The Official K.W.C.E. F.A.Q.

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The Official K.W.C.E. F.A.Q.

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So! How do I get into the K.W.C.E.?

If you’re part of the K.W.C., then it should be obvious. Just write the friggin’ match! So long as it follows the necessary guidelines. That’s your cue to keep reading! :P

This should go without saying: Do not steal someone else's work. It’s called common courtesy, for one. If you do, then you will be banned from the K.W.C.E. and any stories that you may have will be taken down and all further stories you send in will be ignored and deleted.

Likewise, if you’re banned from the K.W.C., do not expect the K.W.C.E. to be a backup plan—you will be effectively banned from the K.W.C.E. as well.

Where do I send it once it is finished? And do I have to make a Toho Kingdom account to submit one?

To clear this up once and for all: Yes, you need a Toho Kingdom account to submit a K.W.C.E. For those trying to email the K.W.C. Verifiers to submit their K.W.C.E. matches, those will be silently rejected on the spot.

After you’ve made an account, PM it to shippersdreamer or GodzillavsRayquaza. Your matches will be reviewed by them, and if you don't receive a rejection notice, then great! That means your match is in the editing process. After that, they'll send the match off to KaijuX and he'll post it to the thread himself, with credit given where it’s due of course. Please refrain from double submissions; keep to one Verifier at a time.

NOTICE: If you're writing a Parody Match, all details and verification are between the author and KaijuX. No need to send shippersdreamer or GodzillavsRayquaza any Parody Matches.

I didn't get a response. Does that mean my match didn't make it in?

Not necessarily. Please keep in mind that KaijuX, shippersdreamer, and GodzillavsRayquaza are going to have to read a lot of K.W.C.E. submissions, as well as attend to their responsibilities with actual K.W.C. work. So if you don’t get an immediate response, don’t be shocked. They will try to the best of their abilities to go through and analyze your match.

It's been a week and my match still isn't up yet! What's taking so long?

Keep in mind that even if your match makes it in, matches aren't always posted in the order they are received. You could be waiting for weeks, possibly months, or even eons before it's posted. The K.W.C.E. heads have something to deal with every day; y’know, real life, online life, no life, and all that junk. ;) KaijuX tries to keep up a monthly basis with posting K.W.C.E. matches (or more, depends).

Are there going to be banners for the K.W.C.E.?

No. At least, not by default. If you feel like making a banner, feel more than free to create your own banner and post it in the respective thread(s)! Everyone is more than welcome to make their own banners for a match.


Can two or more people co-write a match together?


Can I call dibs on a match?

Yes, we have a thread for that.

Can I call dibs on several matches?

Yes, but let's keep the limit up to about 3 matches per person. Don't claim dibs on another match until you're done writing your selected amount of matches. If you don't have the will to write, then make sure to undib your match(es).

Wait a second, can I write insanely mismatched fights in the K.W.C.E.?

Just as long as they’re written well and are of decent length (say 1,000 words), then sure!

Are rematches allowed?


Are match subtitles (Minilla vs. Evangelion Units: The Really Epic Battle of Total Awesomeness!) allowed?

For the most part, no. The only exception is if the fight is a rematch, in which case it will be titled Monster A vs. Monster B: Round 2 (or Round 3, Round 4, etc). Unless you're a parody match, then you're fine. ;) However, should circumstances arise where there are simply too many monsters to count, then it may be consolidated into a shorter subtitle.

Can I write King Caesar vs. Zilla for the K.W.C.E.?

If you are able to submit a match to the K.W.C., then send it through the K.W.C. Verifiers. However, if the match is not possible for the K.W.C. (like say Bemular vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah, which features Empowered Bemular), then we will take it into question.

May I write a K.W.C.E. match that’s a continuation of a K.W.C. match?

Writing a K.W.C.E. sequel to a K.W.C. match is all right. For the sake of ease, stick to the matches that have already been posted on the site. Please don’t send in a sequel match if your K.W.C. submission is pending. Any K.W.C.E. sequels to K.W.C. submissions will be put on hold until the release of said match.

On a side note, it’s heavily advised not to write a K.W.C. sequel of a K.W.C.E. match with the conflicting rule-bending that would ensue and possible confusion for anyone not familiar with the K.W.C.E.

It said on Gojipedia that Zilla can shoot acid from his stomach while being able to overpower Destoroyah’s final form by himself via a chokehold. Can I use that in a match?

Try and make sure that your sources are reliable when it comes to adding new powers.


There are so many monsters in the K.W.C.E. roster! Are there any that aren't allowed?

Um… Sorta? As long as they keep within the kaiju-theme, they’re more than sure to fit in. It just depends on how flexible KaijuX wants to be with them. So say he might say yes to adding characters from the War of the Monsters video games but no to Clifford the Big Red Dog. This is not permanent, as he could change his mind in the future.

One thing to make clear right now: No scrapped monsters. If only because there’s barely any information we have on them or any definitive designs to work with. But if there is sufficient detail on the kaiju in question, then KaijuX will take them into consideration.

So are transformations and alternate forms allowed?

Yes. Just look at the Monster Cards and see the forms you’re allowed to use.

Can I make suggestions to alter things around? Like adding new forms, for example.

Absolutely! Though whether KaijuX finds it in the K.W.C.E.’s best interest or not is entirely up to him.

Is there a limit to how many different incarnations of the same monster can be in the K.W.C.E.?

This answer is technically both yes and no. It just depends on the character in question. Such as you will see that guys like GMK Ghidorah will have a different Card to himself compared to the rest of the Ghidorahs, while Showa King Caesar is rolled up with Millennium King Caesar.

Can I help with making a Monster Card or an Arena Card?

Absolutely! Just PM KaijuX and ask. :) Or even request it in the General Discussions Thread!

Hey, there's a monster in a match that's not even on the K.W.C.E. roster! The heck?

Cameos from other monsters are perfectly a-okay. Just try and keep them to a minimum if you can, or don’t become actively involved in the starring fight but play a bigger role in the story.

Can Legion use her soldiers? Can Megaguirus use the Meganulons/Meganula? Can Gyaos and Kamacuras be used in groups?

The same rules apply here as they do in the K.W.C. and as long as it’s true to form for the character.

Can Godzilla use his---

If a monster used a power on-screen, they can use it in the K.W.C.E.

Can I use the various powers from the Pipeworks video games (Titanosaurus and Varan's sonic beams, Gigan's teleportation, Megalon's magnetic vortexes, etc.)? Or the IDW comics? Or whatever source a K.W.C.E. monster comes from? Is there going to be any major leeway with these abilities?

For the most part, yes. However, not all monsters will be granted their non-film powers, only some of them. We don't want to get too crazy with what powers should be implemented or not. Though all can be subject to change in the future.

What's the rule on writing alternate interpretations of the monsters?

As long as it's not too drastic a deviation from the monster's nature, it's okay. As such, you can do things like Final Wars Gigan being controlled by Star Hunter Nebula M instead of the Xiliens, treat Heisei Godzilla as a defender of the Earth and have Zilla be accompanied by H.E.A.T. However, writing Kiryu as the weapon of the Spacemen from the Third Planet or making Mechani-Kong a King Kong clone in a robot suit is a bit too far from the origins and intent of the character.

So I see that a lot of the Evas have been rolled into one… Does that mean I can write Eva-01 like the Mark models?

No. Or at the very least, it’s not recommended. Just try and keep true to the origins of the original skin and keep it to that. Of course, all skins (not forms) share the same abilities, so that answers that.

But what about Grand King Ghidorah or Mothra Leo? Does that mean Cretaceous Ghidorah can use Gravity Bolts?

Should be obvious, but Cards can only hold so much information for a single image. So they won’t be able to list all of the powers and abilities of a monster. Just use your common sense and keep the abilities to their respective forms!

Can I make up my own version of a monster for a match? Like, can I have Ghidorah grow an extra five heads, or make Anguirus be able to fly, or have Mothra transform into Megalon?

Ha! Nice try. Just because we’re allowing non-Toho related kaiju and making things more flexible doesn’t mean you get to make up your own version of the character. :P

All right, but if I have a bunch of versions of one character (the Godzillas, Mothras, Ghidorahs, Gameras, etc.) in a match, can I give them alternate names or other designations?

The K.W.C.E. has a lot of monsters that share the same name. It's only natural that KaijuX and the Verifiers will receive matches that feature these monsters in the same match. A base numbering system (Gamera I for Showa, Gamera II for Heisei, etc.) is recommended if the version of the combatant doesn’t have a distinguished name (like Godzilla Earth or Avant Gamera). The authors are free to give the monsters whatever number they want. If you want to give Gamera Heisei the number I, then that is fine.

The catch is that the kaiju must
A: Be extremely similar
and B: Don't have enough distinguishing characteristics to identify them with.

Alternatively, designations like “S-Mothra” for Showa Mothra or “Barugon-66” for the original Barugon are acceptable, so long as it makes sense as to why they’re being called that. Though we’d prefer calling them by any official designations based on their respective canons (like MonsterVerse Mothra being referred to as Titanus Mosura).

Wait another second, but Thy Lord Shrek...!

Parody characters are the exception, not the rule.


What the heck does 'K.W.C.E.' even stand for, anyway?


"Kaiju War Chronicles Expanded."

I've got a cool idea for a match, but I don't think I can/I don't want to write it myself. Can I request that one of the K.W.C.E. writers write it?

Absolutely! You can request which monsters are fighting, where they fight, and even a small synopsis, if you care to. However, that's all. You can't request who the winner is. That's up to the writer and they will write the outcome however they see fit. Just keep it to the Requests Thread.

Is there a limit to how many monsters are allowed in a single match?

Not at all! Feel free to go completely bonkers with it!

How do you write a K.W.C.E. Parody Match? Any specifics?

Be sure to inform KaijuX and pitch to him your idea for a Parody Match. The only real requirements is that it has some kind of theme (generally upcoming holidays/traditions, like Halloween or April Fools) and that they have something to with the K.W.C.E. in some capacity (be it having a monster from the Monster Cards or what have you).

Is it possible for a K.W.C.E. submission to become a K.W.C. match? Can we convert old K.W.C.E. matches into K.W.C. matches?

After a voting poll from a couple months back, it has been decided that redirected K.W.C. matches that become K.W.C.E. matches will permanently remain K.W.C.E. matches. However, there may be special circumstances where a redirected K.W.C. submission to the K.W.C.E. can roll back into the K.W.C.; but do not bet on this, as that decision will ultimately come down to KaijuX and if the match in question meets K.W.C. standards.

Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

...Good for you.

Hey! You're not wearing shorts!

Okay, seriously. Try to keep the discussion on-topic, please.

Fine. So how'd all this get started, anyway? What’s the history of the K.W.C.E.?

The K.W.C.E. was the brain child of Joshua Reynolds (MM Raids Again) as he pitched it to Andrew Sudomerski (KaijuX), who had it posted to the K.W.C. section. Though it was initially supposed to be a quick and easy thing to do, KaijuX ultimately took the K.W.C.E. into his own hands to help give it its own defined style. Due to the lack of resources (notably the K.W.C.E.’s feature of Monster Cards), KaijuX had to construct practically everything from scratch and alter some elements originally proposed in MM’s version.

After suffering a massive creativity slump, KaijuX (with help from the community) was able to pick up and get things done. After a long haul of getting things yonder way, we finally have the K.W.C.E. going live!

Massive shoutouts to SpaceG92, Birdman, TitanoGoji16, and MM Raids Again for the help with the other Monster Cards (and correction of the information)!

As of January 7th, 2018, shippersdreamer is appointed as the K.W.C.E. Senior Undersecretary, making her the first 2nd-in-Command. On July 1st, 2019, GodzillavsZilla became our first KWCE Verifier. He has stepped down from duty, and has been replaced by GodzillavsRayquaza as of May 17th, 2020.

What influenced the K.W.C.E.?

Besides being MM’s idea, the new form of the K.W.C.E. draws a nice bit of influence from the predecessor to the K.W.C., the T.M.W.F. (Toho Monster Wrestling Federation). So you could technically look at this as T.M.W.F. version 2.0.

That’s pretty neat! So what was originally proposed in MM’s version of the K.W.C.E.?

You can read that for yourself here.

Who writes all these matches?

For the most part, the list of writers comprise of Birdman, MM Raids Again, GodzillavsJason, GodzillavsRayquaza, Beef Bigshot, UltimateDitto, shippersdreamer, soulgodzilla, and GodzillavsZilla. But it's more than sure there will be plenty of future talent to come!


And thus concludes the Official K.W.C.E. Frequently Asked Questions Thread. We hope this answers any questions you may have had about the K.W.C.E. and helps you with any matches you plan on writing in the future!

Wait a third second! Some of these questions, responses, and witty remarks sound familiar… What was that about ‘stealing someone else’s work’ again?

Uh, n-no! It’s just you! This was all made be yours truly strictly from scratch, I swear!

And the K.W.C.E. Awards set up looks awfully familiar, HMMMM???


You also mentioned in the previous version that you had a team of monkey scientists, is that true!?

No, who told you that?


They're onto us...
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