The Official K.W.C. Animated FAQ

For comments, discussion and further information regarding the site's K.W.C. section found in the Articles.
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The Official K.W.C. Animated FAQ

Postby Greyshot151 » Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:23 pm


So! How do I get into the K.W.C. Animated?

First, write a match, then... sorry I was thinking of the other section. For the K.W.C. Animated we ask you create a unique match with two or more monsters from Toho's vast history using CGI, MonsterArts Figures, or any other methods possible.

Where do I send it once it is finished?

PM it to Greyshot151. He will look over the video and judge it based on its content.

Does it have to be posted to Tohokingdom first? I have a small channel on youtube and I can't really hold off on releasing it.
Not a problem. Special to the K.W.C. Animated, as long as the date is under 1 year old then we will still accept your creation. We understand this content is extremely difficult to create and will not penalize you for a first release on platforms like Vimeo or Youtube.

I didn't get a response. Does that mean my match didn't make it in?

Not necessarily. Please keep in mind that Greyshot151 aka Tyler Trieschock has a lot of K.W.C. matches to read and now K.W.C. Animated matches to watch, not to mention that he has other, non-K.W.C. things to do, so you may not get a response even if they've accepted your match.

It's been a week and my match still isn't up yet! What's taking so long?

Keep in mind that even if your match makes it in, matches aren't always posted in the order they are received. You could be waiting for weeks or possibly even months before it's posted. Arbok, the site owner, does have (as we all do) a little something off the Internet called a real life. Be patient, and your match will be up in time.

How is the banner... wait... do I even get a a banner?

If you would like to make a request then yes, but otherwise this would be handled by the content creator. If you do want a custom banner for your video, be sure to include the location it takes place in (Tokyo, Monster Island, New York, Planet X, etc.) as well as whether it happens at day or night. Once your match has been given final approval by Greyshot151, he will create your banner to finalize your match or send it to an awesome creator like Jackson Morris or KaijuX.

So I watched this video and I want to post it, but its not mine. Can I still submit it?
No. Only the creator of the video can submit their match to be a part of the K.W.C. Animated.

Anything else I should know?

Make sure they are properly edited, coherent and they are fun!

2. THE RULES OF THE K.W.C. Animated

Can two people co-create a match together?


Can I call dibs on a match even though is now video?


Can I call dibs on several matches?

No. Please create your original dib and then once it is completed, you may call dibs on another.

Since I couldn't create it in the K.W.C., can I know make Maguma and Gezora vs. Destoroyah?

Still no non-sense matches. One-sided matches are not against the rules, per se, but please try to refrain from insanely mismatched fights like the one mentioned above. Thank you.

Are rematches (for example, another King Kong vs. SpaceGodzilla) allowed?


Are subtitles (Biollante vs. Gabara: The Really Epic Battle of Total Awesomeness!) allowed?

No. The only exception is if the fight is a rematch, in which case it will be titled Monster A vs. Monster B: Round 2 (or Round 3, Round 4, etc). This will not be the case however if there is a written match and you create a video match. While you may link them, they are not in the same category and only another Godzilla vs. Gamera in video format will be labeled round 2.


To keep things simple, the same power, monster and use restrictions apply to the K.W.C. Animated as well as the normal K.W.C. For in-depth coverage of general notes or other questions, please check out The Official K.W.C. FAQ


And thus concludes the Official K.W.C. Animated Frequently Asked Questions Thread. We hope this answers any questions you may have had about the K.W.C. Animated and we wish you the best of luck in the creation of your match!
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