Official Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder Thread

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Official Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder Thread

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I don't get to make big "Official" threads often, so I'll happily steal this opportunity.

To repeat my post in the Table Top/Board Games thread, because I'm lazy...

I'm a Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 edition) player who got into tabletop RPGs fairly late in life, about three years ago. I already had prior experience in Text-Based RPGs (the type of stuff you'll see in the RPG subforum on this site), so I already had a groundwork for the roleplaying and character developing aspects of the game. One of my Text-Based RPG buddies roped a bunch of us into trying a 3.5 game module, Red Hand of Doom, and after a bit of struggle to get a grasp on the rules of dice-based RPGs we've been going strong ever since.

I play entirely online (don't know anyone in my area who's interested), on's virtual tabletop system. The Dungeons and Dragons games that I play differ from the style most are familiar with, since our roleplay (descriptions of character actions, dialogue, etc) is all text-based, rather than voice-acted. This is because of that Text-Based RPG background me and most of my group have — for us it's easier to settle into character when writing, as opposed to acting.

I've got a passing familiarity with 5th edition (we have a campaign in that edition planned a few months from now) and Pathfinder's 1st edition (very similar, even near-identical, to 3.5). I have limited experience as a DM too; currently running a lengthily homebrew 3.5 campaign called The Starlight Stones. Most of my experience is as a player, though.
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