He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Thread

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Thread

Post by Voyager »

Remember this toyline from the 80s? Yeah I know, way before my time. My dad had collected these as a child and we still have many of them. How about you lovely people?
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Re: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Thread

Post by Tyrant_Lizard_King »

I had a He-Man back in the day but like a lot of the toys I had as a kid he eventually disappeared. One of the ones with the battle damage chest plate gimmick. I do still have my Battle Cat though
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Re: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Thread

Post by GojiDog »

My favorite action figures of all time were Masters of the Universe (well that and Playmates' TMNT line).

The toys were durable, colorful, creative, the right size, and wonderfully imaginative.

It was a creative blending of superheroes, Conan the Barbarian, and Flash Gordon. I liked all the different gimmicks for all the characters and how they were able to get so much diversity in concepts for a bunch of toys that essentially used the same torso. It also fed into my love of monsters with so many unique and crazy creatures.

This toyline also made the idea of a playset for the figures pretty awesome. Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain were masterpieces. Greyskull is like the definitive action figure playset, and Snake Mountain, while looking nothing like the show, is wonderfully spooky and has a fun microphone gimmick.

Top Ten Favorite Masters of the Universe Figures:

1) Modulok and Multi-Bot = The sheer gimmick of being able to disassemble and reassemble the different pieces into all different kinds of monsters was a delightful gimmick. You could even mix Modulok and Multi-Bots parts together to create even more monsters. And the nature of the gimmick also encouraged buying more than one of Modulok and Multi Bot to have even more parts to work with. This whole idea could have worked as a toyline all its own.

2) Trap Jaw = This one toy embodies everything that was awesome about Masters. He's a cyborg pirate with interchangeable weapon arms, a movable bear trap like jaw, and even the ability to zipline on a string using a tiny loop on his helmet. He looks like a perfect blend of the barbarian and science fiction elements that the brand is known for. Roboto is kind of the good guy equivalent to Trap Jaw, but Trap Jaw is way better.

3) Skeletor = He was my favorite character in the show, so naturally, I gravitated to his figure. He had several gimmicked toys like Terror Claws, Battle Armor, and Dragon Blaster, but the classic original was my favorite.

4) Tung Lashor = He's supposed to be one of the Snake Men, but he looks more like a purple frog. Oh well. The real appeal here is his darting tongue gimmick which is endlessly amusing.

5) Mosquitor = This member of the Evil Horde was a late addition to the line and he ended up being one of the coolest releases. Why? It was an action figure that had blood. How they got away with it, I don't know, but basically he had a big red mosquito head, and if you pushed a button on his back, the Horde Bat emblem on his chest would fill with blood, to simulate that he was sucking the blood from his victims. So he's a Vampire Mosquito and its a toy that shows blood. What's not to love about that?

6) Dragstor = Another Horde character, this one having a big wheel in his torso to ride on the floor. He has an awesome steampunk look to him as well and is one of the more unique figures in the line.

7) Thunder Punch He-Man = Of all, the He-Man figures, this one was the coolest. This He-Man had a backpack that you could load little caps into. Set it up, wind up the punch, and then BOOM, He-Man's punch would give off the impression that it summoned the power of the Gods! It was a very cool feature that I doubt would make its way into toys today.

8) Two Bad = Skeletor's two headed henchmen is one of the most visually striking of the entire line with its purple/blue contrasting for the two halves, but also because of the positioning of the arms and heads. The way the figure was set up, you could amusingly do it so that the purple head could punch the blue one and vice versa, which no doubt inspired the combative nature between both heads in the 2002 series.

9) Man-E-Faces = Everybody remembers this guy. And why wouldn't you? He had the unique ability to switch faces, which each face giving him a different set of abilities. One was a human face, his standard warrior setting. One was a robot, giving him added intelligence technological advances, and a monster face, giving him added strength. He was a memorable character in the cartoon (despite only being featured a couple of times) and the toy was equally memorable.

10) Battlecat = Lone Ranger needs Silver, and He-Man needs Battlecat. The loyal steed just adds so much to the look and Battlecat was a big part of making He-Man an iconic figure. The toy itself is not possible (since its a repaint of a completely different line from Mattel) but it looks outstanding on a shelf. The saddle and face mask and that fierce expression given to a green tiger is just awesome.

And as a runner up, I'll mention Stinkor and Moss Man. They were basically just repaints of Merman and Beastman respectively, with recycled accessories and armor pieces as well. What made them stand out though was the unique scent each figure had. See, Stinkor was painted to look like a skunk, so naturally, the toy had to smell bad, which Mattel achieved by mixing patchouli oil into the mold. Because it was baked into the toy, no amount of washing could undo the smell. The idea of having a toy that smelled bad is freaking hilarious, and Moss Man's more pleasant smell of fresh pine was a nice counter balance to it. Its silly but so hilarious, I had to bring them up.
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