Organizer vs Regenerator

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Which name do you prefer?

Organizer G-1
Regenerator G-1
Total votes: 22

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Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by miguelnuva »

Just out of curiosity what is the preferred term for Godzilla's healing ability?

Personally because I saw the dub as a kid I say Regenerator G-1 but with the orginal Organizer G-1 it does link back to Orga better.
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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by Spuro »

Regenerator because of nostalgia. Even if Organizer better matches the name of Orga.
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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by SoggyNoodles2016 »

KK42 wrote: Sun May 02, 2021 4:55 pm Regenerator because of nostalgia. Even if Organizer better matches the name of Orga.
Not only that but Regenerator describes what it does better.

If it helps, you could headcanon what I do: that the name represents the Millenians have become a new Organism. ;)

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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by godjacob »

Considering the ability is regeneration and not uh..."organizing" I think Regenerator G-1 works better for the term.

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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by edgaguirus »

I'm with Soggynoodles. Regenerator G1 describes what it does.
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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by eabaker »

I believe the implication is that it re-organizes cells in a way that facilitates regeneration.

And, ultimately, that's the term used in the Japanese version of the movie, which for me grants it inherent primacy.
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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by Zasraniec »

While I think Regenerator sounds better and describes what it does I am gonna say Organizer because that is the original version.

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Re: Organizer vs Regenerator

Post by ROMG4 »

I like the name Regenerator G1 more than Organizer it just sounds better to me but Organizer is also good. Though I am pretty biased I could get used to calling it Organizer G1 if this concept came back in full in the future and Organizer was used instead of Regenerator G1

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