GvK Japanese Theme Song

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GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by phantomsdaydreams »

So, we officially have a preview of the new theme song for the Japanese released of GvK playing in the background of the latter half of the trailer they recently released. Here is a link to Toho's movie channel for those unaware/curious/for reference:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD0CzXp ... D%E3%83%AB

Obviously, the song has yet to be released and won't be heard in full until the movie hits Japanese theaters and later, June 9th, when the single is released proper. Still, that's a heck of a different vibe than "The Air I Breathe", isn't it? I for one LOVE it to death, lyrics, sound, et all. I sincerely wish the full song was released ahead of the Japanese premiere because it's stuck in my head BADLY. What do you all think?

P.S- It is currently unclear whether this will JUST be a song in the credits of the Japanese version of the film or, as a couple different sites suggest, alongside a scene in the movie (probably the main battle scene in Hong Kong). The Wingard quote that suggests this seems to be misquoted and there's no definitive quote as far as I can find, so take that bit with a massive grain of salt. Would YOU want it to be prominently featured in the film? I'm super down for a slightly different edit of the movie mixing in this bad boy.

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Re: GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by LSD Jellyfish »

I think it’s garbage lmao. I intend to see Godzilla vs Kong in theaters here, I’ll let you know if the ending credits or anything else about the film is mildly different.
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Re: GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by gottatalktothefake »

Doesn’t fit the movie at all


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Re: GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by Jetty_Jags »

LSD Jellyfish wrote: Fri Apr 16, 2021 12:30 am I think it’s garbage lmao. I intend to see Godzilla vs Kong in theaters here, I’ll let you know if the ending credits or anything else about the film is mildly different.
LSD gonna keep us posted if the winner changes in the Japanese cut ;)
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Re: GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by Jermobooka »

I oddly think it fits. Gives the Japanese version of the trailer its own aesthetic and feel to it

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Re: GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by CrimsonBloodX »

Oh, my God. It's awful. Just awful. It does not fit the movie at all.
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Re: GvK Japanese Theme Song

Post by Desghidorah »

... I don't see what's wrong with it. Japanese pop-rock is a very commonly used genre of music for this kind of film and the bright, flashy colors of the Hong Kong fight especially go well with the vibe. Seriously, this isn't a movie dark or grim music fits the hyper-active tone of a trailer. It's really not that much different from Singular Point in that regard.


To summarize why I actually really like the music, I feel it sells the movie very effectively for what it is. This isn't a big grand spectacle like Shin or KOTM, nor a eerie autonomous foreboding like 2014. It's a big fun action movie about two of the literal biggest icons getting into a slugfest. The movie is wanting to be presented as a fun time to be had watching it, and the steady beat but energized melodies and lyrics by the MWAM team do a great job conveying that. This is not a Godzilla movie that is trying to promote a big message or sell you on spectacle, it's trying to present itself on sheer fun factor and the more energetic music helps convey that.
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