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Respect Ridley (Metroid)

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:31 pm
by Kiryu2012
Ridley is a prominent reoccurring villain in the Metroid series, having appeared in almost every Metroid game where he typically serves as the penultimate boss. He is noteworthy for constantly returning in spite of his numerous deaths, and is directly responsible for the death of Samus Aran's parents.

Note: While Ridley is a video game character, which is normally not allowed in Fantasy Matches, he does appear in the Metroid manga, an official prequel to the Metroid series in which he has a good number of feats. On top of that, he has a decent amount of cutscenes of him in action, albeit these depict him in his other forms, notably Meta and Proteus. Keep this in mind if you decide to use Ridley in an FM, assuming he can be used to begin with.

Credit for the listed feats goes to this respect thread on Reddit.
Ridley (Metroid Manga)
In his first relevant appearance in the series, Ridley appears as a large Space Dragon who works as a commander for the Space Pirate army and under Mother Brain. He is noteworthy for having killed Samus' entire family and colony when she was only 3, before killing her bird family years later.

-Survived a massive explosion that destroyed an entire village
-An attack from Ridley sent Samus skidding across the floor
-Can heal wounds by eating flesh
-Quickly wrapped his tail around the neck of a Chozo
-Smashed through a stone ceiling
-Quickly blizted and slammed a Chozo warrior against the ground
-Pierced straight through the Chozo warrior and his power armor with his tail

Plasma Beam
-Split the ground
-Tore apart a hillside

Meta Ridley (Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3
In spite of his defeat at the hands of Samus on Zebes, Ridley's body was recovered and experimented upon, cybernetically enhancing him. Though it was a painful process, Ridley was successfully revived as Meta Ridley, now having improved physicals and an assortment of new tools.

List of Meta Ridley's cybernetic enhancements and weapons

-Broke out of his restraints and medical equipment with minimal effort
-Can fly in space
-Outsped Samus' gunship and escaped its tracking system
-Flew by and destroyed a stone structure
-Took several shots from Samus' Power Beam before smashing her through a platform
-A swipe of his claws can destroy the remains of a Chozo totem

-Can drop bombs that can damage Chozo stone/metal totems with his integrated bomb launcher
-Able to drop down in conjunction with his 'Flamestrike projector' to create a shockwave of flames, the likes of which is strong enough to destroy a Chozo totem in the process
-Can fly by and rain down his plasma beam in conjunction with his bombs
-Can fire a spray of missiles with his multi-missile system

Omega Ridley (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
After being defeated twice by Samus, Meta Ridley once more was revived, this time becoming enhanced with the radioactive matter, Phazon. This strange substance elevated Meta Ridley into the new threat known as Omega Ridley, now able to use Phazon-based attacks in his arsenal alongside his previous upgrades.

Omega Ridley description

-Can generate Phazon armor around his chest. The Phazite armor resists most of Samus' weaponry except the Nova Beam, which penetrates through cover.
-Has three different plasma attacks: homing spheres that explode but can be destroyed, a long sweeping beam, and a high velocity plasma ball
-Can generate two electrical Phazon spheres in his hands that generate an electrical shockwave 'cage' when smashed on the ground, though these spheres can be destroyed before they're activated
-Can fire a Phazon beam from his tail
-Can propel himself to perform a high speed tackle
-Can generate a pair of Phazon Blades to extend his melee range

Proteus Ridley (Metroid: Samus Returns)
Yet again in spite of his apparent demise by Samus, Ridley once again returns. This time, Proteus Ridley no longer has his Phazon enhancements, but now seems to be an even split between his Meta and normal forms. As such, he retains his enhanced strength alongside more ferocity and speed, but loses some of his armor covering.

-Was knocked into a cliff side by Samus' plasma beam with enough force to dislodge multiple boulders that smother him, only to be up fighting again in seconds
-Can impale his tail into the ground with enough force to cause spires to move forward along the earth
-Tanked Samus' plasma beams with his metal arm and threw her hard enough to send her bouncing off the ground and slamming into a cliffside. Would have likely won were it not for the baby Metroid's interference
-Can enhance his melee attacks with electrical energy

Plasma Beam
-Can shoot multiple fireballs at once
-Plasma blasts fired at the earth travel along its surface

Ridley (Super Smash Bros.)
Yes yes, I'm well aware Smash is 100% not canon to the Metroid series, but I figured I might as well do this for the fun of it, and Ridley still does have some cutscenes to help with him being in FMs if you wanna use the Smash version.

Ridley has an interesting history with Smash, having long been requested to be a playable character, in spite of many fans claiming he was 'too big' to be playable. He first appears as a boss in Brawl (both in his normal form and in his Meta form), before finally becoming playable in Ultimate despite his opposition's claims of him never getting in. His clone also appears as a stage boss in Smash 4's Pyrosphere stage, but his feats come purely from gameplay, thus he won't be included.

Credit for the listed feats goes to this respect thread on Reddit.

-Tanked several uncharged shots from Samus
-Shrugged off a Thunder from Pikachu that sent him falling from a great height
-Easily dragged Samus against a wall
-Can create a powerful gust with his wings
-Can shake a large platform by slamming into it
-Can create sparks by dragging his tail across the floor
-Broke through a metal hallway
-In his Final Smash, can hit opponents hard enough to send them flying into Samus' gunship while it's in space
-Clashed with Pit
-Blitzed Mega Man, impaling him with his tail
-Blitzed and one-shot Mario
-Snuck up on and blitzed Samus
-Able to quickly fly from the stage to the background

-Can fire a plasma beam with enough power to blast through Samus' gunship in his Final Smash

As Meta Ridley
-Can drag down the Falcon Flyer
-Nearly swatted the Falcon Flyer out of the air with a single blow
-Caught up with the Falcon Flyer
-Can rapid fire fireballs