The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

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The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by Noble Saber »

Since some of you folks don't seem to know how to use the report button, me thinks it's time to make a thread about it!

Step 1: Finding the Report Button

See that exclamation mark in the top right corner of someone's post? Congratulations, you just found the Report Button™! This button will be valuable for your TK browsing needs. With it, you can:

-Not stop arguments
-End the infiltration of spam bots
-Bug mods and admins because it's anonymous

As a tip, the location of the Report Button™ may depend on what theme you're using, but generally, it will be in the top right corner of a post.

Step 2: How to Use it

To use it, simply press the Report Button™, and you should get a message like this:

Once you fill out your report, it will be sent, anonymously, to a mod/admin. Said mod/admin will then be able to look at the reported post, and decide what action to take.

Step 3: When to Use it

There are many situations in which the report button can be used. Most commonly, it is used to stop arguments, but, contrary to popular belief, you can use it to prevent spam, pirated links, and soon-to-be trolls. Really!

Tips and Tricks

-Be sure to watch out so you don't report yourself!
-The report button is a great way of getting a mod's attention!
-Make note not to reply to report-worthy posts yourself, or you may find yourself reported!

Now that you know how to use the Report Button™, you're on step closer to becoming a well-respected poster on Toho Kingdom™! Give yourself a pat on back because you've earned it!

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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by M.U.T.O. »

Thank you.
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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by Spuro »

I'll only use the report button when there's something to report.

BTW, when are the mods gonna get here?
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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by goji89 »

I just reported the poop out of this thread....

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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by g2vd »

goji89 wrote:I just reported the poop out of this thread....
I just reported you reporting this thread while I reported this thread right before, I reported this thread again for terrible meme and than you again for terrible meme than reported this for spam and you for spam than reported myself for spam.

Anyway, thank you for making this 2004 this should be quite useful for everybody.

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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by Godz »

^ You're all banned.

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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by Castellan Zilla »

Instead of a TL;DR post, could you make a short video explaining everything? :P
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Re: The Report Button: How to Use it (And When)

Post by Maritonic »

A quick update to this:

The report button is not a "Please edit this post for me" button. If you have a post in your history that you no longer want there simply EDIT it to say "Deleted" or "Ignore" or something to that extent.

We don't really want to be deleting posts unless we have to, or if it's a way to skirt around giving someone a warning. So, please. Edit the posts yourself or just accept that you wrote something 4 years ago and move on.

As always, any questions or comments about this, feel free to message me or the staff.
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