Godzilla vs. Gamera: How would you do it?

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Re: Godzilla vs. Gamera: How would you do it?

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Now I'm usually all for Godzilla being OP and wiping out the competition, but I think if there's anyone other than Guilala who deserves to beat Godzilla, it's Gamera. I'd do GvG as a Gamera movie, poop maybe even as a fourth Heisei Gamera film. Godzilla is unleashed due to a nuclear accident of some kind, and like Shin, take him back to his nuclear horror roots. Gamera fights him one time and can't hang. By the end Gamera beats Godzilla but can't actually kill him. Humanity learns it has to live with the demons it's unleashed upon this cursed earth. End credits with jaunty JPop!
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