Do statue count as toys?

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Do statue count as toys?

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Do statue count as toys?

Post by kingkevzilla88 »

One of the biggest questions of your time, do statue count as toys?

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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by Spuro »

Anything can be a toy if you're brave enough.
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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by Voyager »

Kaiju-King42 wrote: Fri Dec 11, 2020 2:21 am Anything can be a toy if you're brave enough.
That’s what my GF calls me, so I guess even people can be toys.
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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by Shoopwoop17 »

I don't think anyone would consider a Sideshow Statue a toy (though feel free to fight me on this) because you can't play with it in any capacity. That said, I think the line is very thin. Static models can count as both statues and toys if they are made out of the right material. I think it depends on durability.
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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by Godzilla Vinyl Mania »

I was say no based on pure definition as statues are not designed as toys but both would be better grouped as collectibles for closer similarity.
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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by GojiDog »

I mean, I have a statues of nerd stuff (including Godzilla), unopened Masters of the Universe toys, and Lego sets that are spread out around my house and I call them all toys, or more specifically "Toys I use as display pieces" but that's just me.
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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by Jeff-Goldblum2 »

They sell them at Toy Stores and Hobby Stores. So as the poll says, maybe?

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Re: Do statue count as toys?

Post by Noble Saber »

IMO, statues kind of denote something that is a premium piece akin to Sideshow Collectibles and resin kits. The vast majority of my dinosaur collection are static pieces, but I don't really think of them as statues as much as I do figures. I consider all statues static pieces but I don't know if I would consider all static pieces as statues. So, to answer the question, something that is specifically denoted as a statue I don't think I would count necessarily as a toy.
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