword that only those with the power could wield. Ron leaves the ninja school after completing his training and defeating both Monkey Fist and Fukushima, until Ikusagami visits him in the form of Yamato Takeru and fights Master Sensei but then gains the upper hand but does not kill him and reveals himself to Master Sensei as Ikusagami and explains to him that he had made a very grave mistake and Master Sensei sees the future and is shocked to see a Mystic Monkey God and the Ultimate Monkey Master ruling the Earth with sinful intentions. Shocked, he is ashamed of letting Ron get away with the mystic monkey abilities, but Ikusagami gives hope that an Anti-Monkey Master will slay both the Mystic Monkey God and the Mystic Monkey Master, to ensure that he does not rise again and Master Sensei keeps it as a secret, not telling his fellow students about the whole truth, especially to Ron Stoppable until 2009.

2004 A.D.

* The newly redesigned H-Bomb is set off in the Atlantic, but re-awakening the King of all Monsters: Godzilla. Then Godzilla kills the scientists who re-awakened him and thus gaining his Atomic Ray breath and lets out a powerful, yet earth-shattering roar the whole world has ever heard, announcing his powerful return. Then leaves to seek vengeance, before ushering in the Second Age Of Kaiju.

* All of the kaiju still in hiding who heard Godzilla’s roar, finally fight back with extreme vengeance. The Roost is the first to do that.

* Sanda takes the wounded Gaira safely, but kills him making sure that he would never rise again.

* Kim Possible goes to Japan to find answers and gets some after visiting the home of Emiko and Ogata, then visiting Odo Island to do some investigation. Then finds the secret cave painting somewhere in Philippines that depicts Godzilla as an Anti-Monkey Master and the Mystic Monkey God and Mystic Monkey Warrior as both a villainous deity and user.

* Kim Possible begins fighting an unknown warrior, but the unknown warrior finds out that she’s no human: but as a Gojiran. He explains to her that her real ancestor was Gojira II and she is the reincarnation of Gojana, and reveals the horrifying truth that Ron Stoppable is a chosen vessel of the evil Mystic Monkey God and is the true descendant of Ronos.

* Kim finally believes all of this is true, until becoming captured by the Orochi Cult, who want to kill her. Kim frees herself and fights the bad guys, but receives unexpected help from a feral human that actually turns out to be Godzilla in human form, and destroys the Orochi Cult. Kim tries to calm Godzilla, which she does it successfully, and thanks her for the rescue. Dives down and has its true form half revealed. Then she’s been amnesia’d once but her memories are successfully hidden within her sub-conscious. Kim heads back to her home, not telling anybody of what just happened while preparing to thwart a kidnapping in Japan.

* Everyone all over the world begin protesting against Global Justice Network, demanding their answers.

2005 A.D.

* Godzilla lands in Philippines and destroys the villain base, killing the Teen Agent Force and Dr. Botox. Tomoyuki Serizawa and Sally Hawkins investigate.

* Godzilla makes a quick landfall at Janjira power plant facility before diving to the ocean.

* Drakken attempts to take over the whole world by using mega sized Diablos, but are stopped by Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Few of the Diablos are struck by a cosmic ray meteor that turns them into Godzilla sized robots.

* Kim and Ron begin dating over the summer, but their relationship will be highly broken four years later.

* Ron fights off Warhok and Warmonga and are killed. Kim and Ron begin college.

* Operation Manifest Legacy begins, but is short-lived when Kong disrupts their plans.

* Lieutenant James Packard is confirmed dead, but revealed to be alive. brought up by the Ikusa along with Packard’s soldiers.

* Packard finds out that Malataaku is David Messeller and has been living here for 80 years. Packard sees the wickedness of Global Justice’s practices and dealings and sides himself to the Ikusa.

* Packard inspires and rallies the Ikusa to fight back, and the all of the islanders go to war. He is later renamed Pachuuti, meaning “A cynical man who sees truth in its own eyes.”

* Battle of Skull Island begins. Packard leads a successful charge against Global Justice Network with the help from Kong and the dinosaurs and mammals and the Kongs that live on the island. Packard lures the rest of the Skull-Rats to be killed by Kong and the war is won.

* Packard leaves Skull Island, along with his soldiers to his home after promising to never disturb their home island ever again. Then testifies in court against Global Justice Network, and wins the case.

* Packard is recruited by MONARCH to find other monsters.

2007 A.D.

* Packard comes back to Skull Island along with new recruits to wipe off the last remaining Skull-Rats along with the Ikusa, and the Kongs. A large number of Skull-Rats appear to almost overwhelm their enemies, until the Skull-crawlers come to rescue and team up with the Kongs to destroy all of the Skull-Rats. Then ends an alliance to leave both the Kongs and the Ikusa alive so they can begin their final battle in the future instead.

2009 A.D.

* Kim and Ron have dated for four years, until she learns that Ron’s veins are showing up red and his pupils have become red and is acting strange. the bouncer tells Ron to leave, but is met with vicious resistance. Kim tries to stop Ron with his mystic monkey powers, but is socked to the ground. Everyone is shocked to see what Ron has done, Ron sees himself as a monster and shuts off his mystic monkey powers and tries to apologize Kim, but it’s too late, leaving Ron all alone.

* Godzilla finally returns with a vengeance after a five year manhunt, begins laying waste on Lowerton, killing hundreds including Larry Possible.

* Godzilla attacks Middleton and kills thousands of people, leaving James Timothy Possible, Dr. Anne Possible, Jim and Tim Possible, Monique, Wade Load, Joss and Rufus all dead. Gilodon and Pudzilla rise after being caught in Godzilla’s holocaust in Middleton.

* Global Justice Network tries to take Godzilla down, but is easily destroyed by Godzilla’s wrathful strength, leaving Betty, Will Du, and their prisoner, Gemini alive.

* Betty and the others are under arrest by MONARCH Defense Force, except for Will Du who reveals that he is an operative undercover agent for MONARCH.

* Betty, Gemini and the others are introduced to Tomoyuki Serizawa, Elizabeth Graham, Bill Randa, Houston Brooks, San Ling, Victor Nieves, Professor Acari, and Steve Martin, Founder and CEO of MONARCH.

* Betty denies of ordering someone to kill off all of the kaiju, but learns from Steve that her lieutenant made a secret deal with Worldwide Evil Empire to kill off all of the kaiju monsters in secret, making sure that this does not get out into public. Enraged, Betty beats up the lieutenant but is stopped by Martin and tells her to let MONARCH handle it.

* Godzilla attacks Upperton and kills thousands, Kim Possible comes into first contact with Godzilla for the first time in history. Yet clutched, Godzilla destroys the army, leveling the city to pieces and leaves Upperton all destroyed.

* Second Age Of Kaiju begins.

* All of the kaiju monsters re-appear after a year-long exile, taking some vengeance against humanity for awhile.

* Rodan attacks Argentina.

* Anguirus ravages Sao Paulo.

* Zilla razes Australia, killing Señor Senior Sr. and continues to raze on.

* Gorosaurus pulverizes France.

* King Caesar rips up Shanghai, killing Adrena Lynn in the process.

* Megalon strikes down Berlin, killing Oh Boyz in the process.

* Kumonga sacks Borneo.

* Manda assaults Spain.

* Sanda strikes down Thailand.

* Kamoebas bombards Singapore.

* Titanosaurus shatters Cambodia, resulting the destruction of the Jade Monkey temple.

* Baragon damages Puerto Rico.

* Varan savages Cuba.

* Steve Martin addresses to the world about the truth of “Tokyo Fire Incident”, revealing that Global Justice Network was covering up the truth and revealed their secret business with Worldwide Evil Empire. All the nations agree with MONARCH.

* Kim Possible wakes up and learns that Godzilla has been keeping a close eye on her, but is extremely calm and highly patient and peaceful. Kim tries to defend herself, but is touched and cared for by Godzilla. Kim soon learns that Godzilla is only peaceful and calm to her, due to the facts that he has huge affections for her.

* Ron comes back alive, and is torn to see his home destroyed, until Gigan pays him a visit, revealing to him that he is the descendant of Ronos and yet should follow his ancestor’s path. He heads over to Yamanouchi Ninja Temple, slaying all of the ninjas, including Yori who has her first duel with him but dies after being stabbed. Master Sensei tells Ron the truth while guarding the Lotus Blade, but Ron already learns the truth already, taking Sensei’s powers away from him and gaining access to all of the Jade Monkey idols, ancient text, and the golden banana, finally making him more powerful and unstoppable.

* Godzilla then ravages throughout New Jersey, until his attack is short-lived by the arrival of the Lorwardians and sends Gigan to do the work. Godzilla is outmatched and seemingly killed, but is alive and plans to rescue her.

The Lorwardians invade and seal off Manhattan and Gigan’s allies set up the breeding games quickly. MONARCH successfully evacuates all of the New Yorkers and begins a dangerous rescue mission.

* Godzilla makes a landfall in New York, dismantling all of their equipment to begin the battle. Godzilla saves Kim Possible from the other monsters and fights for his life. Overmatched, Godzilla lets out a vicious, yet earth-shattering roar to begin the final battle, but is viciously stabbed by Gigan’s piercing blades and falls down to a near death.

* Thirteen earth monsters come to the rescue, subduing both Diablotrons, and Dobsters and the Skull-Rats. Mothra and Kong arrive at the scene to battle the evil monsters. Sanda kills Gilodon after reminding him that he’s no Gaira because he killed the real Gaira already. Baragon charges through the Rabhino and kills it.

* As Godzilla and his monsters begin to charge, they begin to overpower their enemies quickly, but becomes short-lived due to the arrival of the Mystic Monkey God and Ron Stoppable.

* Kim Possible is happy to see Ron Stoppable alive, but then notices that Ron has changed into something worse. He reveals to her taunting that she’s in love with the monster king and he is the true descendant of Ronos and he’s absorbed much of the Mystic Monkey powers, making him much more dangerous and unstoppable. Shocked and horrified, she tells Ron that he has to change his ways, but is refused by Ron Stoppable. After that she is upset and angry that she has no choice, but to stop him once and for all.

* Kim tries to fight against Ron as he attempts to kill Godzilla once and for all, but is stopped by Kim Possible, angered by her successful thwarting, she is viciously smacked by Ron Stoppable that leaves her unconscious. Unfortunately after being witnessed by everyone in the whole world, including MONARCH and the kaiju seeing his true intentions, they decide he must be killed for his actions.

* Godzilla however, after witnessing Kim Possible taking a violent beating from Ron Stoppable, becomes heavily enraged and extremely a lot more angry, and lets out a powerful atomic ray and begins to fight him once and for all, almost leveling New York City. As Godzilla still enragingly fights on, he begins to thwart some of monkey-kung fu move-sets, then begins to take hold of the Mystic Monkey God’s shoulder with its powerful jaws, yet absorbing its powers quickly. Ron, somehow howling in pain breaks off Godzilla and then kills him with his Mystic Monkey Powers. Unfortunately, learns that Godzilla is still alive and standing without a scratch.

* Godzilla then attempts to fight back, but Master Sensei stops him and reveals to Godzilla that he is the Anti-Monkey Master and has absorbed some of the mystic monkey power then tells him, he is ready. Godzilla then taps into his newfound mystic powers, becoming not only the Anti-Monkey Master, but as Mystic Godzilla Master. Enraged to see that Sensei has put great faith in Godzilla, Ron attempts to kill Godzilla , but Godzilla evades Ron’s attacks, knowing all his moves. Then, Ron ducked down to perform a backflip, but is stopped and has his knee broken by Godzilla and attempts to kill Godzilla with the Monkey axe-Hand, but having his elbow already damaged and broken after being stopped by Godzilla.

* Already injured and broken, Godzilla unleashes his powerful, yet destructive and dangerous mystical atomic ray, finishing off Ron Stoppable, once and for all. Then Godzilla roars victoriously until, Mercodon, Oladana, Diablotron and Gigan both take on Godzilla, but are outmatched and destroyed into oblivion, killing Warmaaru and blowing up Lorwardia, destroying the entire planet to pieces by Godzilla’s Mystical Atomic Ray. Then Godzilla goes back to find Kim Possible and cradles her.

* Kim wakes up which happily warms Godzilla and uses his newfound abilities to heal Kim’s face and is very happy to see him alive. Then Godzilla promises her to no longer destroy humanity once again, as long as there is still good in mankind everywhere. Kim then promises Godzilla that she will look after him and care for him. Then Kim waves goodbye to Betty, a reformed Gemini, Will Du and Serizawa. Godzilla and the monsters head back to Monster Island, Kong and Mothra go back to their own islands. Betty believes this is the end, but Serizawa happily reassures her that this is not the end, but a new beginning.

* Steve Martin presents his speech to everyone all over the world and sends a message to all teenage spy agents that their time is up and are arrested and/or killed.

* MONARCH Defense Force unveils newer factions to the world: G-Force, H.E.A.T., Team Kaiju Force ands Kaiju Justice Network.

* Godzilla is now considered a hero after saving the world from the Mystic Monkey God, and everyone begins thanking Godzilla.

2010 A.D.

* Kim Possible starts over a new life with Godzilla, thus changing her battle suit to a more islander like fashion.

* Godzilla and the kaiju make preparations and repairs on Monster Island for coming kaiju to live with them.

* Godzilla Jr. appears to Kim Possible, imprinting her as his mother.

* Kim soon meets Anguirus Jr., Kumonga Jr., Titanosaurus Jr., Rodan Jr., Megalon Jr., Zilla Jr. and the Mothra Larvas.

* Godzilla and Kim Possible go out on their first date, and he uses his mystic powers carefully on her, then the two fall in love. Takes her to see the stars and then see the beautiful and breathtaking sunrise. But the kaiju join in, only to see the sunrise as a sign of the first day of the Second Age of Kaiju.

* Kim encounters Gabara and screams for help. Godzilla Jr. does his best to free her, but Godzilla arrives in time to save her, absorbing Gabara’s powers and defeating him, causing Gabara to retreat like a coward.

2011 A.D.

* Inspired by Godzilla’s heroics, the kaiju place themselves as heroes, subduing all villain monsters and mad scientists all over the world.

* Monkey Fist reawakens as Emperor Monkeyono Fist.

* Emperor Monkeyono Fist tries to take over the world, but is stopped by Godzilla and his army of kaiju monsters. Emperor Monkeyono Fist tries to kill Godzilla until he is overmatched by Godzilla's newfound powers and ultimately slain and destroyed.

* MONARCH unveils Kiryu, Jet Jaguar and MOGUERA for the first time in history.

* Kiryu breaks free from human control and rescues Kim from the vicious Shenamoura. which gets Godzilla jealous.

* Kim witnesses the change from his true form to human form, thinking that Godzilla was mastered by a human. But reveals to her that he is Godzilla and remembers everything. Rest of the monsters take human forms too.

* Kim Possible meets Kiryu in human form for the first time, but Kimenas intervenes and asks her if she is really Gojana. Then Kiryu is shocked to learn that she is a Gojira. Then Kimenas reveals to Kim that they’re her real parents and Kiryu is revealed to be Gojira III and are mighty happy to see her. Godzilla understands that her father was happy to see her, atoning for his jealousy.

* The Gojiran Dynasty Empire and the Gojiran Empire, including the Anguiron Clan and The Roost Guild, and newer clans such as the Gojiran Scot Clan, Gojiran Irish Clan, and the Gojiran Viking Clan finally come back to live in Monster Island.

* Gojira III gives Kim Possible a gift that actually turns out to be Hana for the first time. He reveals that Hana survived the attack and had to be raised in Monster Island.

* Daghara, Jyrayammu, Battra, and Yamatora Ghidorah return to be seated as Kings Of War.

* Bagan returns to congratulate Godzilla on his victory, but is unsure of Kim Possible being a princess of Monster Island.

* Kim learns that she has seven adopted sisters, meets the hammer-wielding yet bombastic Gojavin of the Gojiran Scot Clan, and the brutal, yet wise Gojaero of the Gojiran Viking Clan.

2014 A.D.

* Grand Kaiju War Begins.

* Ikusagami and Orochi have their last duel until Ikusagami finally kills Orochi with the help from Saber Athena and Gojira III, after warning Orochi from the beginning of time if he breaks free again.

* Kim Possible finally reveals herself to Ron as Gojana. Kills Ron and is proclaimed hero for turning the tide.

* All of Ron’s armies are judged and finally killed to extinction.

* Godzilla marries Kim Possible after revealing his feelings for her.

* Godzilla and Kim Possible are now crowned King and Queen of Monster Island.

* Grand Kaiju War comes to an end.

2015 A.D.

* Gojani is born to Godzilla and Kim Possible.

2018 A.D.

* Last Kaiju War begins

* Gojani slays Massa K’err, father of Warhok and Wamaaru after revealing that she is the daughter of both Godzilla and Kim Possible, winning the war and is hailed hero.

2025 A.D.

* Second Age of Kaiju comes to an end as the Age of the Dominion of Men begin.

* Gojani and the remaining kaiju soon disappear from humanity, living in the Temple Palace of Ikusagami.

* The Kaiju and Godzilla now live among the memory of men, and Skull Island vanishes instantly forever.

* MONARCH finally closes its doors.

2030 A.D.

Lowerton, Middleton and Upperton are rebuilt by both Japanese and American citizens, thus renaming it into New Tokyo, New Yokohama, and New Okinawa.

2045 A.D.

* Hiro Hamada begins forming “Big Hero 6” after their famous kaiju-like monsters to fight evil villains in the futuristic San Fransokyo.
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by Titanoterror98 »

As a lover of Godzilla and animation, I was thoroughly disappointed by the Anime Trilogy, so I decided to come up with my own Alternative Godzilla Anime: story ideas about the king that would better lend themselves to animation and that would just plain be more enjoyable to watch. For now it's just a pet project, but if I really like one, I might turn it into a full-on fanfiction. However, I can't make up my mind and pick one, and there's no way I can adapt them all (besides this, I'm also working on an Invader Zim fanfic, my own original story(ies), and my gap year). So, I'm gonna list em' off and you guys can tell which ones you think sound the most interesting! Here we go:

-Monster Revolution GODZILLION:
A dystopian post-apocalyptic action series set in 2054. A century long war with kaiju has left humankind on the brink of extinction, hiding in capital cities converted to futuristic castle towns for protection. Would follow a team of soliders and scientists working for an international anti-kaiju organization, as well as the civilians and wanderers they meet. Their mission is destroy all monsters, including the legendary Godzillla. But to do so, they must uncover the secrets of the kaiju, as well as their own organization in the process, and doing so may mean they have to work with the king of the monsters himself.

-My Super-Electronic Robot Hero Friend Jet Jaguar:
An action-comedy and a parody of sorts starring everyone's favourite size-shifting robot. Would follow the unlikely misadventures of Jet Jaguar and his unusual family of geniuses and comic relief as they fight to protect our planet from bizarre kaiju, undersea seperatists, sharp-dressed space invaders, and everyday life in a strange but familiar Japan. Godzilla would appear as a recurring character, but he'd be more of a reluctant hero like Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster than in vs. Megalon. Would also feature cheesy self-aware dialogue, screwball situations, incredibly iffy feats of science, and an underlying critique of our overdependance technology happy family-man robot fun!

-I Am Godzilla/Gojira-san:
A simple slice of life comedy looking at the everyday lives of Godzilla and his kaiju castmates. The kaiju would all be faithful carictures of themselves (e.g. Godzilla's like a grouchy old man, Mothra has mom tendencies but is also quite irritable, Ghidorah's a loon who ruins everything, etc.) There'd also be a smol small human cast who really just exist to annoy the monsters and cause them problems. Would basically be like looking at human society from a kaiju's perspective. (That or Aggretsuko meets the Yamadas with Godzilla characters.)

-Soul of Gojira/Godzilla: Legend of the Monsters:
A Hayao Miyazki-inspired retelling of the original Gojira. Here, Godzilla is not just a mutated monster named after a Shinto deity. He IS a Shinto deity mutated in a hideous monster by the fires and wreckage of the Pacific War. Would also focus on Dr. Serizawa's story, how he became the man that we know him to be, as well as the relationships between the other main characters, and the people affected by Godzilla's attacks. There'd probably be changes to the plot given the more fantastical angle, but I'd try to keep it as close to the message and spirit of the original as possible.

-Just Us and Godzilla (or The Summer of Monsters):
A mashup of coming-age dramedy and kaiju action in the style of the one and only Masaaki Yuasa. It's set in a world where Godzilla and other kaiju attacks are just a fact of life like most natural disasters and life is about the same. Would be about a bunch of college kids who try to salvage their summer vacation plans after Godzilla shows up angrier than ever. At first they try to just steer clear of his path, ignore him, and carry on with their lives. But as other monsters keep popping up and the damage piles up, they realize that there are problems that have become too big to ignore. Things get worse when they find themselves divided on whether or not they want to keep running or do what they can to help solve the monster problem before it gets worse. Not helping is that they also have to deal with other jeuvenile delinquents, naysaying adults, ignorant politicians, and mysterious "out-of-towners".

-Titanoterror98's Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (Name not final) :
It's a fixfic, nuff' said. The gist of this is to take the ideas from the trilogy I liked and then infuse them with what I would have liked to see (i.e. hit with a Ghibli-brand hammer); my main goals are to overhaul the setting and cast, taking the basic story ideas and making them into a more fulfilling, creative story, and making Haruo a more effective, sympathetic character. What I've got so far, is to make Maina and Miana the main characters and tell the story from their perspective. Haruo and the crew of the Aratrum still appear but they are outsiders, who have come seeking a lost superweapon to take back the Earth from the kaiju. This worries the twins and the other Houtua, who have learned to coexist with the monsters--albeit at the bottom of the food chain--that their warpath will cause another great catastrophe. And sure enough, after killing one Godzilla, they awaken another, throwing the planet's savage ecosystem into chaos. The twins take it upon themselves to help the time-displaced travelers while also stopping them from causing any more damage: Maina investigating the mysteries of the Aratrum crew and their true intentions, while Miana tries to help Haruo overcome his grief and learn to forgive Godzilla.

And that's all I got. So what do you think? I am open to questions.
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by Titanoterror98 »

^Update! I'm going with GODZILLION and Jet Jaguar. Can't wait to share them with you guys!
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by TyrantGojira »

I’m currently in the planing phases for my first Godzilla fanfic. To sum it up, Godzilla gets captured by an Anti Kaiju mercenary group and is forced into a gladiator style battle royale with other captured monsters. It’s essential a Godzilla version of Planet Hulk. Problem is, I’m having a hard time thinking about how the story should play out beyond the first few chapters and the ending.
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by Titanoterror98 »

^Interesting. It reminds of the Vortaak mothership stag from Destroy All Monsters Melee! What would the setting be like? If you want to discuss some story ideas without giving anything away, feel free to PM me.
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by MorgansTShirt »

It occurs to me that a "beginning writers" section is entirely redundant. After reading Giratina's Cheshire Cafe story, and some of the recent parts of his Promised Heir, and a couple stories written by other soi-disant veterans of the fanfic section, I realized that everyone here is only a beginner; hardly skilled or seasoned enough to distinguish themselves so pompously from the beginning writers section.
11) Don’t be a know it all – No one, and I mean no one, likes the person who decides to try and show off that they perhaps know a bit more about writing than another person; all it comes off as is immature and arrogant. If you’re using some ridiculously long and complicated word to try and say what could be done better, make sure you post a meaning for it, or use a less complex word for it. You won’t seem smarter, you’ll just seem like the guy who likes to copy and paste big words.
And this rule is just really awful advice for a beginning writer.

Writing is a skill that can be cultivated. There's a reason why Poe, Hearn, Borges, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Rowling are celebrated (or criticized) while typical fanfics are the subject of snickering if they get any acknowledgment from outsiders. I don't even like Rowling's work, but I can instantly see how her skill in word-weaving surpasses that of many people. I may dislike Harry Potter, but I would be mad to suggest that anyone here has written anything better or comparable to it.

And this rule just aches of insecurity. It basically says "Don't use long words because we resent you for going over our heads."

There is a thing called prosody. Prosody is the pattern or rhythm that words make when strung together in sentences. Sometimes a sentence that would sound clumsy, choppy, dry, or monotonous due to basic vocabulary can be made more lyrical—and much more impressionable to the senses—when a suitable word—even a long or complicated one—is inserted into the rhythm.

Here is a passage from a distinguished author's short story that is made great thanks to its meaningful use of uncommon vocabulary, and would be made much weaker if it were rendered in flat, simplified, easy words:
Not as the plants and flowers of Earth, growing peacefully beneath a simple sun, were the blossoms of the planet Lophai. Coiling and uncoiling in double dawns; tossing tumultuously under vast suns of jade green and balas-ruby orange; swaying and weltering in rich twilights, in aurora-curtained nights, they resembled fields of rooted serpents that dance eternally to an other-worldly music.

Many were small and furtive, and crept viper-wise on the ground. Others were tall as pythons, rearing superbly in hieratic postures to the jeweled light. Some grew with single or dual stems that burgeoned forth into hydra heads, and some were frilled and festooned with leaves that suggested the wings of flying lizards, the pennants of faery lances, the phylacteries of a strange sacerdotalism. Some appeared to bear the scarlet wattles of dragons; others were tongued as if with black flames or the colored vapors that issue with weird writhings from out barbaric censers; and others still were armed with fleshy nets or tendrils, or with huge blossoms like bucklers perforated in battle. And all were equipped with venomous darts and fangs, all were alive, restless, and sentient. ... the-flower
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by SoggyNoodles2016 »

wow. you are pretentious.


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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by MorgansTShirt »

SoggyNoodles2016 wrote:wow. you are pretentious.
And damn glad for it.

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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by goji89 »

MorgansTShirt wrote:
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote:wow. you are pretentious.
And damn glad for it.
Oh dear God...... :roll: .

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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by GodzillavsJason »

MorgansTShirt wrote:
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote:wow. you are pretentious.
And damn glad for it.
If this is your way of saying "I'm going to start poop to get a rise out of everyone" then don't even do it. I, along with the rest of the mod/admin team will warn you if you do that. I will not give out another verbal warning.

Everyone else, drop the subject.
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by G2000 »

Hey, what sounds like a better title for a Godzilla vs Ghidorah fic that stretches from their initial battles in the late Permian to the events of KoTM and potentially after? "Blood Feud" or "Old Rivals?"
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by _JNavs_ »

G2000 wrote:Hey, what sounds like a better title for a Godzilla vs Ghidorah fic that stretches from their initial battles in the late Permian to the events of KoTM and potentially after? "Blood Feud" or "Old Rivals?"
Old Rivals.

Blood feud makes it seem like their entire species has been going head to head for eons.
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by G2000 »

I guess "Blood Feud" could be a series name because I also have a Godzilla vs Kong fic from late Miocene Epoch to 2020 (which is more generations of Kongs up to "our" Kong in the modern day against the singular Godzilla over millions of years)

Also hey are these chapter names for Old Rivals too pretentious or self-important? Some of them are placeholders and may be subject to change but I like some of the others
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Re: Ideas, Advice and Suggestions Thread

Post by _JNavs_ »

G2000 wrote:I guess "Blood Feud" could be a series name because I also have a Godzilla vs Kong fic from late Miocene Epoch to 2020 (which is more generations of Kongs up to "our" Kong in the modern day against the singular Godzilla over millions of years)

Also hey are these chapter names for Old Rivals too pretentious or self-important? Some of them are placeholders and may be subject to change but I like some of the others
Yeah it'd work a ton better as a name for a GvK series.

As far as the titles go, I like em but if I were to make any changes,
1. Under the Crimson Sky
4. Waste-Lands
6. (I'm a bit iffy on Chaoskampf, it does feel a bit much)
10. Vexed Nightmare
11. Three Heads of Blasphemy
12 Return of the King
13. (Götterdämmerung makes sense in context as it's the last of a cycle, but it also feels a bit much as a title.)
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